Miracle Toolbox: Week 10 | Give Up Complaining Thoughts

Hello Mighty Miracle Workers!

Welcome to week 10 of our Miracle Toolbox “I am safe in God” healing adventure! Once again, Jesus gave us two fantastic readings that continue to build upon last week’s study in learning how to literally hear God’s voice speak to us during meditation. How exciting!

The first reading can be found at the end of A Course in Miracles in the Clarification of Terms. Of course, the reading happens to be poignantly titled, The Holy Spirit (C-6). Once again, Jesus clearly reinforces facts he stated in previous readings about the Holy Spirit:

  1. The Holy Spirit is the remaining Communication Link between God and His separated Sons – That’s us!
  2. The Holy Spirit’s Voice is the Voice for God, His Voice has taken form in this world, and it is possible for us to literally hear the Voice speak to us.
  3. The Holy Spirit has a plan for our gentle awakening and joyful return to God.
  4. The Holy Spirit’s Voice will guide you when you ask and need the help.

The second reading is an excellent tool to add to our Miracle Toolbox this week. It is Lesson 71: Only God’s plan for salvation will work. Within this Lesson, Jesus brings to our attention one of the biggest problems that we have that prevents us from hearing God’s Voice speak to us. It is the habit of having complaining thoughts or grievances within our minds. Every time we think thoughts like: I wish so and so would act or behave differently, or I need a different person in my life or circumstance to be different, we are caught in an ego plan that will never, ever bring us to a true place of feeling happy and fulfilled inside. It will always be a dead-end that leads us to confusion, anger, sadness and depression. Fortunately, this reading provides us with a way out and a specific practice for doing so. Yay!

Jesus, clearly states that God has a plan for each and every one of us and that He wants us to hear what it is! That’s why He gave us the Voice of the Holy Spirit to hear. Furthermore, God’s plan will not fail and it will lead us to release and joy. All we need to do is to ask the Holy Spirit very specific questions during our practice meditations, and then wait to hear God’s instructions literally be spoken to us. Jesus, even instructs us to, “Refuse not to hear God speak to us!” In other words, DO NOT GIVE UP UNTIL YOU HEAR THE VOICE SPEAK TO YOU!! If you haven’t heard it yet, then keep practicing.

Good luck Mighty Miracle Workers!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul

Miracle Toolbox: Week 3 | Sadness Need Not Be

Welcome Mighty Companions to the third week into our I am safe in God healing journey!

This week I would like to invite you to go into meditation with the Holy Spirit for a few minutes and recall a time when you felt sad or depressed. Unfortunately, a lot of people experience these emotions during this time of year because of going through the holidays and the darker, colder winter months. Many people often have these feelings hidden away in the sub-conscious part of their minds for decades. The good news about all of this is that there is a quick way out and you do not have to keep living or re-living feelings of sadness and depression. 

In the Text chapter 4, section IV titled This Need Not Be, Jesus very specifically addresses the problem of feeling sadness, depression, anxiety and guilt, and how we can begin to learn how to shift out of the feelings almost immediately. This is great news! The surprise here is that we do not necessarily need to feel stuck in these types of feelings for days, weeks or months at a time! Yay! 

The tool that we are going to add to our Miracle Toolboxes today is Lesson 100 from the Workbook for Students: My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation. This particular lesson is a great compliment to the Text reading because Jesus gives us step-by-step instructions on how to shift ourselves out of feeling sadness and depression in the manner of minutes or hours. What a wonderful tool to add to our Miracle Toolboxes! 

Please watch my video to learn more and how I personally applied this teaching and tool when I too was recently feeling sad and down. 

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul 

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Joy of Letting Go

Joy of Letting Go
with Rev. Deb Phelps

Open the curtain in your practicing by merely letting go all things you think you want. Your trifling treasures put away, and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come, and offer you the treasure of salvation. – W164

Rev. Deb shares how you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace. Are you ready to let go? Meditation Follows.

Recorded May 13, 2018

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This is Defenselessness

We start believing the truth and moving beyond what we know now, these illusions of fear we have made. We want to get to the truth in our minds. How do we do this? Be still. Take what’s troubling us into the quiet. “Holy Spirit, I’m afraid. I’m afraid to trust You. I’m afraid to know the truth of who I am. I’m afraid to know the power that I have within my mind.” But once we take that step within, Holy Spirit will walk with us the rest of the day, each and every day. It’s not like after we say this prayer, He just leaves us alone. He’s with us all the time. He’s with us before we even make the prayer. He’s always in our right mind. So yes, in that defenselessness our safety lies. We don’t need to defend or attack. Very simply, we just need to be with the Holy Spirit.

To help this truth sink in, we can meditate on these thoughts about defenselessness: “Be still a moment, and in silence think how holy is your purpose, how secure you rest, untouchable within its light. God’s ministers have chosen that the truth be with them. Who is holier than they? Who could be surer that his happiness is fully guaranteed? And who could be more mightily protected? What defense could possibly be needed by the ones who are among the chosen ones of God, by His election and their own as well?” (W-pI.153.10:1-6). And also: “In time, with practice, you will never cease to think of Him, and hear His loving Voice guiding your footsteps into quiet ways, where you will walk in true defenselessness. For you will know that Heaven goes with you. Nor would you keep your mind away from Him a moment, even though your time is spent in offering salvation to the world. Think you He will not make this possible, for you who chose to carry out His plan for the salvation of the world and yours?” (W-pI.153.18:1-4). When I read these lines, I get goosebumps – somebody called them God bumps – because these lines are the truth.

This is defenselessness. “We clothe ourselves in it, as we prepare to meet the day. We rise up strong in Christ, and let our weakness disappear, as we remember that His strength abides in us. We will remind ourselves that He remains beside us through the day, and never leaves our weakness unsupported by His strength. We call upon His strength each time we feel the threat of our defenses undermine our certainty of purpose. We will pause a moment, as He tells us, ‘I am here.’” (W.pI.153.19:2-6). As we practice this, day in and day out, we grow in our trust that our defenselessness truly is our safety.

An excerpt from our book, Change Your Mind! Talks on Living A Course in Miracles

My Holiness is My Salvation

My Holiness is My Salvation – 6/18/17

with Revs. Deb & Paul Phelps

This week Revs. Deb and Paul bring focus to our holiness and the blessing we can receive when we release guilt, fear, and negativity in our lives.

Lesson 39 – My holiness is my salvation.
Lesson 58 – Review
Lesson 50 – I am sustained by the Love of God.

Recorded  June 18th, 2017

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Thoughts on Lesson 238

On my decision all salvation rests.

God trusts me completely. If He trusts me, shall I not trust Him? As Jesus says here, “we pause to think how much our Father loves us.” Recently, I did so with a mistake I made. It seemed a dumb mistake and I felt guilty about it. Yet, I could hear the a small thought whisper to me of God’s love for me and that the mistake did not matter. I need not feel guilty because in Heaven, it never occurred. I did make amends for the mistake and that is all I need to do in form. Within, I need to forgive myself.

Thoughts on Lesson 191

I am the holy Son of God Himself.

I am the holy Son of God Himself.  I cannot suffer, cannot be in pain; I cannot suffer loss, nor fail to do all that salvation asks. 

You mean I don’t have to suffer? Yes!

It’s ingrained in us from a young age we have to suffer to reach the goal. Whether that goal be God, be successful, whatever it may be. Suffering is not required. It is a choice. It is how we view the world and our experiences in it.

When we realize our Identity in God, we find we are free. No more to play small and insignificant, when we are mighty in Him. As we repeat this lesson, “I am the holy Son of God Himself,” the ego may tempt the arrogance of the statement, instead focus on the precise beauty of the words. Be in joy at these words, because these words allow you to rise above the world and into the Light itself.

Thoughts on Lesson 187

I bless the world because I bless myself.

This lesson is related to the previous lesson. We realize here we only give what we possess within. We may not understand how this works, but it is the outcome.  Ideas live in our mind first, so we have to be sure what ideas we hold in our minds are worthy of us as the Son of God. I accept salvation. I accept my role in what I am here to accomplish. When we do this together, it grows exponentially.

What is valuable is the blessing we are. Think about that for moment. You are blessed by God. I am blessed by God. Could anything else be more perfect?

I have no need to sacrifice who I am or play small or disappear into myself. I am proud to say, “I am God’s Son and I am blessed.” It is the wealth and treasure of our spirit. In this, we give away. We will never receive unless we offer it to others, both on the spiritual level and the physical level. If I hold back in any area of my life, I will not receive the rich blessings from giving.

Freedom lies in giving the blessings away as we trust we are carried by God.

Thoughts on Lesson 186

Salvation of the world depends on me.

I accept my function. My function is forgiveness. My function is to love one another. I pause and listen to where His Voice guides me. I release all petty judgment and open my heart to Him. Does mere words matter what I write when it is such a personal experience? It’s up to me because all are me. That is why salvation depends on me. Once I see the purity in one I see it in myself and all. That is what I am called to do this day and everyday. It does not matter what came before, because in this very instant, this holy instant, I can choose again and experience Heaven on earth.

Thoughts on Week 22, Text, Ch. 13, IV. The Function of Time

Ch. 13, IV. The Function of Time

“And now the reason why you are afraid of this course should be apparent. For this is a course on love, because it is about you.”

My function is to heal and to create, yet the ego teaches me the opposite. Of this who would not be confused. Through the ego, I come to believe that Heaven is actually hell so there is the threat of God, His punishment, and the terror of His Love.

The ego continues the focus on guilt. It recalls the past, insists I must pay for the past, yet promises no future except more discontent. The present moment means zilch to the ego. It only lives in the past.

What does the Holy Spirit do for me? He shows me that there is only the here and now. In the here and now there are opportunities for salvation. In these opportunities I can fulfill my function to heal and to create. Here and now.

Thoughts on Lessons 148-150

My mind holds only what I think with God.

What shall I think? What shall I do?

The life here can seem to be one of attack and defense between others, between my body, between the whole world. We take sides or we divide and conquer. Then comes the miracle of mind. I accept Heaven as the truth and as the here and now. In this, my mind becomes One with God and I, along with my brothers here, am healed.

I have to accept the Atonement for myself first. I have to realize everyone here is my savior and leads me to happiness and joy. This salvation holds us in His Loving Heart.

Thoughts on Week 19, Text, Chapter 11, IV. The Inheritance of God’s Son

Who I am in truth does not need saved, it is my mind that has forgotten and needs to relearn what salvation is. I open myself to the learning as I will see that I have the power within me to be saved, to save my brothers and to remember peace.

Here in the world I think that I am limited. Yet when I embrace the peace that I am I realize how unlimited I truly am. Nothing holds me back.

Here, I am the one responsible for the deprivation I seem to suffer. It is in this realization that I see I have control of my thoughts, what I think, what decisions I make and what I do. This is the reversal of the thought system ruled by an iron fist. No more will I be locked under blame and guilt as I see the ego for the sham that is is.

God waits for me to accept my holy self, ever glorious and sacred now and forever.

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