My Personal Journey Through the Workbook for Students With MiraclesOne

I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal journey of working through the Workbook for Students with MiraclesOne. I joined MiraclesOne and chose to make MiraclesOne my “Virtual Spiritual Home” around May of 2012. The first time I went through the Workbook for Students was around the middle of that year as I began practicing the Workbook in around May of that year. That first year I was totally new to “A Course In Miracles”. The entire Spiritual Practice and Application was something very foreign to me, but I knew that The Holy Spirit had Guided me to this new Spiritual Practice.

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Since I began practicing the Lessons I kept in my mind what we like to say before we begin the reading of the Daily Workbook Lesson, “Today we are Reading, Practicing, and Applying Workbook Lesson Number ___.” I took those words to heed. One of the reasons I chose MiraclesOne as my “Virtual Spiritual Home” is because of our philosophy of a “Practical Application.” Since I began towards the beginning/middle of the lessons, I really had to focus on what Jesus tells us when we began our Journey through the Workbook as we began our Journey together towards Healing. Jesus encourages us in the last paragraph of the Introduction to the Workbook, “Remember only this; you need not to believe the ideas, you need not even accept them, and you need not even welcome them.” Jesus goes onto encourage us that, “Some of them you may actively resist. None of this will matter, or decrease their efficacy.”

He completes this beautifully encouraging Introduction to the Workbook with, “Whatever your reactions to the ideas may be, USE THEM. Nothing more than that is required. Now, I, of course, capitalized “USE THEM.” To me, this tells me to remain open, if I found any resistance to any of the lessons to be open to that resistance and to hand it over to The Holy Spirit, and to always keep my heart open to change, healing, and transformation. I freely admit the first year I experienced resistance to many of the Workbook Lessons, I still worked with them as much as I was comfortable.

Each year I Read, Practice, and Apply the Workbook Lessons I find there is less and less resistance to the Workbook Lessons that I am resistant to the years before and some Lessons that I might not have been clear to me that year, the following year it usually is more clear and usually speaks to me in a way that I personally need that year. 

I share this because, I know that beginning of a commitment of not only Reading, but the Practice, and Application of the 365 daily Workbook Lessons, especially the first year, sometimes seems a little daunting and takes commitment, but I tell you it is possible. I experienced this first hand. The Volunteers at MiraclesOne are here to help you every step of the way on this Beautiful Journey on our “Year of Practical Application of The Workbook for Students.”

This is a great year to start this journey. It is a personal journey, though you are not on this journey alone. Every member of the Volunteer staff at MiraclesOne feel Called, Guided, and are Extremely excited to assist and be there for you with your Personal Practice of not just The Workbook for Students, but “A Course in Miracles”.

If you happen to find yourself at some point missing a few lessons here and there, don’t give up. Pick up and restart. You will not be the first one. I went several lessons where I went without “keeping up,” my first year with the Workbook, and there are still years this happens, as life happens, but the team at MiraclesOne were Always there for me for whatever I needed and that’s our commitment to you. We are Always here for you.

We provide several outlets and have planned our entire year to study the Workbook Lessons in various formats throughout the year. I find by joining with others with like minds who are going through the Workbook for Students as well, and as we join and all walk together on this journey. I find by this that when I join in one of our groups, not only gives me the encouragement I need, but refreshes me just in the sharing and I always leave the meetings refueled. The on Tuesday evening study group, as is the Wednesday afternoon study group are “Drop-In” study groups, meaning “Drop-In” when you are able to be there. There is no commitment to attend weekly. We are simply Always here for you. 

MiraclesOne welcomes you warmly and our entire Volunteer Staff is Always here for you and are Extremely excited for our 2019 them. We look forward to seeing each of you in the New Year and all of us look forward to joining with us as we begin our year of “Practical Application of The Workbook for Students.”

Wishing Each of you the Deepest Peace,

Ryan Westbrook-Vigue, Volunteer Facilitator and Board Member

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time
with Rev.Deb Phelps

Rev. Deb shares the importance of taking one step at a time as we approach the Workbook Lessons, and A Course in Miracles itself. She also describes the 2019 Year of Practical Application and what you can choose from to fit your needs best..

Recorded December 2nd, 2018

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This Week: Staying Grounded in Truth

Our next topic in our Enhancing Your ACIM Practice  Class Series for this Thursday, July 20th, will be “Staying Grounded in Truth.” Great topic suggested by you, our students! Thank you for the suggestion. An important one at that in our A Course in Miracles practice!

In this week’s class, we’ll learn how to take responsibility of our mind and how we can strive to “not feed the fears” as the image states that I chose for this blog post. We can also learn how not judge ourselves when we slip up and become totally unearthed by a situation occuring in our lives. As students, we need not be swept up in the chaos of the hurricane swirling around our being.

I’ll share some of my personal examples and helpful practices we can use. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to share with like-mind students who you will soon find are your mighty companions on this journey.

See below to sign up for this week’s class and the other upcoming topics.


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  • 7/27 – Listening to the Holy Spirit’s Voice and not the Ego’s
  • 8/3 – Trust
  • 8/10 – Giving and Receiving Love
  • 8/ 17 – Forgiveness
  • 8/24 – Being Normal


If you missed our first week’s teaching on “Study vs. Application”

  • Why Study A Course in Miracles?
  • How to Read and Study A Course in Miracles?
  • The Importance of Practical Application of A Course in Miracles


Our second week’s teaching was “Setting Up a Daily Practice”

  • What ACIM Says About Daily Practice?
  • Formal and Informal Practice
  • 8 Tips to Assist You in Your Daily Practice
  • Assessing Your Current Daily Practice
  • Creating a Commitment to Your Practice

I hope you will join us!


Rev. Deb

This Week: Setting Up a Daily Practice

This Thursday, July 13th, in our Enhancing Your ACIM Practice Summer Series, I’ll be sharing the topic “Setting Up a Daily Practice.” Anyone is welcome to attend this topic or any of the upcoming topics (see below). Sign up for the whole series and you’ll have access to all the topics, handouts and extra materials.

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7/20 – Staying Grounded in Truth

7/27 – Listening to the Holy Spirit’s Voice and not the Ego’s

8/3 – Trust

8/10 – Giving and Receiving Love

8/ 17 – Forgiveness

8/24 – Being Normal

If you missed last week’s teaching on “Study vs. Application” I gave some great pointers for studying ACIM as well as the importance and tips for Practical Application. You can view the teaching and download handout here:

I hope you will join us!


Rev. Deb

Engage in Practical Application

Take a moment to recall a job you have held, or a career, or even a favorite hobby. On the outset, you didn’t know what to do in your field until you took the time to study be it training materials, manuals or other types of training, then after some time, you engaged in the job or hobby. This would entail making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and then gaining wisdom afterward so you could do a more efficient job. You see, through daily practice you learned your job and you performed it well.

This is the same with your study and application of A Course in Miracles. One cannot learn this Course overnight. We may agree with the ideas, we may belong to another spirituality group that is similar to the ideas, however, we don’t learn ACIM until we fully “enroll,” that is until we embrace the Course. Just as in college when students can audit a class without credit, we too are only auditing ACIM until we get in there and get our hands dirty so to speak. Until then, we haven’t taken its principles seriously (Although, I do know some of you have my friends). How can we learn a skill or task until we take the time to do so?

Sometimes I meet people and they say nonchalantly, “A Course in Miracles, yeah, I took that course (or I read the book).” I smile to myself knowing that ACIM is a lifelong, daily process. Not a book you read or a class you take once. It is a lifetime experience, one that breathes life into your being.

That was my impetus for having developed the Living ACIM classes held on Thursdays. It was an effort “to go where no student has gone before.” I jest with this Star Trek reference but really and truly my goal was to further students in their study and application. Granted right now, we are in a special series of classes for Thursdays for the rest of the summer meant to enhance our study. Yet my hope is for you to consider kicking your study and practice up a notch this fall when we begin with these Living ACIM classes again.

And so my final message to you is “Engage” and “Make it so.” You will be so glad you did!

Rev. Deb



Practicing Practical Application

Posted January 1, 2013

This is the year for the application of the ideas that have been given you. For the ideas are mighty forces, to be used and not held idly by. They have already proved their power sufficiently for you to place your faith in them, and not in their denial. This year invest in truth, and let it work in peace. T-16.II.9:4-7

As you may know MiraclesOne was founded on the idea of “Practical Application of A Course in Miracles”. This approach has worked for us personally as well as many of our students and members. By focusing on Practical Application it becomes a personal responsibility instead of stretching to gain knowledge or impress others.

Practical Application means “just do it”. That is, doing exactly what Jesus outlines in the Text, the Workbook Lessons, the Manual and Supplements. It only seems to be hard and confusing at first because we are trying to analyze what Jesus says instead of placing our trust in his and Holy Spirit’s Hands and following the suggestions as given to the letter.

I came to this many years ago in my studies with the Course. I was a good student up until that point, reading the Workbook Lessons and the Text daily and leading a study group. Then a major family crisis begged for something more than just reading and discussing the principles.

One day in my sadness and anger in the situation the following line appeared in my Course book. It glowed and vibrated and I resonated, yet felt a tiny bit resistant. When I fully embraced what it said it was as if my mind cracked open to let the full radiance of the Light through. This line has guided my work and the work of MiraclesOne ever since.

This is not a course in the play of ideas, but in their practical application. T-11.VIII.5:3

Too often as ACIM students we want to sound important so we memorize many quotes or we debate to show our intellectual understanding. Then the time comes when all the quoting and analyzing and reciting stops working and we are left to face ourselves. This is when once again we come to the point where we say, “There must be another way.”

That is where “Practical Application” enters into our lives. Now we are led to take the Course on a much deeper level. We are invited to actually use its concepts, to actually practice forgiveness and not talk about how important it is to forgive.

If we desire more peace and an easier life, then it makes sense that using the tools that we have been given within its myriad of pages will present to us just that, a peaceful and easy life. It may not mean that situations no longer occur but it means that our reactions to those situations are now different, in fact we may be indifferent to the situations now because we are present in a place of trust with Holy Spirit, Jesus and our Father.

That is what I have done for many years now and it has made a wealth of difference in my life. You will find that our members and students are like no other Course students you have met. They are dedicated, committed, sincere, loving and warm. If situations arise that require frank honesty and forgiveness, they open gladly to the opportunity to learn and speak about its benefits straight from the heart. We share together as equals, whether it is Rev. Paul or myself, or any of our ministerial students, our various class students or members. We are truly one here and we like it that way.

When we come from the premise that we are all equal and that we all have gifts to share with one another then it makes for a truly harmonious atmosphere. When we can self-reflect on our own judgments in a situation and accept responsibility for those judgments, then the turmoil that can sometimes be found elsewhere totally vaporizes. This is a supportive partnership simply by the applying of the concepts in every moment that we can.

We are here to support you as you are here to support us. Let us continue to grow together.

May Peace be with you always!

Rev. Deb Phelps

EXTRA – Two Guided Meditations

Two Guided Meditations


Meditation on Christ Vision – 8/28/11

Meditation on Christ Vision
With Rev. Deb Phelps

Rev. Deb leads a guided meditation for this week’s Sunday Service. The guided meditation begins with an introductory total relaxation phase, moves into a practice of seeing with the eyes of Christ and finally gently you return to this world.

This is from our Sunday Service talks called “Miracles Message and Meditation” held in our church facility in Madison, WI.These talks are on everyday topics in Practical Application of A Course in Miracles.

Recorded August 28th, 2011
33 minutes

Listen at Direct Audio Link

Meditation on Stillness – 7/24/11

Meditation on Stillness
With Rev. Deb Phelps

Rev. Deb leads a guided meditation “A Journey Into Deep Stillness” for this week’s Sunday Service. The guided meditation begins with an introductory total relaxation phase, moves into the inner journey where you rest a while and finally gently you are returned home.

This is from our Sunday Service talks called “Miracles Message and Meditation” held in our church facility in Madison, WI.These talks are on everyday topics in Practical Application of A Course in Miracles.

Recorded July 24th, 2011
34 minutes

Listen at Direct Audio Link

Handling Grief in Practical Application of ACIM


As you may know, one of our dear angel friends, Kathy Thompson, transitioned Monday night due to an unexpected car accident. I spent many hours on the phone yesterday with those that knew her and loved her so much. At times those I listened to questioned how this tragic accident could have happened to one as loving as she, how unfair it seemed, and asked how should one really feel as a Course student.

The Course does indeed tell us many  ideas about death and the illusion and the attraction that we have to it. But when we lose someone that is so close to us, or as in this case with Kathy, a pure heart and generous spirit that she was, how can one make sense of it? Is it permissible to grieve? Additionally, the Course tells me that this world and the body is all an illusion, am I to just ignore what I am feeling deep inside? Continue reading “Handling Grief in Practical Application of ACIM”

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