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Claiming Your Miracles Meditation

Hello, This is Reverend Paul Phelps from MiraclesOne.org and welcome to Claiming Your Miracles Meditation.

This is the second guided meditation that you will be adding to Your Miracle Toolbox this year. There is a wonderful lesson within the Workbook for Students of A Course in Miracles; it is Lesson 77: I am entitled to miracles. Within this lesson, Jesus tells us that we are entitled to miracles because of who we really are – a perfect spiritual being who was created exactly like God by God. And because of this truth, you have a right to claim miracles for yourself because they already belong to you. Within this guided meditation you will claim your entitlement to miracles and ask Jesus to help you become a true Miracle Worker within the world.

After listening to the meditation the first time, I would like to encourage you to continue practicing this guided meditation at least three to five times over the next couple weeks. I have found in my own practicing of new guided meditations, that it often takes practicing them several times before I really start relaxing, opening up and sinking deeply into them. And then, sooner or later, the true miracle experiences begin to happen. For example, I suddenly see Jesus within my mind looking directly back at me with a smile on his face! It may take a little practice and effort on your part, but I promise, that your determination will not go unanswered and will be well worth it in the end. Happy journeys and good luck Mighty Companions!


Rev. Paul

Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation

with Rev. Deb Phelps

Rev. Deb shares a meditation that will help you to relax, connect with your higher source, clear negativity within to give you a clean slate for the day, receive higher guided for your day, open to miracles, and have gratitude for your life. Fill your days with grace and ease.

Recorded January 28, 2018

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Enhancing Your A Course in Miracles Practice: Feeling Overwhelmed

I am starting this new series, “Enhancing Your A Course in Miracles Practice” in the hopes it will help you as a student to learn to integrate ACIM into your daily life a little more easily. Over the years I have had many questions from students and I plan to address some of those concerns in this series. These ideas stem from my own personal practice for over 25 years, and with mentoring others.

I want you to know I will also welcome your questions that you would like me to address. See the contact form below.

It doesn’t matter if you have been studying ACIM for some time or are new to its teachings, we all experience from time to time seeming setbacks, confusion, periods of absence, joys and miracles.

Follow me as I share common experiences students can have. You may relate or you may not. In the end, we all remain as God created us.

Feeling Overwhelmed

As we approach our study of A Course in Miracles, we may be confused and overwhelmed by all of the information available to us, especially in this age of technology, i.e. social media, YouTube, books, podcasts, and blogs. Because of this technology, nowadays there are many who profess to be THE teacher of the Course.

However, there is only ONE Teacher of the Course and that is the one that is within us. Books and workshops, conferences and videos may all assist us but to truly learn Jesus’ instruction he has to give us we must practice it for ourselves. When trouble in our lives arises, the ego’s knee-jerk reaction is to look outside for the solution or the quick fix solution. Difficulties are an integral part of our practice. They are not to be avoided; in fact, they are to be used. Jesus states this in the Introduction to the Workbook. These difficulties provide invaluable opportunities for learning and remembering the truth.

When we become stuck in the mud, it is because we are ceaselessly running from our problems and after our desires. When we feel the urge to run, it is because we feel overwhelmed.

  1. Only do what you can do.  Be gentle in your study and practice. You will not memorize the entire book in a few sittings. You will not “get” it by this method. Take it one soft step at a time. Think of another activity you may have learned, swimming, riding a bike, typing on a computer, or knitting. You didn’t know how to accomplish any of those activities all at once. You learned you took your time, and in the end, you succeeded. There is no hurry to awaken.
  2. Be patient. Easier said than done, right? This Course teaches us patience believe it or not. The Course is simple but it seems hard because we are impatient. Take your time.
  3. Make your practice count.  That is, when you do the lessons, do your best with all your heart. When you practice forgiveness, do the same. Beware of judging yourself as that is the ego’s tool to arrest the process. Listen only to the Holy Spirit and Jesus. You may wish to set up a scheduled time for your study and practice.
  4. Stay in the present moment. As best as possible, of course! We can be swayed by past mistakes, forgotten practices or the neverending list of what we will do when we awaken. Allow yourself to be exactly where you are. Holy Spirit and Jesus both do not rush us. It is a process. Take time to practice the 5 minutes in the morning and the 5 minutes in the evening as suggested at the end of the Manual for Teachers.  Do longer if you can. It will make a difference to orient yourself to peace. It will carry with you throughout the day.
  5. Relax. This goes along with the previous tip. Relax, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Neither will your study and practice. Look who you have on your side! Jesus and Holy Spirit! What a team! Be sure to take the time to unplug and just be.
  6. Say no to distractions. Yes, we all are busy however we have to remember we are busy by our own choice. Did you go to Facebook or the news or your email first thing in the morning before taking the time to connect with God? How did your day go? Spending the time in communion with God in the Holy Instant will make a difference in how you approach your day.
  7. Ask yourself, “How much do I desire peace in my life?” By asking this question consistently you will find you will take the time to do all of the above.

The answer is always within you. We all hit the brick wall from time to time. Even seasoned Course practitioners and teachers hit the brick wall, myself included.  Be ready and open to cope. Your ability to cope with being overwhelmed in the Course depends on your attitude. If you can learn that even the overwhelming feelings are present as opportunities, you will make progress. This ability, of course, will continue to make ripples in your life.

Once again, the Teacher of A Course in Miracles is within you. I suggest you try an experiment and set everything else aside. All the books you purchased, the Facebook groups, the email lists and forums, recordings and videos, and take a deep breath. Ask for His Assistance sincerely, and it will be there. All it takes is that little bit of willingness. If you don’t understand a passage, ask, then make a note of it or journal it, and then move on to the next paragraph. Usually, you will either receive the answer in the next paragraph or an AHA moment a little later.

As you know, I am all about Practical Application, that is our main philosophy here at MiraclesOne. We desire to be equal partners with you on the journey. We want to celebrate with you the miracles we all can have.  If you want to join us in what we offer, you can. If not, that’s okay too. We are still together as One.

Several years ago I wrote my “Suggestions for Studying A Course in Miracles.” You can find them at this link.

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Sharing the Choice for Miracles

In “Integrating ACIM”, our new format of our Sunday Session, we invite students from all over to join us in our Sharing Circle which takes place after the teaching Message Rev. Paul or I present. Our topic yesterday was “The Choice for Miracles,” inspired by a recent student’s question on “What is a Miracle?”

In ACIM, the term “miracle” is used differently than what we have come to know in our religious upbringing. If we recall, Jesus does turn meanings of words upside down for us. In the word “miracle” it is not an external phenomena that occurs to rectify a problem or otherwise remedy a situation. Rather, “miracle” in Course terms, is a shift in perception. We shift from the fear to the place of love. Miracles are what occurs within our minds.

We have to remember that this is a Course in healing our mind. It is focused on just that, our mind. We are told in Chapter 21, Introduction: “It [the world] is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition… Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world”

That is where we begin within the mind. This is where the shift needs to occur. It’s not because we received something external that now we are happy or at peace or otherwise relieved. Instead, we ask the Holy Spirit or Jesus to look at the situation we are experiencing, and ask them to look at it with us. We tend to see an unfolding situation through our ego lens, so it is imperative we receive their assistance to see it otherwise. Of course, first you have to have the awareness that you are feeling uncomfortable to begin with, then, have the willingness to invite your Friend in to show you the truth. The darkness shrinks as we look upon it with the light.

The miracle then being the shift from all of the ego’s projections, be it sin, guilt, fear, anger, judgment, or whatsoever, to the Holy Spirit’s love and offer of forgiveness. This is how we bring peace, happiness and relief to our mind. Not by what happens out in the world, i.e. we get what we want, but rather we have now looked at the situation from an angle of blessing.

In our Sharing Circle, several examples were openly shared. One was a work situation as an owner of a business. This student at first didn’t want their employee to work more than three days a week for fear of money and other reasons. Yet, over two months or so time, this student had been asking the Holy Spirit to see the situation differently, and realized how helpful this employee was in the now four days a week they worked. Holy Spirit helped the student to see how truly helpful, in more wayst than one, i.e. healing the mind, this situation had been. We find in this sharing it was more than just what was occurring in form, to add additional hours or not, or the loss of free personal time, but instead the fear of scarcity coupled with the desire to usurp the power of God in the separation. “I want to do it my way!” In this too, we see that we want to push away our personal assistant, the Holy Spirit, out of our employ. But we can see now how vital He is to our team!

Another situation involved a letter sent to a student’s family member that was perceived as upsetting. The student wanted to protect the family member and responded to the letter writer. The student retorted that they could forgive the letter writer only if the letter writer apologized, yet maintained they could see the truth beyond the body and words. The sticking point here is “only forgive if there was an apology”. Once again, the miracle and forgiveness occurs in the mind. Granted, we may not feel guided to be in the other person’s presence, but we have to be very careful in this because we have to look within our mind as to the level of peace we have with our decision. This does not mean we force ourselves into uncomfortable situations, that is not what Jesus instructs us to do, rather, we join with Jesus in our mind to be clean and clear as to our preference. Instead of finding witnesses to support our ego’s decision, we look to our Friends (Jesus and the Holy Spirit) who will support us in seeing everyone as innocent.

I also shared in our Circle my experience from the early morning. I felt anxious and agitated even after Rev. Paul and I arrived at the Center to set up for the Sunday Session. We had time to become quiet before anyone arrived, so we sat in meditation. In this, I sat and asked both Holy Spirit and Jesus to look at my dis-ease. I know earlier in the morning I “thought” it was because of a malfunction, or my daughter who was ill who usually runs our broadcast, or many other “reasons.” I knew the truth as I knew it were none of those. That’s why I had the conversation with Holy Spirit and Jesus. I spoke honestly with them in my mind. I shared my openness to see their view of my experiences so far that morning. I truly wanted peace. I wanted to be able to speak on “The Choice for Miracles” from a place that was true and actually feeling the miracle myself rather than just talk, talk and talk how to do it. I know it is through the actual experience that makes anything shared more authentic.

As I continued to unload in my mind. I felt my ramblings complete. People arrived and we started our opening 20-minute meditation. It was during the meditation that I received the gift of peace. I cannot pinpoint the moment the shift occurred for that does not matter. But a profound lightness did occur, as a burden had been lifted. I felt joy and peace and I believe that came through in my presented Message.

You see, anyone can ask for the miracle to occur and it does. It comes from our own choice to receive the truth. Be aware, be willing, join and receive. It is really that simple. It does take practice and the more we do so, the more benefits we receive.

If you would like to join in the richness of our Sharing Circle each week after the Sunday Message, find out more information here at this link. It is available via video and phone conferencing as well as in-person at our Madison Center.

The full Message on “The Choice for Miracles” can be found below (and audio on iTunes):

Thoughts on Week 32, Chapter 18, IV. The Little Willingness

The holy instant does not come from your little willingness alone.  It is always the result of your small willingness combined with the unlimited power of God’s Will. 

In this section we have instructions for the little willingness. You would think we would not need instruction, but we do. Sometimes, and I know I can do this, we over-complicate this path. To experience the holy instant, we need these pieces:

  1. Desire
  2. Willingness
  3. Determination
  4. Trust
  5. Humility
  6. Reception

As I learned over these many years, I do not have to purify myself to come to the Holy Spirit as He is the Purifier.

We are given a prayer to use:

I who am host to God am worthy of Him.
He Who established His dwelling place in me created it as He would have it be.
It is not needful that I make it ready for Him, but only that I do not interfere with His plan to restore to me my own awareness of my readiness, which is eternal.
I need add nothing to His plan. 
But to receive it, I must be willing not to substitute my own in place of it.

Five lines seem a small preparation to accept and receive the holy instant, but seriously it is all that is required. We make more of this Course than it needs to be. I know at the beginning of my studies with ACIM, I approached it academically. Yet, when I released the yearning for understanding, and did exactly as I was told, (Ha, we never want to do what we are told, right?) then, it began to work for me. What does this look like? Do you think I repeat these words too often? Practical application? When I went through the baptism of fire in tragedies in my life, practical application is what worked. Let me say that again, it is the ONLY thing that worked.

When Jesus says in the Workbook how resistant we may be to the ideas of the Lessons, and then says, do them anyway, as they will help you, he really means it! Next time you find yourself saying how hard the Course is, remember it is your ego that is whispering that to you. The ego does not want you to practice this Course, as it knows it is the end of the itself. Practice and practice, and certainly join with others to listen to their miracle experiences. There is power in the sharing. When ego says, “No, this is a self-study course,” it is only telling you one side of it. Yes, you have to study and do the work yourself, but keeping isolated from others, no matter what those reasons may be, (summer is a good excuse that comes up for students this time of year) you are holding yourself back from the healing. For that, the ego is grateful.

MiraclesOne is different in our study of ACIM, as our focus is on helping students to live the Course for themselves. We are not gurus and do not proclaim to be. We share from our own backgrounds and stories, our foibles and our miracles. We’re the “everyman” of the Course community. We study, but more importantly we share how to be a practitioner of the Course. It’s one thing to read it, but another to practice it. Join us for one of our groups soon so you can see for yourself. Our study groups and classes are accessible to anyone anywhere as we use video conferencing and phone conferencing as well as attendance at our physical location at our center. Miracles are accessible to all. We never turn anyone away because of their financial situation, as it is so written in the Psychotherapy supplement. Only your ego is what holds you back. Even in AA they suggest 30 meetings in 30 days. Try it with ACIM, and tell me if it does not make a difference in your life. I know it did for mine!

See our calendar at this link: https://miraclesone.org/miraclesone-events/

Thoughts on Week 28, Ch. 16, II. The Power of Holiness

Holiness involves all of my brothers. Not just those I pick out as special. Everyone is entitled to holiness, otherwise we are all lost. All for One and One for All.

“You have succeeded (in performing miracles) whenever you have reached another mind and joined with it.”

I find this to be true. Even though at first I want to join in the anger that I feel, or the hurt, or whatever ails me in the interaction, the feeling won’t  sustain if I offer the willingness to experience a miracle in the situation. There have been times I have closed myself off to the miracle as to protect myself. I could not trust the miracle. I could not trust my brother.

Is that the way Jesus would have me handle it? Certainly there may be physical safety reasons in the world to back away? But if I really look at this deeply and with love, when I back away from someone am I not backing away from the healing? From the love? From the miracle?

Too often the knee jerk reaction captures my attention and I throw my hands up and blame the other person, make my exit stage right and never to be seen again. So it seems. Until the next person is there in my face. Same situation, just a different face, a different time, yet, will I accept my part? Will I accept my responsibility?

When I accept and bid the Holy Spirit welcome, my perception is changed. I no longer place the blame on everyone and everything. Important to watch and pay attention to the language we use. Is it “You did this! You did that! or is it, I see where in this situation I was wrong and now I stand ready to make it right?” There is a difference in approach and one to embrace.

We think we can solve all of our problems. I know I have thought the very same.

“You have never given any problem to the Holy Spirit He has not solved for you, nor will you ever do so.”

He will solve my problem, that is, the separation from God. In communion with Him, I will become in communion with God and my brothers. Peace is inevitable. Thank God.

Thoughts on Lesson 193

All things are lessons God would have me learn.

Forgive, and you will see this differently.

What a perfect lesson at a perfect time when my soul needs kindness and tender care. It doesn’t have to be hear as a command, but rather as a gentle reminder. The Holy Spirit sits beside me, holds my hand, and tells me this with great love. “Forgive, and you will see this differently. There are many miracles for you in this and every situation. Open to the miracle and your mind will be at rest.”

A Living Temple in a World of Light

The blood of hatred fades to let the grass grow green again, and let the flowers be all white and sparkling in the summer sun. What was a place of death has now become a living temple in a world of light. Because of Them. It is Their Presence which has lifted holiness again to take its ancient place upon an ancient throne. Because of Them have miracles sprung up as grass and flowers on the barren ground that hate had scorched and rendered desolate. What hate has wrought have They undone. And now you stand on ground so holy Heaven leans to join with it, and make it like itself. The shadow of an ancient hate has gone, and all the blight and withering have passed forever from the land where They have come.

~ A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26, IX. For They Have Come

Thoughts on Lesson 159

I give the miracles I have received.

“You recognize your brother as yourself, and thus do you perceive that you are whole.”

As we journey this life, we do happen upon those individuals that test our patience. They seem to disappear and move on, yet that same personality appears once again. We have it and I have it too. I know for me sometimes it creates great ire in me. For me this typical personality usually revolves around deceit, dishonesty, abuse (physically, emotionally and etc., of kindness, of generosity, of system, and of etc.), facade, inconsistency, irrationality, disloyalty, and after all this claims of victimhood if any of these are discovered and carried out to the light of day.

Yes, this is the personality I have to recall in my mind to offer the miracle (a shift from fear to love). This does not mean I have to stay in the presence of these personalities but it does mean I have to do my own inner work on forgiveness and seeing all as the Christ. They are my savior and will lead me Home. The item here to remember is I do not have to prove my forgiveness “strength” if you will, by remaining in this personality’s presence. I can move on and still be silent, safe and secure in the Holy Spirit. Boundaries still help us here in the world to offer some shelter from the storm. Jesus wants us to feel safe and heal at our own pace. We do not have to suffer a crucifixion by others. That was the last useless journey if you recall.

And isn’t this personality either reminding us of ourselves or of fears we do not want to recall? Mine goes back in time. It creates triggers for me of PTSD here in the world. Yet it doesn’t have to do so. I can remember the light and warmth and kindly care Christ’s charity provides (as Jesus tells us). We can love ourselves enough to welcome healing into our mind. We are on the path and so are all our brothers. We are not perfect and neither are they. We are all here trying to find our way home. If we remember just this, we can open our mind to true forgiveness.

In the light of forgiveness, miracles occur and we can bless others with the same. Will circumstances change and you be once again in the personality’s presence? It could or it could not. No one is to say what individualized curriculum leads your journey. Only the Holy Spirit has that say. Be open, be willing and you will accept each miracle into your heart.

Thoughts on Week 23, Ch. 13, VIII. From Perception to Knowledge 

“All healing is release from the past. That is why the Holy Spirit is the only Healer.”

The past doesn’t exist. It is not here and neither can I be hurt by its seeming existence. It doesn’t exist. I can release it with the Holy Spirit’s assistance once I exercise my willingness to do so.

Knowledge is complete. It’s within me as I am knowledge. Perception can take me to Heaven or hell, and I know the hell, for sure! Perception is not knowledge. Holy Perception can bridge the way to knowledge.

Nothing stands in the way of knowledge except by my decision. My decision is wise when I choose the miracle. The miracle is the true perception. It is light, love, peace and joy in one. It is a holy choice.

It is my freedom to offer Christ’s gift of miracles to everyone I meet either in form or in my mind. I offer blessing to each and every one so that I may too be blessed.

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