Choosing Peace Instead of War – Lessons 52-58 | Insights on A Course in Miracles

Greetings Course Students,

This week we find the world is in chaos with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our lessons over the past week can help us to see with the Eyes of Peace. 

I share my thoughts in this week’s video. Let us hear yours.

From Chapter 23, I. The Irreconcilable Beliefs: Illusion meets illusion; truth, itself. The meeting of illusions leads to war. Peace, looking on itself, extends itself.  War is the condition in which fear is born, and grows and seeks to dominate. Peace is the state where love abides, and seeks to share itself. 

We pray for world leaders, the citizens of Ukraine and Russia, and for the restoration of world peace.

Many Blessings, Rev. Paul

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Miracle Toolbox Week 22 | Holy Spirit’s Forgiveness Caliper

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to week 22 of our Miracle Toolbox healing journey. This week’s video recording continues to build on what we have been learning over the past several weeks regarding The Ladder of Prayer, our perception of “enemies”, and the light of forgiveness. Anytime we feel irritation, anger, resentment, hatred, fear, avoidance, etc. toward another person, we have perceived an “enemy” with our mind and personal belief system. When this happens, we are stuck on a lower rung of The Ladder of Prayer, and therefore the Holy Spirit’s Forgiveness Caliper needs to come into play.

Jesus explains in Chapter 2. FORGIVENESS of The Song of Prayer that forgiveness is prayer’s ally and is the greatest help that God ordained to be with us until we awaken. It is the one and only illusion within the dream that will help us to fully awaken from the dream. Each time that we turn to the Holy Spirit to help us learn how to practice true forgiveness, we close the caliper gap of separation within our minds. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to continue to help us close the caliper gap of separation until the gap is completely gone. When this happens, we will have fully awakened to the realization of Who We Really Are!

A fantastic tool for helping us to forgive our perception of “enemies”, and to manifest the experience of true forgiveness, is LESSON 121: Forgiveness is the key to happiness (W-121). This tool and meditation practice is a must-have in every serious Course student’s Miracle Toolbox. Whenever you feel the slightest irritation or uneasiness about anyone, it is time to step back and take some time to practice applying this lesson while in meditation. With practice, you will discover the magnificent healing power of this lesson and its ability to quickly free you from misery and restore your sense of peace, safety, and joy.

Blessings from the Light,

Rev. Paul

Your Miracle WhiteOut

Miracle WhiteOut
with Rev.Paul Phelps

Rev. Paul shares about the experience of our separation from God and detour into a worldly body, suffering from misperceptions, illusions and amnesia about the separation. God imbued us as creative beings who used that creative ability to miscreate and project an illusion of a world we live in. Our saving grace was the gift of the Holy Spirit and the miracle of Light we use to heal the illusion within our minds.

Recorded September 16, 2018

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Declare Your Innocence and You Are Free

From Rev. Deb’s Unity Radio Show
Episode Description:

We do not have to fall into the illusion that we are sinful, guilty, and surrounded by darkness. That is the ego’s fear trap. In truth, we are innocent and today we declare our freedom. Rev. Deb relates the thinness of fear’s veil as the Light of Purity and Love will always shine it away. In addition, she shares a loving-kindness practice to help you remember the innocence not only of yourself but that of others.

March 10, 2017

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Thoughts on Lesson 240

Fear is not justified in any form.

Fear is a trick, a sleight of hand, having us believe other than what truth is. Lately, Rev. Paul has been watching the TV show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He loves magic and magicians, and he was an amateur magician in his youth. Recently, we bought tickets for The Illusionists Broadway show coming to Madison at Thanksgiving. Front row seats even, and he is so very excited. But we needn’t have a front row seat to the ego and its trickery now do we? As exciting as the illusion is around us, it is still illusion. The ego pulls the wool over our eyes in an attempt to deceive us that this world is what we ultimately desire. Yet the ego’s world is full of fear.

God’s world is something different altogether. It doesn’t need smoke and mirrors to attract our attention. What is True Light needs no introduction or bait. We only need to believe and accept that we are the Sons of God. What He created can never be less than miraculous with His Love.

Thoughts on Lesson 224

God is my Father, and He loves His Son.

With all this lately of TV shows and movies about various superheroes, this is where we learn of our True Identity. We walk around this world not knowing the greatness we are, until the moment we started to awaken. Now we can tear off the superficial “clothes” of the ego, and let our “S” shine though, the Son, the glorious Child of God we are.

Superheroes do things that are not of this world, and we can do the same. Maybe not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we can penetrate the illusion with our Christ Vision.

May we remember our Identity in God today, and not the secret one the ego made for us.

Thoughts on Week 31, Chapter 17, VI. Setting the Goal

The practical application of the Holy Spirit’s purpose is extremely simple, but it is unequivocal. 2 In fact, in order to be simple it [must] be unequivocal. 3 The simple is merely what is easily understood, and for this it is apparent that it must be clear. 4 The setting of the Holy Spirit’s goal is general. p365 5 Now He will work with you to make it specific, for application [is] specific. 6 There are certain very specific guidelines He provides for any situation, but remember that you do not yet realize their universal application. 7 Therefore, it is essential at this point to use them in each situation separately, until you can more safely look beyond each situation, in an understanding far broader than you now possess.

Here I see how practical application comes into play with the Holy Spirit. It is unmistakable, indisputable and undeniable. His purpose is to help me so I can come to the place where I have no doubt what the truth is. This course is simple but I make it so difficult for myself. Holy Spirit will work with me here in the world. He will instruct to apply the truth in all situations. At first it seems like He is answering my specific requests with specific answers. I come to find over time that it is all the same.  In the end I find out that the problem is separation and the answer is joining.

You can access a video from a former Sunday Message as I did an overview of this section with the topic “Being at the Beginning”. – Video on YouTube:

T-17.VI.2.             In any situation in which you are uncertain, the first thing to consider, very simply, is “What do I want to come of this? 2 What is it [for]?” 3 The clarification of the goal belongs at the beginning, for it is this which will determine the outcome. 4 In the ego’s procedure this is reversed. 5 The situation becomes the determiner of the outcome, which can be anything. 6 The reason for this disorganized approach is evident. 7 The ego does not know what it wants to come of the situation. 8 It is aware of what it does not want, but only that. 9 It has no positive goal at all.

 Well, here we go. We return to the intention, the motivation, the purpose, the goal or whatever you want to call it. When we peace as the outcome or goal, then that is what we will receive. I have seen this happen many times in my life. It becomes simply do I want peace in my life or not? If I do, then place peace as the intention then no matter what occurs I can trust that peace will be mine. I choose anything but peace because I make the determination that an external source needs to bring me that peace. Only by my choice can I bring me that peace.

T-17.VI.3.         Without a clear-cut, positive goal, set at the outset, the situation just seems to happen, and makes no sense until it has already happened. 2 Then you look back at it, and try to piece together what it must have meant. 3 And you will be wrong. 4 Not only is your judgment in the past, but you have no idea what should happen. 5 No goal was set with which to bring the means in line. 6 And now the only judgment left to make is whether or not the ego likes it; is it acceptable, or does it call for vengeance? 7 The absence of a criterion for outcome, set in advance, makes understanding doubtful and evaluation impossible.

When the situation just seems to happen then we feel as a victim. Then we try to analyze and figure it all out. How can I figure it out? What am I basing it on? Only the past is my frame of reference. I made a decision in my mind. I set my goal. This section dovetails into the “Rules for Decision” and the “Responsibility for Sight” oh so well. I am not the victim. I have all the power within my mind. I can stop making interpretations of what I am experiencing and realize that somewhere deep down I decided already that I will fail or succeed, will be happy or sad, will have peace or not. When I take the responsibility, oh the places I can go! And really it is to the healing of my mind. Thank You God!

T-17.VI.4.             The value of deciding in advance what you want to happen is simply that you will perceive the situation as a means to [make] it happen. 2 You will therefore make every effort to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of your objective, and concentrate on everything that helps you meet it. 3 It is quite noticeable that this approach has brought you closer to the Holy Spirit’s sorting out of truth and falsity. 4 The true becomes what can be used to meet the goal. 5 The false becomes the useless from this point of view. 6 The situation now has meaning, but only because the goal has made it meaningful.

T-17.VI.5.             The goal of truth has further practical advantages. 2 If the situation is used for truth and sanity, its outcome must be peace. 3 And this is quite apart from what the outcome [is.] 4 If peace is the condition of truth and sanity, and cannot be without them, where peace is they must be. p366 5 Truth comes of itself. 6 If you experience peace, it is because the truth has come to you and you will see the outcome truly, for deception cannot prevail against you. 7 You will recognize the outcome [because] you are at peace. 8 Here again you see the opposite of the ego’s way of looking, for the ego believes the situation brings the experience. 9 The Holy Spirit knows that the situation is as the goal determines it, and is experienced according to the goal.

“Concentrate on everything that helps you meet it (your goal).” How much effort in the past have I spent in meeting the goal of pain? Much effort in fact in living in hurt, pain and sadness. If I decide upon peace, let that be my outcome I will see everything falling into place to make it so. That is, my choices will be different, my interpretations will be different, and I will be different. For I have placed truth before me. To think before I believed I was alone and in a sense I was because I never acknowledged the Holy Spirit joined with me. Now that I acknowledge and accept His Love and Assistance, my life is one primarily of ease, of comfort and of calm. All this by changing my goal to that of God.

T-17.VI.6.             The goal of truth requires faith. 2 Faith is implicit in the acceptance of the Holy Spirit’s purpose, and this faith is all-inclusive. 3 Where the goal of truth is set, there faith must be. 4 The Holy Spirit sees the situation as a whole. 5 The goal establishes the fact that everyone involved in it will play his part in its accomplishment. 6 This is inevitable. 7 No one will fail in anything. 8 This seems to ask for faith beyond you, and beyond what you can give. 9 Yet this is so only from the viewpoint of the ego, for the ego believes in “solving” conflict through fragmentation, and does not perceive the situation as a whole. 10 Therefore, it seeks to split off segments of the situation and deal with them separately, for it has faith in separation and not in wholeness.

T-17.VI.7.             Confronted with any aspect of the situation that seems to be difficult, the ego will attempt to take this aspect elsewhere, and resolve it there. 2 And it will seem to be successful, except that this attempt conflicts with unity, and must obscure the goal of truth. 3 And peace will not be experienced except in fantasy. 4 Truth has not come because faith has been denied, being withheld from where it rightfully belonged. 5 Thus do you lose the understanding of the situation the goal of truth would bring. 6 For fantasy solutions bring but the illusion of experience, and the illusion of peace is not the condition in which truth can enter.

To head towards truth I need to trust. How many times does it come down to simple trust? I have to trust the Holy Spirit. I HAVE TO TRUST THE HOLY SPIRIT! I set the goal for truth and for peace and get myself out of the way. I have to stop interfering. There is no failure. If I trust the Holy Spirit how can I fail? Any perception of failure is just that, a perception.

The ego wants to resolve problems in form. It cannot be resolved in form or anything external. The ego will only seem to succeed and peace is only restored for a little while but then again swept away in the winds of the storm. When I trust in the Holy Spirit, He is steady and strong. No matter what happens externally I am in the center, in the eye of the hurricane.

I place my goal of truth in front of me. I trust that Holy Spirit is with me. I stay sure and true to the goal. Peace is mine. Voila, that’s it. We make the Course so hard. It’s not hard when we actually practice it vs. reading it.

Originally Posted January 2014

Thoughts on Week 29, Ch. 16, IV. The Illusion and the Reality of Love

I wrote on this section in depth back in 2014 when we presented monthly themes for the Tuesday Radio Show. I share some of those thoughts here.

From 2014 —

This week’s reading is Chapter 16, IV. The Illusions and the Reality of Love. Remember these are the insights that I receive as I read and let Holy Spirit show me how I can apply to my own life.

Paragraph 1 – Be not afraid to look upon the special hate relationship, for freedom lies in looking at it…. For the special love relationship, in which the meaning of love is hidden, is undertaken solely to offset the hate, but not to let it go. Your salvation will rise clearly before your open eyes as you look on this. 

We have grave fear to look within. I know I did early on in my study and practice of ACIM. I thought that I would find something even more terrifying if I did. Instead I found my way Home. Whenever I take time to question how I perceive all of my relationships and do that all important self-inquiry what insights come! And Holy Spirit is so gentle and kind. Even when an issue or problem arises I can see where I have projected outward my own fear for that is what is returned to me. I have to own responsibility for the insanity in my mind. I want to transform my special relationships unto holy ones thus allowing the healing of my mind. What freedom to know that my brother has done nothing, that I have done nothing and together we are EVERYTHING. I’ve seen this so clearly once again over the last few weeks as I sit with Holy Spirit and allow myself to  become aware of every projection I have made, each story I have written, and each grievance I have held. It may not be pretty to look at, but with the willingness and openness to His Teaching, I can be led to deep awareness and the Light of Love. It is never about the other person but it is about my own thoughts. I am willing to open my eyes. 

Paragraph 2 – Be not unwilling now; you are too near, and you will cross the bridge in perfect safety, translated quietly from war to peace. For the illusion of love will never satisfy, but its reality, which awaits you on the other side, will give you everything.

Yes, Love is here. I am revealing my heart as I take responsibility. It only hurts if I believe it hurts. Otherwise it is another thorn removed. I am safe and secure and I am whole.

Still with Text, Chapter 16, IV. The Illusion and the Reality of Love for this week. This post contains my insights on paragraphs 3-4. Be sure you are taking time with the reading as well for your own insights.

T-16.IV.3.             The special love relationship is an attempt to limit the destructive effects of hate by finding a haven in the storm of guilt. 2 It makes no attempt to rise above the storm, into the sunlight. 3 On the contrary, it emphasizes the guilt outside the haven by attempting to build barricades against it, and keep within them. p337 4 The special love relationship is not perceived as a value in itself, but as a place of safety from which hatred is split off and kept apart. 5 The special love partner is acceptable only as long as he serves this purpose. 6 Hatred can enter, and indeed is welcome in some aspects of the relationship, but it is still held together by the illusion of love. 7 If the illusion goes, the relationship is broken or becomes unsatisfying on the grounds of disillusionment. 

T-16.IV.4.             Love is not an illusion. 2 It is a fact. 3 Where disillusionment is possible, there was not love but hate. 4 For hate [is] an illusion, and what can change was never love. 5 It is sure that those who select certain ones as partners in any aspect of living, and use them for any purpose which they would not share with others, are trying to live with guilt rather than die of it. 6 This is the choice they see. 7 And love, to them, is only an escape from death. 8 They seek it desperately, but not in the peace in which it would gladly come quietly to them. 9 And when they find the fear of death is still upon them, the love relationship loses the illusion that it is what it is not. 10 When the barricades against it are broken, fear rushes in and hatred triumphs. 

Rising above the storm is the only way to see the light of truth about relationships. Building the barricade to love keeps me in the dark and in the misery. In the special relationship, at least from what I experienced in my life is that I wanted the other person there to keep me safe. They are to do what I have degreed in my mind. They are to protect me valiantly. They carry my banner to the ends of the earth proclaiming their love and adoration for me. They swear their oath of allegiance and will ever do battle to those who oppose me. And what if they oppose me? The sword is drawn and the blood of hatred is shed. Such was it pictured in my mind. Ha, I do love the medieval times so that is what appeared in my mind as I related to this passage.

What I think was love, was not. It was full of controls, levers and maneuvers to keep what I wanted of the relationship. And if that falls to the wayside, then God help us both. I can see that in many past relationships, particularly that of partners. I looked to them to fulfill my needs, to right the wrongs done to me as a child yet receiving a whole new list of wrongs to be added. Each person thereafter had to make up for the past sins of someone else. Then I come to see that love was not what I thought it was. It was conditional, built upon a set of unspoken rules filled with hatred and guilt with a great lack of miscommunication. It was not love.

God’s love is not an illusion. He doesn’t bait and switch His Love to something dreadfully painful. He loves me without conditions, no expectations and certainly no hidden resentments stabbing at me left and right. His love is simple and pure, no unseen agendas. Just pure love is all God is. He offers me escape from the so-called “love” that I made that has kept me in the dungeon. The light has dawned and I have accepted His Love as the One and Only True Love. And in accepting It, I am called to extend that Love to my brothers. I am reminded to be as Holy Spirit to One and All. My agenda drops from my hand and I see truly now and forever.

Today’s insights on paragraphs 5-6 as we work through the Text, Chapter 16, IV. The Illusion and the Reality of Love. Keep in mind our theme for this month is “Healing Relationships”.

How are you doing with healing your relationships? Have you placed them on the altar? Are you ready to look within?

T-16.IV.5.             There are no triumphs of love. 2 Only hate is at all concerned with the “triumph of love.” 3 The illusion of love can triumph over the illusion of hate, but always at the price of making both illusions. 4 As long as the illusion of hatred lasts, so long will love be an illusion to you. 5 And then the only choice remaining possible is which illusion you prefer. 6 There [is] no conflict in the choice between truth and illusion. 7 Seen in these terms, no one would hesitate. 8 But conflict enters the instant the choice seems to be one between illusions, but this choice does not matter. 9 Where one choice is as dangerous as the other, the decision must be one of despair.

T-16.IV.6.             Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. 2 It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it [is] necessary to seek for what is false. 3 Every illusion is one of fear, whatever form it takes. 4 And the attempt to escape from one illusion into another must fail. 5 If you seek love outside yourself you can be certain that you perceive hatred within, and are afraid of it. 6 Yet peace will never come from the illusion of love, but only from its reality. 

Examining relationships, all of my relationships, has been on my screen for some time. I’ve placed the barriers there either with lack of communication or miscommunication or with my beliefs, my controls, my special love, my special hate, my guilt, my blame, my self-inflicted pain and so on. I’ve opened up to listening more and more to others, being quiet, being open to hearing even the most hurtful ideas and lies flung at me. I’m willing to learn and learn and learn again. I’m willing to be vulnerable. I’m willing to stare at each of my illusions, face them with the Holy Spirit and allow them to be transformed. I am prepared to let my emotions fall where they may so that Holy Spirit can instruct me only of love. I am happy to look within and not be afraid to do so. I am eager to inquire. I am pleased to heal. Peace has come.

Today, paragraphs 7-10 of the reading, Text, Chapter 16, IV. The Illusion and the Reality of Love

Paragraph 7 – And, as such, it is nothing more than an attempt to bring love into fear, and make it real in fear. 

Paragraph 8 – Your relationship with them is without guilt, and this enables you to look on all your brothers with gratitude, because your creations were created in union with them. 

Paragraph 9 – Fear not to cross to the abode of peace and perfect holiness. 

Paragraph 10 – Every illusion you accept into your mind by judging it to be attainable removes your own sense of completion, and thus denies the Wholeness of your Father…. To lift the veil that seems so dark and heavy, it is only needful to value truth beyond all fantasy, and to be entirely unwilling to settle for illusion in place of truth. 

I know that I have used many defenses to keep love from me. Yet I am grateful and feel blessed for the uncomfortable situations that come my way, even if I have been blindsided. They are a true gift of healing. So to accept this gift, I need to realize the hidden guilt that I have been attacking myself with. When an uncomfortable situation occurs it is never about what the other person says or does as it is only mirroring something within me that needs to be given serious inquiry.

Perhaps it turns out it is a behavior that I used to use as a defense or one I still use as a defense. This could be anything from giving someone the silent treatment, to fabricating stories, to mistrust, or to the feeling of entitlement. I may have thought I had healed these areas before but when it is presented in the form of someone else, especially out of the blue then up comes the guilt, up and out using it as a shield. And so there went the first mental blow to the other person, the second blow to me. With realizing what is beyond what the body does, that is, the situation that occurred, I can understand that there is something deep within me that is just begging to be brought to light. I’ve been bludgeoning myself with it! What is that feeling that is taking hold? Is it insecurity? Is it feeling unloved? Uncared for? Anger? That feeling can guide me to seeing the learned programming I have used for so long to keep me safe.

We all want to be and stay safe. We don’t want to be attacked, even self-attack, really. Yet, I can admit to myself, “Wait, this is old programming. I’m sorry that I took this seriously.” And then I allow the dissipation of what I am feeling to be seen as a mistake and not the horrible crime that it appeared to be. I say to myself, “I understand that I act in ways that are defending myself because I feel threatened. My whole self feels vulnerable and threatened and I respond as such. I am afraid of being vulnerable.” These revelations can assist me in healing more deeply the illusions of self. It’s never about what is going on in the external world. It’s what is going on within the recesses of my mind.

When I see a behavior in my brother, that behavior may be tripping me up on truly looking at the source, my own mind. I’m positioning blame on that brother so I do not look at the guilt that is in my mind for the very same behavior. The guilt that I am using as self-attack. This is part of the self-discovery that I can embrace. I can make wiser choices and simply move on. I can trust the Holy Spirit in this. He is there to look at the feelings with me as I feel them. He transforms my thoughts that are delusions. And, He helps me to remember that only the truth is true. It is always when I have the willingness and openness to take a peek within that I will bring the darkness to the light. Peace then is restored. Love is realized. Amen and amen.

Final paragraphs for this week’s reading. Text, Ch. 16, IV. The Illusion and the Reality of Love.

Paragraph 11 – Would you not go through fear to love? For such the journey seems to be. Love calls, but hate would have you stay. Hear not the call of hate, and see no fantasies. For your completion lies in truth, and nowhere else. 

Paragraph 12 – Turn with me firmly away from all illusions now, and let nothing stand in the way of truth. 

Paragraph 13 – What would interfere with God must interfere with you. …On this side of the bridge to timelessness you understand nothing. But as you step lightly across it, upheld [by] timelessness, you are directed straight to the Heart of God. At its center, and only there, you are safe forever, because you are complete forever. There is no veil the Love of God in us together cannot lift. The way to truth is open. Follow it with me. 

So as we come to the end of the section the choice is left in our hands. What words are needed? We either decide to remain in fear, hate and misery, thereby running interference on God or know that Jesus will help us to lift the veil of illusion. What it all came down to is that we wanted to feel safe. We don’t feel safe in this world and we are searching endlessly for that safety. The search stops now. Truth stands before us, let us join together here and now, release those false beliefs about ourselves and enter into Love. Jesus leads the way and where he goes, I know I need to follow. Come along with me.

Thoughts on Lesson 160

I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

At one time or another we all feel we do not belong. It could be in a group, a family, a workplace, an organization or a gathering. What we are feeling is this lesson. We feel as strangers in a strange land. Certainly I have felt out of place many times in my life. It’s that feeling though that has led me and you to A Course in Miracles. We see the world differently, you and I, and that’s why we feel the way we do. The rest of the world is just seemingly blissfully unaware.

This reminds me of the movie, The Matrix. There are those who see the world differently and come to find Morpheus, who then offers us the opportunity to see the truth. The truth is ACIM coming into our lives, that is the proverbial red pill as we witnessed in the movie. The truth may seem hard to swallow but it is the truth. This world is an illusion and we have every reason to feel out of place because it is not our real Home.

Our eyes are now open. We know the truth. We feel the truth. Yet at times we wish to still be unaware. We push the knowledge aside as to never know what God created. But it pops up, we glimpse it and finally we desire more glimpses. We desire peace instead of what we experience. This is when we make the choice to listen to the Voice for God assure us that what God created is eternal, free and forever joined with Him.

Thoughts on Lesson 140

Only salvation can be said to cure.

With this lesson, we have to set aside our previous beliefs in health and healing from whatever philosophy, spirituality, religion, or otherwise. Here is the crux of the Course, this world is an illusion and all bodily illness is an illusion as well.

This may seem hard to digest especially when many religions have us pray for someone’s healing.

As Jesus tells us I this lesson, shifting changes in the body is only shifting illusions. As the saying goes, like moving the chairs around on the deck of the Titanic. Pay attention to the first paragraph in this lesson.

Cure – is not of this world and is not a world remedy. The world focuses on the body getting better. (Hang on to your thoughts that are coming up around any of this.) When the body seems to heal, it is trading one illusion for another. Really think about this and everything Jesus tells us in the Course. It’s not that some of the world is an illusion, all of the world is an illusion.

We are dreaming we are sick, just as we dream when we are well. Does that mean we stop caring for ourselves or others? Do we stop praying? Do we stop taking medications or natural remedies?

We go with what will bring us peace. We can take good care of ourselves, we can join in prayer to see the truth in someone, we can do all the things that bring us comfort in our body and emotional mind. But if we take the Course for the Course, and not any other teaching, it is all shifting. It is not truth. This is where many Course students get stuck or desire the Course to say something other than it does. We want the Course to fit into our own belief system. It is supposed to be the other way around.

Don’t judge yourself on where you are with this. Jesus desires our happiness. We have already been cured of our belief in the separation. We are already healed. Now we must listen to what He has to share with us and we do this with today’s practice.

“Only salvation can be said to cure. Speak to us, Father, that we may be healed.”

If you remember in the Introduction to the Workbook it is said that we may not understand the ideas, we may be resistant to the ideas, or we may not like them. Yet we are asked to trust and do them aside all of that.

Trust in the Holy Spirit today and do as such and see what occurs for you. I know in my experience when I focus less on healing the body and focus on the healing of the mind through the practice of forgiveness, I experience a lightness, a freedom and great peace. And that indeed is my goal.

Interestingly enough, my fibromyalgia symptoms have been lifting for several weeks now. However, That is not where I want to place my focus. I accept the change gladly, but I know “only salvation can be said to cure.”

Thoughts on Lesson 136

Sickness is a defense against the truth.

Important for me here is to recognize that only my mind can be sick. Yes, I experience sickness in the body but I have to remember that here in the world the body will do what it will do. It is limited and thus it will die. When I accept the truth of what I am, I am join in the Oneness with God. God did not create the body. We made it with our attempt to be separate from God, just as we made this entire illusion of the world.

Yet, we are pretty rooted in this world. It is hard to wrap our minds around this idea of “everything is an illusion” so we do what we must here. Can I heal what is going on in the body? Sure, our minds are powerful. Will it stay healed? It could and it could not. The body was made out of guilt from the separation. Anything here in the world can shift and change. Our focus should not be on to heal the body, but to heal the mind. When our focus is on peace as our one goal, we will be peaceful regardless.

Further Thoughts on this Lesson –


Rev. Deb

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