“How Beautiful the World Looks Today” by a Gifts of God Student

This introduction to the poems really touched me since I had an experience of it this morning as I was going in and out of consciousness.  Sometimes early in the morning, I will feel the day beginning and noises will stir me awake ever so slightly.  This morning, I became aware of my subconscious fears and I felt a panic stirring inside of me.   There are times I cannot settle it,  so I get up out of bed and I start my day. But this morning each time I woke, I spoke to the Holy Spirit asking for my fears to be calmed and He lovingly answered.   Like the poem said, I wanted to rise in the quietness. I am grateful that the practicing while conscious has paid off and I am remembering to ask in all states of mind.   Today, I feel quietly peaceful.  Things seem to flow easily and effortlessly and for that I am grateful.  Usually there is so much judgment going on regarding the things I don’t do, but today the judgments are quiet and my day is flowing with ease.  How beautiful the world looks today.

Much Love,


Linda is a student in our The Gifts of God: The Poems of Helen Schucman Class
You have until Nov. 5th to still join in this Living ACIM class.

Linda is also one of our Ministerial Students
Next Ministerial Class starts January 7th, 2016


The Gifts of God Class Starts 10/29/15


Six Thursdays, starting October 29th, 2015 at 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central.

Cut off date for new students is November 5th



This session is available at our Center in Madison, and via video and phone conferencing.


This reflective class features “The Gifts of God” book which contains the inspiration poetry by Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles. We’ll explore her personal poetry in class throughout the 6 weeks. Meditation and journaling (audio or written) will be a part of this class.

Our 6 week Living ACIM classes are in-depth sessions that contain practices, processes and exercises to take the student deeper into the study of ACIM. These classes go beyond just reading the Course. In addition, each day students will receive short messages that will remind the student to practice and complete homework assignments. If you are ready to take ACIM a little deeper, then these classes are for you. 


If you are participating by video or phone, details will be given on how to participate once you register.



October 29th – December 10th (No class on November 26th due to Thanksgiving)


Fee: $75 for 6 week session or pay $12.50 weekly


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