A Teacher of God is Anyone Who Chooses to Be One

A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s. Once he has done that, his road is established and his direction is sure (M-1.1:1-3).  

Jesus’ view of teaching is quite different than the world’s view. In the world, a teacher or professor is separate from and superior to his or her students. S/he’s the expert. S/he knows more than they do. He imparts his knowledge and wisdom to his pupils. But that’s not Jesus’ view. In the “Right Teaching and Right Learning” section, he says: “A good teacher must believe … in the students to whom he offers the ideas” (T-4.I.1:4). This means that a Teacher of God (which, again, is each of us) must trust in the Holy Spirit within his students’ minds.  

When I’m in a teaching role, for example, I trust that the students can access the Holy Spirit just as I can. In other words, I’m not giving them something they don’t have. We all have Holy Spirit. 

We are all equal as teachers and as learners. That’s why, as those who participate in our in-person or online studies and classes know, I don’t always plunge in right away to answer a question that has been presented. As the teacher or facilitator, I don’t have a monopoly on the answers. We have no gurus or groupies here! The Holy Spirit is the real Teacher. Each participant has the still, small Voice within.  

Often times, I’ll hang back and see what Holy Spirit expresses through someone else. Or, I’ll wait to see what the group says as a whole. We’re all connected to the Voice for God. Each of us can plug into that Wisdom. Each of us can access the information needed. The Voice for God speaks in every person, and if you doubt that, it’s because you really don’t want to hear It. Denying Holy Spirit in another’s mind reflects your fear of hearing Him in your own mind. 

When we can accept the Voice in everyone, then we are lighting the way home. 

How can we become the demonstration of a Teacher of God and be the voice of calm in the middle of the world’s chaos? 

Jesus tells us in ACIM, that is for us to follow him means to stand with him in the circle of peace. “I stand within the circle, calling you to peace. Teach peace with me, and stand with me on holy ground.” 

We are here to teach peace. Teaching is a demonstration. It is by our example that we teach and by which we learn. The world needs Teachers of God. Are you ready to accept your calling? 

Our program for 2020 is titled, “A Circle of Peace” inspired from this quote. Our year will be spent in deep dedication of learning what it is to be a teacher of God and how we can embrace the characteristics of God’s Teachers. Each month we will envelop a characteristic with full support of materials in audio, video, and written form. This can be done do so either through self-study or group classes. Private mentoring sessions are also available as well as community support. Either way, the devotion spent to learning to live the Course from the heart and not the intellect will prove valuable to each and every one of our participants, myself included.  

To enroll in the program, you can choose the self-study version of $20 monthly or the weekly class version of $50 weekly. If you cannot make the weekly classes, I will meet with you in private sessions to enhance your learning. 

Make the commitment today to join us in the Circle of Peace. Learn more here. 

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Summer usually does prove to be hard financially for the ministry, and this month is no exception. Some donors have dropped off on their pledges of support.

We are a very small organization, despite what you may witness via our website, audio, video presentations, Facebook page and groups. We receive very little in donations compared to the number of people we reach. Usually the total is well under $1000, lately even under $600 per month.

That’s not a lot, right?

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Yes, this summer some of what we are presenting is reduced with our main podcast, and our weekly videos. The Thursday ACIM Class is still available.

However, I did start a new podcast called “Musings on the Journey” which resulted from the retreat I attended last weekend. You can find it here.

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Rev. Deb

Learning About the Ego

Hi Everyone,

Last night we started our new class on What is the Ego, the Body & the World? And, it is not what you think! It is not a beginner class although it can be. We are getting down to basics and even if you have been studying for some as some of our students have, you will find the sharing deep and rich.

We started off the class with a meditation to bring us into the present moment. We then shared our intentions and what we hope to gain after our six weeks together. It is important to put forth before us the goal as Jesus speaks of in the section “Setting the Goal.” Having done so the class was ready to attend to our first reading from the Workbook for Students, “What is the Ego?”

By beginning with the ego, we can see that the ego is quite literally a fearful thought. As some students shared throughout the evening, it is a thought system of specialness. Some expressed their attachments in various forms, be it attachment to identity, achievement, addictions, etc.

We have to ask ourselves “How does that work for me?”

The ego’s voice is there telling me to be on high alert. If one is anxious it is because we are being vigilant for the ego and not the Kingdom of God.

Others expressed specialness in the form of “I am special because of my profession. I have to prove that I am better.” This only brought pain. Once realized, we can be relieved of our the burden and the pain.

Here in our study the word “ego” is different than the psychological term for the “ego.” We go back to the Course definition of it is a fearful thought, a false self made as a substitute for the Self that God created. Simply, it is an illusion.

In our second reading of the night, we turned to the Clarification of Terms, The Ego-The Miracle. One of the sentences stood out to the group being “Are you ready to help me save the world?” Are we? If we are, then we practice our daily lessons, we forgive, we bring peace to our mind and we remain present in the now moment.

It is easy to become distracted as we practice. There is the fear of missing out. In this day of technology, sometimes it seems we have a smartphone permanently glued to our hand always waiting to see who will message us, or what’s happening on Facebook, or on CNN.

When do we stop the ego’s rush of bombardment of information so that our minds can come in the quiet and calm of God. We have to make the steps and the daily Lessons help us to do that. Our thoughts are meaningless and this world is meaningless as we are learning of late.

We don’t have to follow the ego blindly at all and mock God by asking Him to prove that He is right. We can accept it.

We don’t have to like the ideas or understand them but simply practice them. By our practice we will know the truth.

I am still accepting students in the class up until next Thursday. January 17th and you can watch our class video to get caught up before then. If you cannot make Thursday nights, there is a self-study option that will allow you access to all the class videos and our email forum for discussion.

More information can be found at the link below. I hope you will choose to join us on this journey. We gain so much when we enter into communion with one another.

Rev. Deb


New to A Course in Miracles?

For new students or anyone who may need additional assistance with studying ACIM.

On this playlist, you will find:

An Introduction to A Course in Miracles, plus tips for studying the Workbook and the Text.



Additional A Course in Miracles Aids

See our full video library including sections for specific topics.

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Gratitude to All of You This Thanksgiving

At this time of Thanksgiving, it is important for me to express Gratitude to those who assist MiraclesOne in a myriad of ways. First, I appreciate you, our students, followers, and supporters. From our connections via email and social media, in video classes, on the phone and in person, to the notes of kindness and appreciation that you have sent, Rev. Paul and I would not be here continuing our focus on Practical Application of A Course in Miracles without you. We’re happy we can assist you in direct support for your study of ACIM. My heart goes out to each and every one of you for your Love.

As an all-volunteer ministry, our gratitude also goes to our handful of volunteers who help to facilitate our study groups, Workbook Lesson phone calls, assist at retreats, and sit on our Advisory Board. All monies received goes into our ministry, all else is a labor of Love. My deepest appreciation to Rev. Gayle Bartlett, Tom Wolff, Mari Dole, Brenda Eden, Ryan Westbrook-Vigue, and Allison Heistand-Phelps and of course, Rev. Paul Phelps. These individuals are this ministry of Love. We are in holy relationship together. Here for the purpose of healing our minds. We do this with laughter and with tears, in good times and bad and with miracles abounding.

As you know, we are simply a ministry with a history of being servant-leaders and ministers. We are rooted in the idea of service and ministry. We firmly believe that service is key in working with all of our students and members.  The philosophy of Servant-Leadership by Robert Greenleaf still guides what I, Rev. Paul and MiraclesOne accomplish today.

The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps because of the need to assuage an unusual power drive or to acquire material possessions.The leader-first and the servant-first are two extreme types. Between them there are shadings and blends that are part of the infinite variety of human nature.

~ Robert Greenleaf.

To Holy Spirit, thank You for Your Wisdom and Insights that help me to continue to be open to new growth areas in my life. Your guidance is sweet and kind and full of compassion. You have helped me to live a life of mindfulness, happiness, and peace.

And so I wish you all a grateful heart and thankful mind this Thanksgiving and every day.


Rev. Deb Phelps

P.S. Please use this Walk of Gratitude Meditation to continue to live a life of gratitude.

Thoughts on Lesson 181 with Linda, MiraclesOne Ministerial Student

I am happy to share with you a video Linda made on Lesson 181. Linda is one of our ministerial students and she has been called to teach and share ACIM. Certainly, Rev. Paul and I support our students in embracing their Guidance. Here are Linda’s thoughts on Lesson 181 – I trust my brothers who are one with me.

Engage in Practical Application

Take a moment to recall a job you have held, or a career, or even a favorite hobby. On the outset, you didn’t know what to do in your field until you took the time to study be it training materials, manuals or other types of training, then after some time, you engaged in the job or hobby. This would entail making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and then gaining wisdom afterward so you could do a more efficient job. You see, through daily practice you learned your job and you performed it well.

This is the same with your study and application of A Course in Miracles. One cannot learn this Course overnight. We may agree with the ideas, we may belong to another spirituality group that is similar to the ideas, however, we don’t learn ACIM until we fully “enroll,” that is until we embrace the Course. Just as in college when students can audit a class without credit, we too are only auditing ACIM until we get in there and get our hands dirty so to speak. Until then, we haven’t taken its principles seriously (Although, I do know some of you have my friends). How can we learn a skill or task until we take the time to do so?

Sometimes I meet people and they say nonchalantly, “A Course in Miracles, yeah, I took that course (or I read the book).” I smile to myself knowing that ACIM is a lifelong, daily process. Not a book you read or a class you take once. It is a lifetime experience, one that breathes life into your being.

That was my impetus for having developed the Living ACIM classes held on Thursdays. It was an effort “to go where no student has gone before.” I jest with this Star Trek reference but really and truly my goal was to further students in their study and application. Granted right now, we are in a special series of classes for Thursdays for the rest of the summer meant to enhance our study. Yet my hope is for you to consider kicking your study and practice up a notch this fall when we begin with these Living ACIM classes again.

And so my final message to you is “Engage” and “Make it so.” You will be so glad you did!

Rev. Deb



The Journey Into Quiet

Last evening 22 students began our 6-week study of “Meditation and ACIM.”   Twenty-two students in this Living ACIM class is impressive. Why? It is an indication of how many are desperately seeking the quiet and still mind.  Are you seeking that too?

The call to quiet within has nudged these students to do so. Not all of our students are attending the live conference session, but some are doing so via the recorded class video and the email class group. Last weekend, I presented the similar subject matter for our retreat and some of our retreatants are enrolled in the class to continue to enhance and support what they learned in a weekend’s time.

What most A Course in Miracles students do not realize is that meditation takes a central focus in the Workbook for Students so in this class we will be taking a deeper look at how these work together.

As we started the class, I had the students identify their intentions, just as in the “Setting the Goal” section in the Text states: What is this class for? What do I want to come of it?

Some of their intentions were:

  • Clarity and a stillness of mind
  • Deeper commitment to calmness
  • Deepen daily meditation and Workbook Lesson practice
  • Patience and understanding
  • Deeper awareness of Spirit
  • Freedom from inner fear
  • Strength the spiritual journey
  • Learn to focus better on the Workbook Lessons
  • Healing the mind
  • Continue to develop the practice of going to the place of peace
  • How ACIM can help the awakening process

After we set our intentions, we took an honest look at our current practice with both meditation and the Workbook Lessons. Some already do meditate and some do not. Some struggle with finding the time to practice. Some enjoy walking meditations and some want to know what to do about distracting thoughts. Some students find resistance a huge obstacle. Some appreciate calling into our Daily Workbook Lesson Practice which helps them focus on the lesson for at 15 minutes on a given day. Several students see their Lesson/Meditation/Prayer time as their daily “bread” and sustenance. Some too, find it is easy to get lax and skip practices or fall asleep while they do so.

As you can see there is a myriad of experiences from our students in how they see their Lesson and meditation practice. All wanted to be in this class to assist them in furthering the goal of a quiet and peaceful mind. These will be topics we will be covering as the weeks go by.

I shared with the class our ultimate goal is to make our lives a living meditation. That is, being present continually and consistently. Just as I title these Thursday classes, “Living A Course in Miracles,” for the last 9 years, it is the same. It is about integrating what we learn in ACIM into our everyday lives. I encourage sharing of personal experiences in the class and in the email group. That is how we learn. We learn from the dialogue with one another. In fact, I learn from the students, and that is how it should be; a glorious give and take. Already we are seeing breakthroughs and a-ha’s after one class session in the email group as students checked in. I know as the weeks go by we will experience more growth from everyone. The unfolding is miraculous and will continue.

Why not join the journey into quiet? If you are interested in joining this class, you have until June 1st to do so. After that date, the class is closed to new students. You can find the registration and class information here at this link: https://miraclesone.org/events/event/meditation-course-miracles/

I am a 25+ year Teacher and Student of ACIM and a 38-year meditation practitioner with two Meditation Instructor certifications.

Rev. Deb

Enhancing Your A Course in Miracles Practice: Feeling Overwhelmed

I am starting this new series, “Enhancing Your A Course in Miracles Practice” in the hopes it will help you as a student to learn to integrate ACIM into your daily life a little more easily. Over the years I have had many questions from students and I plan to address some of those concerns in this series. These ideas stem from my own personal practice for over 25 years, and with mentoring others.

I want you to know I will also welcome your questions that you would like me to address. See the contact form below.

It doesn’t matter if you have been studying ACIM for some time or are new to its teachings, we all experience from time to time seeming setbacks, confusion, periods of absence, joys and miracles.

Follow me as I share common experiences students can have. You may relate or you may not. In the end, we all remain as God created us.

Feeling Overwhelmed

As we approach our study of A Course in Miracles, we may be confused and overwhelmed by all of the information available to us, especially in this age of technology, i.e. social media, YouTube, books, podcasts, and blogs. Because of this technology, nowadays there are many who profess to be THE teacher of the Course.

However, there is only ONE Teacher of the Course and that is the one that is within us. Books and workshops, conferences and videos may all assist us but to truly learn Jesus’ instruction he has to give us we must practice it for ourselves. When trouble in our lives arises, the ego’s knee-jerk reaction is to look outside for the solution or the quick fix solution. Difficulties are an integral part of our practice. They are not to be avoided; in fact, they are to be used. Jesus states this in the Introduction to the Workbook. These difficulties provide invaluable opportunities for learning and remembering the truth.

When we become stuck in the mud, it is because we are ceaselessly running from our problems and after our desires. When we feel the urge to run, it is because we feel overwhelmed.

  1. Only do what you can do.  Be gentle in your study and practice. You will not memorize the entire book in a few sittings. You will not “get” it by this method. Take it one soft step at a time. Think of another activity you may have learned, swimming, riding a bike, typing on a computer, or knitting. You didn’t know how to accomplish any of those activities all at once. You learned you took your time, and in the end, you succeeded. There is no hurry to awaken.
  2. Be patient. Easier said than done, right? This Course teaches us patience believe it or not. The Course is simple but it seems hard because we are impatient. Take your time.
  3. Make your practice count.  That is, when you do the lessons, do your best with all your heart. When you practice forgiveness, do the same. Beware of judging yourself as that is the ego’s tool to arrest the process. Listen only to the Holy Spirit and Jesus. You may wish to set up a scheduled time for your study and practice.
  4. Stay in the present moment. As best as possible, of course! We can be swayed by past mistakes, forgotten practices or the neverending list of what we will do when we awaken. Allow yourself to be exactly where you are. Holy Spirit and Jesus both do not rush us. It is a process. Take time to practice the 5 minutes in the morning and the 5 minutes in the evening as suggested at the end of the Manual for Teachers.  Do longer if you can. It will make a difference to orient yourself to peace. It will carry with you throughout the day.
  5. Relax. This goes along with the previous tip. Relax, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Neither will your study and practice. Look who you have on your side! Jesus and Holy Spirit! What a team! Be sure to take the time to unplug and just be.
  6. Say no to distractions. Yes, we all are busy however we have to remember we are busy by our own choice. Did you go to Facebook or the news or your email first thing in the morning before taking the time to connect with God? How did your day go? Spending the time in communion with God in the Holy Instant will make a difference in how you approach your day.
  7. Ask yourself, “How much do I desire peace in my life?” By asking this question consistently you will find you will take the time to do all of the above.

The answer is always within you. We all hit the brick wall from time to time. Even seasoned Course practitioners and teachers hit the brick wall, myself included.  Be ready and open to cope. Your ability to cope with being overwhelmed in the Course depends on your attitude. If you can learn that even the overwhelming feelings are present as opportunities, you will make progress. This ability, of course, will continue to make ripples in your life.

Once again, the Teacher of A Course in Miracles is within you. I suggest you try an experiment and set everything else aside. All the books you purchased, the Facebook groups, the email lists and forums, recordings and videos, and take a deep breath. Ask for His Assistance sincerely, and it will be there. All it takes is that little bit of willingness. If you don’t understand a passage, ask, then make a note of it or journal it, and then move on to the next paragraph. Usually, you will either receive the answer in the next paragraph or an AHA moment a little later.

As you know, I am all about Practical Application, that is our main philosophy here at MiraclesOne. We desire to be equal partners with you on the journey. We want to celebrate with you the miracles we all can have.  If you want to join us in what we offer, you can. If not, that’s okay too. We are still together as One.

Several years ago I wrote my “Suggestions for Studying A Course in Miracles.” You can find them at this link.

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Are You Motivated?

This month in the Lessons in Light series, I will be leading students on the topic, “A Matter of Motivation.” Today I shared with those on the “Lessons in Light” list a wonderful Guided Meditation I recorded that helps us to focus in on our motivation and dedication. This includes passages from ACIM.

If you are interested, you can go to www.lessonsinlight.org to sign up for today’s lesson and future lessons. A few times a week I will send and post an email to the Lessons in Light site and membership.  Some will be meditations, practices, exercises and ACIM readings. There is also a Facebook group to share insights and miracles!

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Transparency and ACIM

I love our Living ACIM classes and last night’s first session of our new class, “True Spirit of the Holidays”, was no exception. We’re sharing on a topic that can be placed to the side easily in our minds. That is, the holiday season. We like to think we are good Course students and don’t buy into the commercialism or we practice oneness and peace, or are not anxious about holiday spending, but even the “best” of students can verge into old practices, or old beliefs.

What was so exciting for me (and I think everyone) was the transparency of our initial opening discussion. The appreciation at the end of the class especially from everyone for knowing how non-judgmental and loving we were to one another as we shared our ups and downs and honest feelings about the holiday season. We didn’t have to pretend to be evolved ACIM students in any way!

Our students in the class range from those who have already made changes in their holiday practices and those who would still like to do so and everything in between. Some may be triggered by the thought of joining with family in another state, or dealing with finances, or a sense of obligation in gift-giving, or all the activities one “must” do as a “woman,” and the guilt of all of it.

In this class, we will be “questioning every value that we hold” and creating our own perfect celebration. And yes, that is the perfection. Everyone’s celebration will be different and matched to their values, their tastes and desires. We do this in four phases. First we take an inventory as we reflect on past celebrations in ten different areas of our life. Then, we do a values exercise as we rate our values. Thirdly, a guided fantasy in creating the ideal holiday. When doing this, students can gain new insight into the positive changes they wish to make. Finally, students will make a plan talking their traditions and practices and identified values, as well as the sharing as the weeks go on, and create a valuable tool to guide them toward a more loving, spiritual Christmas celebration.

What does this have to do with the Course?

I will be incorporating ACIM throughout the weeks of this class. Our main idea is the sorting out as discussed in the Development of Trust section in the Manual for Teachers. We are sifting through what is valuable to us and what is not. Granted this is form, but as we work on these exercises, we will come to know that what we truly desire is peace. As a student shared last night, this format can be used not only for the holidays, but for any issue in our lives.

My hope is as we go through the weeks, we will continue to remember peace as our one goal. And it is not about changing anything in form (although we may be guided to do so), but more importantly changing our mind.

You can still join us in this class if you sign up ASAP so you can receive the materials to start your holiday “inventory”for our second class meeting. Join at this link.

There is a Prayer in Our Heart

Last night we commenced our new Living ACIM class, “Prayer of the Heart.” As the class and I travel over the next six weeks, we will be learning how “prayer” is presented by Jesus in A Course in Miracles.

As we gathered in our first session, we first experienced a body scan relaxation and meditation. I invited the students to ground and center themselves and ask what their intention would be for the next six weeks of our time together. The intention is their desire for an outcome or what they had hoped to gain when the class had come to a close.

In the sharing that took place regarding our intention, students wanted a sense of inner peace away from the distractions of the world. A few mentioned how they start their day with God and how easily they are pulled away from maintaining the connection. Some wanted to improve their communication with God. Others wanted to let go of self-criticism and learn to be gentle with oneself. And, some wanted to offer up their limitations and be in gratitude. All students realized that God is always speaking and wanted to learn how to stop and listen.

After this initial intention-setting, we had a dialogue on our past and current prayer life. What it was or what students learned in the past and what has transformed. Here are just a few of those thoughts:

  • In the past, I was begging when praying and then I felt punished. This changed with ACIM, and I am grateful for the new experiences.
  • I was always asking and then at the whim of God’s mercy. Now I affirm and am open to the blessing and awareness of peace.
  • I grew up where there was a Book of Common Prayers. We were always saying the same prayers. Now I like to use affirmative prayer. I still pray but the form has changed.
  • I’m afraid to trust and relinquish to what God’s plan is. I want to learn how to forgive as that has been an issue in my life. Instead, I want to radiate love to others.
  • In Sunday School growing up, I was always asking for things. Recently I learned how to create a Gratitude Journal and that has been my new way of praying.
  • I learned to pray and ask for help. And, don’t forget about the starving children in India. I had to pray to God to fix or change things. But these things never change and I felt that God was ineffectual. I’m learning now to let go and let God and let myself be Who I am. I like to hold others in the Light.
  • Memorized prayers, that’s what I learned growing up Catholic. These were prayers I learned by rote, but the words never really seemed to have any meaning behind them at all. I just recited and somehow that was supposed to make something happen. There was no meaning behind it and that was what was missing; the meaning. Now, I turn to a Higher Power. I still can have a feeling of awkwardness and I want to learn what True Prayer is.  I know I need to be with the experience.

As we continue, the class will be learning True Prayer as Jesus teaches us in ACIM. We will study Part II of the Workbook for Students and the supplement “The Song of Prayer.” And, importantly practice what we learn on a daily basis which will involve creating our own prayers. The gift the class receives comes from the sharing with one another. When I teach, that is my main focus that we hear from the wisdom of every member in the class. The significance in this is God speaks to all of us and there is not a single person who is above all, including myself. I have merely the mid-wife for our class as I guide us all forward.

If you find this topic interesting and you would like to participate in the class, we can still take new students on the second week. I record each week for the students’ benefit just in case a class needs to be missed due to illness or a prior appointment. After the second week I cannot take new students in the class.

Here is the “Prayer of the Heart” class information at this link.

Blessings to all,

Rev. Deb


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