Your Miracle WhiteOut

Miracle WhiteOut
with Rev.Paul Phelps

Rev. Paul shares about the experience of our separation from God and detour into a worldly body, suffering from misperceptions, illusions and amnesia about the separation. God imbued us as creative beings who used that creative ability to miscreate and project an illusion of a world we live in. Our saving grace was the gift of the Holy Spirit and the miracle of Light we use to heal the illusion within our minds.

Recorded September 16, 2018

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Outside Picture of an Inward Condition

Outside Picture of an Inward Condition
with Rev. Deb Phelps

Rev. Deb shares how projection makes perception. “The world is a witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition.” It is for us to be aware of what is present in our mind and choose the miracle instead.

Recorded February 18th, 2018

Your Donation Helps to Support our All-Volunteer Ministry! Thank you for your generosity so we may continue to bring these videos to you.

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The Fear of Healing – Entitled to Miracles Unity Radio Show

Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that to us who live here in the world, healing is very frightening. Many of us feel damaged in some way, and so we are afraid to trust and experience peace. These experiences from our past have caused us to hold grievances and judgments, keeping the love of others and God away from us. In this Walk of Trust series, Lesson 4, Rev. Deb shares how the miracle of forgiveness with the Holy Spirit will set us free so we can live a life of trust. Continue reading “The Fear of Healing – Entitled to Miracles Unity Radio Show”

Thoughts on Week 22, Text, Ch. 13, VI. Finding the Present

Ch. 13, VI. Finding the Present

I must perceive everyone as they are in the shining NOW moment. I never see anyone truly as I have attached the past to my vision, good or bad, but mostly my negative interpretation.

Yet somehow I think this is natural, to recall to memory the catalog of sins when I meet someone again. This isn’t natural, as Jesus tells me it is delusional. Forever would I keep my brothers in chains, especially those who I perceived have wronged me. Yet, I am in chains as well.

I keep focused on the shadows of the past because I am afraid of what the present light could show me. My brothers is not in shadows. It is my mind that is.

I choose the miracle to envision my brother in the light of which he truly stands forever in truth, forever free.

Thoughts on Lessons 148-150

My mind holds only what I think with God.

What shall I think? What shall I do?

The life here can seem to be one of attack and defense between others, between my body, between the whole world. We take sides or we divide and conquer. Then comes the miracle of mind. I accept Heaven as the truth and as the here and now. In this, my mind becomes One with God and I, along with my brothers here, am healed.

I have to accept the Atonement for myself first. I have to realize everyone here is my savior and leads me to happiness and joy. This salvation holds us in His Loving Heart.

Thoughts on Week 20, Text, Chapter 12, I. The Judgment of the Holy Spirit

“…to believe in truth-you do not have to do anything.”

It is only my ego mind that thinks I have to do SOMETHING. My “doing” is always a defense based upon interpretations I have made. Then I try to justify and explain why I made the response I did. If I trusted in truth then no defense is needed.

I also cannot analyze and pretend that I know why others do what they do. I write “stories” on why my daughter behaved in the angry manner she did because I believe she is inconsiderate. That’s my projection! I’m the one that is inconsiderate!

In this Jesus is telling me that I proclaim myself as “correct” because I think I know “everything.” I know why my daughter acts the way she does. But I don’t! it’s my own judgment based on my own guilt and fear.

Holy Spirit can show me a different interpretation. Perhaps her behavior was her call for help? Perhaps instead of ignoring it I answer it with love. Instead of attacking and defending, I can listen with gentle kindness. I can allow myself to be still and neutral.

How can I judge something I don’t understand? I can’t!

Now I can be grateful to my daughter for showing me the place within where I still judge. With her in my life and with Holy Spirit I can remember God’s plan for salvation. I can remember to forgive us both.

Thoughts on Week 19, Text, Chapter 11, VIII. The Problem and the Answer

As I wrote in the previous section, the course is simple but the mental gymnastics make it seem hard. It comes to “I KNOW NOTHING.” I think I know the “why” but I never know the big pictures or the Answer. I don’t understand nor can I at this level of mind. I am the one that withholds truth from myself.

So I must ask—
“Do I want the problem or do I want the answer?”

That’s it—really—

Mental gymnastics get me nowhere but putting into practice all that is outlined in this course will do so.

The Holy Spirit will give the answer. Am I willing to receive it or am I so arrogant to think I know EVERYTHING?!?!

Instead, relax, let go, release –to truth—that is the answer. I know nothing but YOU do Holy Spirit. Show me—Help me to remember—

Whatever I see in the world that offends me, like someone who makes an unkind comment about me, just stop the judgment of what was said. I make matters worse by thinking it was ANYTHING.

In this section, Jesus shows me children (me) can be frightened by what they see –a curtain—a shadow—becomes more than it is. Yet when Someone they trust shows them the truth, they are frightened no more. It is not a ghost or a shadow that frightens me, I frighten me.

Such it is true with Jesus, he is instructing me that all I believed before has no shred of truth. It is all a mere shadow. And now the light switch is turned on, light illuminates the space and I see there is nothing of which to be terrified.

I exchange my fears for truth today.

Thoughts on Week 19, Text, Chapter 11, VII. The Condition of Reality

It’s good to look at these old journal writings on each section. I hope you save yours as well.

The world I see surrounding me was not created by God. How could God create such a world of conflicting goals? Yet I was led to believe as such. Only Love comes from God. The rest I made up in this dream of so-called reality.

Loving thoughts are eternal. All else is not. The ego will never accept everything as all good. It lives by contrasts and differences. In God there is only One.

The ideas I have had about my identity, my littleness, my lack of power, my lack of abundance and self-esteem, have been blocks to keep me separate from Love. If I believe these thoughts then I will not believe how much indeed I am loved.

This work is simple when we get to the bottom line and see beyond the words on the page.

Thoughts on Week 19, Text, Chapter 11, VI. Waking to Redemption

Perceptions are built up by my own experiences and what I want to be true. Thus through this belief I think I see what I see. In that can I call all the witnesses to myself to say, “Yes, it is true.”

This goes for thoughts of victimhood as I see everyone around me is “out to get me.”

Do I want the resurrection or the crucifixion?

Freedom or imprisonment?

It’s my choice, always my choice.

Jesus is pretty plain about what he is telling me to do. Give up perceptions, judgments and the like. That is what he is teaching. If I am not “getting what he is saying” it is because I don’t want to believe him. I want to believe something else, i.e. the ego which I have known for so long.

Jesus is leading me to a new experience. I’m ready, so ready for it. I have to stop interpreting everything he says through my ego filters. I need to accept all that he teaches with faith and trust. He would not deceive me.

If I see unworthiness outside, it is there in my mind. It is merely a perception and a projection and can be changed.

Sacrifice is now off limits. Too long have I live in seeing myself as less than, so utterly unworthy that I brought pain to myself by sacrificing to others to prove how “worthy” I was. What a joke!

It is time for me to wake up from the deep sleep. I have been called and I gladly answer the call.

I can do this. I can accept the miracle. I can let go of fear and love me for me.

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