The Healing Power of Kindness Study for Our Study Groups

The Healing Power of Kindness
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The Healing Power of Kindness

By Ken Wapnick

Our Next Study for Our Study Groups

Our next series will start April 7th and we will be doing a book discussion with the book by Ken Wapnick, “The Healing Power of Kindness: Volume 1: Releasing Judgment.” This is an excellent addition to our “Being Truly Helpful” theme for this year. We will only be studying Volume 1. It is available in print and on Kindle on Amazon. It is also available as an audiobook on

Description: The book from Ken Wapnick, “The Healing Power of Kindness, Pt. 1 – Releasing Judgments” is devoted to the kindness of healing, in hopes of reinforcing Jesus’ message of undoing separation. Kindness reflects our inherent oneness with each other, while attack drives us still further apart in our awareness. In reviewing the principles of sickness and healing and some common misapplications, the discussion in this book helps us undo the sources of unkindness, so that in all our interactions we would reflect the Source of kindness.

Weekly Study Group Focus:
  • Week 1: What thoughts arise when you look at the title’s words “The Healing Power of Kindness?” Read the Preface in study group and possibly begin “Section 1. The Kindness of Healing.”
  • Week 2: Discussion on group’s insights on “1. The Kindness of Healing” and “2. Judgment and the Belief in Differences: The Basis of Unkindness – How is Judgment Relinquished.”
  • Week 3: Discussion on group’s insights on section “Healing as the Undoing of Separation.”
  • Week 4: Discussion on group’s insights on “3. On Being a Teacher of Kindness.” Part 1 of discussion.
  • Week 5: Discussion on group’s insights on “3. On Being a Teacher of Kindness.” Part 2 of discussion.
  • Week 6: Conclusion with discussion on group’s insights on the Appendix.
How to Prepare and Read the Book:

Each day you will be reading from the book, “The Healing Power of Kindness. When you read, you will be doing more than just “reading.” I strongly encourage you to set aside the time to do so. Try not to read ahead. Take the reading as it is assigned.
Use the following format:
  • Prepare your space to read and journal. Be sure it is quiet. Make this a sacred time, light a candle or put on meditation music.
  • Before you begin reading, meditate for at least 5-10 minutes to clear your mind and so you may be open to the wisdom.
  • After meditation, open your journal and place the date and a 1-2 sentence intention to Holy Spirit.
  • Read a few paragraphs or a page. (Be sure to spread the reading out through the week, perhaps one page a day, etc). As you read, you may wish to jot down questions, make notes or observations.
  • Close the book. Take time to reflect on what you have read. As you journal, you may wish to reflect on how you could use what you are learning in your daily life. Or, what information in the reading made an impact. You may wish to refer to your ACIM book as well.
  • The essence of your daily journaling will be shared in our sharing in each week’s class. It is important that you are focusing on how to use the material in your life and not so much the reading was “nice”, “beautiful”, or “inspiring.” A Course in Miracles needs to be applied in every aspect of our lives to make an impact. Even 10 minutes of journaling can be powerful.
How to Join:
Please feel free to share any insights or questions you may have in our next session or via our Facebook Group or Email Group. Your contributions enrich our collective learning experience.

Donate on the registration link with a monthly subscription or donate as you can. We appreciate your donations for our all-volunteer ministry.

With Love and Light,
Revs. Paul and Deb and the MiraclesOne Team

Session Details:

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  • Facilitators: Rev. Paul Phelps and Jim Peck (Sundays), and Gayle Bartlett, and Mari Dole (Wednesdays)
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Kindness is My Friend Today | A Video Miracle Message

with Rev. Paul Phelps

“Kindness is my friend today. Kindness is the way.”

Spirit talked with me this morning about making kindness my friend. About making it a way of life for me. To think about kindness all of the time – especially toward myself. Kindness is a tool that we can use to pave the way to God. Keep it in our mind as an intention for the day to be used as a tool of healing. Kindness and gentleness go together hand-in-hand. Kindness is a gift from God that is eternally ours to manifest in the world. It is a form of love. You cannot find love without kindness and you cannot find kindness without love. Today we would think about kindness as we move through our day. Without kindness we cannot be happy with ourselves or with others. Kindness needs to be weaved throughout our daily thoughts and activities as if making a blanket of love to wrap ourselves and others with in our wake.

Gentleness is the delivery method of kindness to both ourselves and others. We cannot heal ourselves or help others to heal without gentleness. Gentleness too goes hand-in-hand with love. Compassion is a companion to kindness as well as the others. As you can see, kindness is a very powerful tool. It is a path we can walk that will help us to feel better instantly when we feel down. If you feel down in any way, take a moment to ask the Spirit of Kindness within you, “What can I do to express kindness to myself or another right now?” When the insight comes, act upon it with the most sincerity if your heart. When you do act upon it, notice the healing effects immediately manifesting in your spirit. Take a moment right now to close your eyes and go within and ask the Spirit of Kindness, “What expression of kindness would you have for me today?”

“Kindness is my friend today. Kindness is the way.”

Feeling out of Balance These Days?

Are you ready for less stress and anxiety, a little peace of mind, relaxation, movement, and/or a connection to your spiritual side?

When we are in balance, it is a state of optimal wellbeing, vitality, and wholeness. When our Mind, Body, and Spirit are aligned we are at our most optimal state of existence and our life energy, is free flowing. When we are in a state of balance, this is when we are the healthiest and can function at our best. 

We can fall in and out of balance when we are faced with persistent stressors or an unexpected illness, or not being in tune with our spiritual side. We may feel a lack of compassion or of love for self and others. We may feel stressed or anxious.

I’d like to help you awaken to the knowledge that YOU can begin again. I am here to empower and encourage you in healing yourself through mind, body & spirit practices. I will put you at ease so you may optimize your healing potential. 

Each moment is a chance to evolve in your discovery of A NEW YOU!  

It doesn’t matter where you are now, the important aspect is that you have a little willingness and a dash of dedication.

By my decades of study, practice and experience in meditation, mindfulness, yoga, metaphysics, (particularly A Course in Miracles for 27 years) and spirituality, and more recently sound healing, I can help you attune to what is the best method for you. I have found it is a life-long process as I, myself, continue to work on all these areas to this day.

Your Benefits?

Less stress and anxiety, more peace of mind, gentle movement brought back to your body, and a connection to your inner spirit (no matter what spirituality or religion you follow).

Aren’t you worth spending time on bringing yourself into balance so you can be available to your family and friends? We must start with ourselves, just as they say on 
flights, put your own oxygen mask on first.

How can I help you? I have multiple certifications in meditation and mindfulness. I am a spiritual teacher and interfaith minister, and a yoga teacher.

To assist in your process, I recently graduated from the Yoga for All Certified Instructor course in addition to my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training I attended last year. Yoga for All means for all sizes, shapes and abilities using variations and props to meet you where you are in the physical body. This also means we will focus on body positivity and self-acceptance.

Finally, I am excited about my current training as a yoga therapist with Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy. Once completed, I will be able to assist you on a deeper level. Yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. 

Ready to become balanced? 

In our sessions, we’ll take a look at what areas of your life our out of balance, and how we can bring harmony to your life. We may focus on one, two, or all three areas at any given time. 

Thank you for considering this avenue of support.
Namaste and Peace,
Deb Phelps

For long distance clients, the initial 3 session package right now is available.

I have openings for more people right now with this package. The package is $145. 

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to my Meditate Madison studio website for more details. I can still work with you if you are outside of Madison. I do so by using video conferencing.

Experiencing “I am as God created me.”

We had a truly inspiring retreat this past weekend. I know I was speechless and deeply moved by the end of our closing session.

I appreciate the openness and authenticity that was expressed this weekend by our group of 10 participants. The smaller retreat gatherings allow us to go deeper into healing and share intimately versus a larger type gathering.

During the sessions, we explored what Jesus shares with us in regard to our truth, “Light and joy and peace abides in me.” Allison’s various processes and meditations enhanced what we were learning as we took pencil, chalk, or pastels to paper to explore our inner self, our thoughts, and how we emerge as the “butterfly” with the knowledge “I am as God created me.” Our silent reflection period gave us all a chance to simply be with the learning, whether we journaled, walked outdoors, prayerfully stepped the labyrinth, or meditated, it all strengthened our connection with the Divine. The music was meditative, uplifting and meaningful. Saturday night I presented a that resonated deep within to the vibration of Life.

We departed taking these affirmations of our Source and our miraculous connections with one another into our heart and out into the world. We will now be reminded as often to remember fully, “I am as God created me.”

I hope to use this material in an upcoming 6-week class in the near future. I had started in this post to write my own personal experience from the retreat, yet when I went to save it as a draft, my entire personal sharing portion disappeared with the rest intact. I thought about it for a few moments and realized I wasn’t supposed to share my personal experience at this time. I know I still have more reflection to explore.

I will say that after our 2nd process when we had a silent reflection period and after I had walked the labyrinth and entered the center, I sat in meditation for a good 15-20 minutes. I opened my eyes and there before me just outside the window was a butterfly. It was not a monarch, at least I do not believe so, but it had the same colorings as we have used for this retreat decoration and design. It brought me great peace and joy. The miracles are there to shift us from fear to love. I felt this shift profoundly.

I hope to share more as I continue to unpack in my mind the weekend. Please enjoy our sunrise from this retreat in the video below.

Rev. Deb


Sunrise at the Retreat



Do Not Give In to Anger, It is the Path to Pain

My friends,

We, like you, are saddened by the events that occurred in Charlottesville and what is still occurring in our country at this time. Yet, we must remember not to choose anger as our path to realizing justice and equality for all. It is not the way Jesus intended for us to take. Love and peace are the only way. We must recall Jesus’ words, what we see is “an outward picture of an inward condition.” We cannot condemn others if we have a secret place within our minds where we too hold hatred and anger.

Jesus reaches out to us in a supplement to A Course in Miracles, The Song of Prayer and says, “Come unto Me, My children, once again, without such twisted thoughts upon your hearts.” This we must do. Stop now and do this. Peace can only be found within. It is not found without. We must become peaceful in our own minds before we can act in the world. Otherwise, we are acting from the ego and continuing its hateful tirade. We would be no different than those who are currently spreading their dark message.

Jesus continues, “You still are holy with the Holiness which fathered you in perfect sinlessness, and still surrounds you with the Arms of peace. Dream now of healing. Then arise and lay all dreaming down forever. You are he your Father loves, who never left his home, nor wandered in a savage world with feet that bleed, and with a heavy heart made hard against the love that is the truth in you. Give all your dreams to Christ and let Him be your Guide to healing, leading you in prayer beyond the sorry reaches of the world.” 

In Lesson 189 – I feel the Love of God within me now, he states “If hatred finds a place within your heart, you will perceive a fearful world, held cruelly in death’s sharp-pointed, bony fingers. If you feel the Love of God within you, you will look out on a world of mercy and of love.”

It is time for you to choose. You can effect change but you must do it from a place of calm and peace within your heart and mind. What goal are you setting? What is your intention? What is it for? Remember this as you move forward. Right now in this climate of separation, we need the miracle workers and peacemakers to come to sanity. We cannot make decisions if we are not embracing the Peace of God. Do not do anything until you do as such. Otherwise, you fall prey to the ego and continue its destructive message all in the name of equality and justice. We can work for these from a calm place.

For now, stop posting to social media, stop shouting rallying calls, and start reflecting on what you can do internally first. Stop, be with Him Who can assist you in your thoughts of upset and hurt. Choose to let Him come to your mind. Pause. Let forgiveness, let the miracle, and let the healing begin in your own mind. Then, you can follow the guidance as to what you are to do in form here in the world, whether it be organizing a protest or assisting others in some meaningful way. Now it will have meaning as you will have come to a place of serenity while you do it.

Even Yoda warned us, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Jesus does not wish us to suffer. He has bestowed upon us an alternative. Let us embrace the alternative. Be still, lay aside all thoughts. Open your mind to the Divine. Ask and receive.

Yesterday we recorded our bi-weekly podcast. I was going to release it on Friday but I thought it imperative that I released it immediately. When Rev. Gayle, Mari and I recorded, it was before the President’s press conference. All that we shared still holds true. Our topic was “Choosing Peace.” Peace is a choice we can make in every moment. We have to look at how much do I desire that peace. How much do you want peace in your life? In your world? Mean the words “I want the peace of God,” and move beyond the insignificant verbalizations. If you want peace, demonstrate by all of your actions as well as your words. Every action you take, including on social media, teaches what you want to learn. What is it you want to learn?

Do not follow the path of anger as it leads nowhere. The path of peace is there before you sparkling in the Light of God. Choose it and you choose for everyone.

In Peace,

Revs. Deb and Paul

The Fear of Healing – Entitled to Miracles Unity Radio Show

Jesus tells us in A Course in Miracles that to us who live here in the world, healing is very frightening. Many of us feel damaged in some way, and so we are afraid to trust and experience peace. These experiences from our past have caused us to hold grievances and judgments, keeping the love of others and God away from us. In this Walk of Trust series, Lesson 4, Rev. Deb shares how the miracle of forgiveness with the Holy Spirit will set us free so we can live a life of trust. Continue reading “The Fear of Healing – Entitled to Miracles Unity Radio Show”

Let Yourself Be Healed

Let Yourself Be Healed – 1/29/17

With Rev. Deb Phelps

Perhaps you will not recognize them all, nor realize how great your offering to all the world, when you let healing come to you. W-137.10:2

Rev. Deb Phelps shares how we can let ourselves be healed by “stepping back now and turning quickly to our Teacher.”

Lesson 137 – When I am healed I am not healed alone.
Manual for Teachers 22.- How are Healing and Atonement Related?

Recorded January 29th, 2017

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Prayer of the Heart for 9/15/16

My prayer is to remember to honor the heart. If it needs healing, give it the love to do so. If it needs to expand and share, give it the freedom to do so. If it needs to retreat and be with God, give it the sacred space to do so. In this, I am only blessed.






Thoughts on Lesson 235

God in His mercy wills that I be saved.

When I look up on those past hurts, I no longer dwell on them. Sure, they do pop into my mind from time to time. For these thoughts to have staying power, I have to grant them permission. I instead grant Holy Spirit permission to transform these past hurts into healing moments. He only wishes for my happiness and He know what will inspire joy. When I am loved this much by God, why should I look elsewhere? His power is enough to keep me safe and set me free.

Thoughts on Week 33, Text, Chapter 19, I. Healing and Faith

We said before that when a situation has been dedicated wholly to truth, peace is inevitable.

Here it is again, setting the goal. Peace comes when we offer all of our experiences to the Holy Spirit. Let Him handle it and peace is received. Isn’t this a relief to know we can have peace anytime we want? We have it because we step aside from our petty desires.

Additionally in this section: Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal the Son of God.

I have related this many times in my writings on my life with ACIM. I choose to use whatever situation is in front of me as an opportunity for forgiveness and healing. When I do so, I receive exactly what I requested, HEALING. And what needs healed? My mind. As Jesus continues, it is not the body that needs healed but our mind. Ineed to see beyond the body to what lies within myself and my brother. That being the illumination of truth. Yes, it gets old hearing this, right? We are One. One is all there is. Peace is found within. Etc. But you see, we need these reminders over and over and once again because we forget so readily and rapidly.

I know I have throughout the course of my day, even this morning. How about you?

So take the reminders with love. Embrace faith, grace, the holy instant, your brother and yourself. Don’t belittle yourself for forgetting to practice, or to remember, or that you became angry, or you had forgotten to forgive. Start now at this very moment (yes, again and again if you have to do so) to allow a new start. It only takes that recognition and then, willingness. I assure you for me and for you and for all of us that we will get through this. We will come to know this Course by living this Course through the mistakes and missteps we make. In this, we learn non-judgment and love.

Thoughts on Week 30, Chapter 17, V. The Healed Relationship

The holy relationship is the expression of the holy instant in living in this world.

The holy instant is a glimpse itself into eternity and the holy relationship then shows us what eternity looks like. We remember here that the holy relationship is one in which both have looked within and seen no lack. They choose to join with another knowing their own completion. By this example, we learn of our true nature and we experience what is real.

The holy relationship is the reversal of the unholy or special relationship. We need to remember here that we can have an unholy or holy relationship with anyone or anything. We are not talking here about spouses or potential partners. We are talking about everyone. Most times though our most special or unholy relationships are our partners or soon to be partners.

We make everything ride on these special relationships. We want our deep-seated loneliness and abandonment issues to be solved with this other person. We want all of our appreciation and acceptance needs met as well. Never will that occur. To want all that is to be kept wanting. You can only do that for yourself.

Once we give over the purpose of the relationship to that of a holy relationship, we join with the Holy Spirit in this and now results will occur. His goal is now replacing your goal. All of your special goals go out the window. Now He is in charge because you have allowed Him to be. When this happens there may seem to be a lot of disturbances and upsets. This is quite to be expected.

Rev. Paul and I saw this as well. As I have indicated in previous writings on the holy relationship for this month, we specifically gave our relationship to the Holy Spirit to make it holy and to make it home of miracles and transformation. Continually we have found that when that specialness comes up we may experience discomfort. Yet, we both know deep within that we do want the discomfort to come up. No matter how hard it is, how deep it hurts, how sad it makes us, we are determined to have healing and to know our wholeness. This is what the holy relationship teaches when we allow it to do so.

There have been times that we both had wanted to run away, but we knew that Holy Spirit is in charge. As Jesus says in the 3rd paragraph, “Many relationships have been broken off at this point, and the pursuit of the old goal re-established in another relationship. For once the unholy relationship has accepted the goal of holiness, it can never again be what it was.”

This doesn’t mean to stay in an abusive relationship, not at all. But what it does mean that there will be some uncomfortability once you have given the relationship the holy “treatment.” Are you willing to look at yourself? Are you willing to uncover all of those hooks that you have in the relationship?

Remember – This is not just partners, family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

There are hooks there that we need to release. We have expectations that lie in waiting. We might not even see that those expectations are latent, but they are there. A missed birthday or anniversary and “Voila!” there the grievance comes forth! Words were not said, or gifts were not given. A hidden resentment rears its ugly head! This happens all the time and in turn we want to blame the other person. We now made this person responsible for our happiness and peace of mind.

When these come up, have faith. You allowed the Holy Spirit to be in charge of the goal of the relationship. Let Him be in charge. You wanted sanity, you wanted healing so let it be so. The ego will want you to make something else of the relationship, to leave the relationship, to force the other person to fulfill your needs, let Holy Spirit lead.

As Jesus says, “You will find many opportunities to blame your brother for the “failure” of your relationship, for it will seem at times to have no purpose.”  Yet, it may seem that way, you may wish to blame your brother but because you have given the relationship to the Holy Spirit it is saved and blessed for you.

Our answer here is Holy Spirit. I personally know the pain and misery of expecting others: to provide love for me, to supply company and connection, to make me feel honored and appreciated, and to want and desire me. That was deep within my mind for a very long time. I needed YOU to make me feel better. The truth is that I needed myself or I should say I needed my Self as God created me. I do not need that which is outside of me. I need to feel safe and secure in God’s Love and nothing else.

Is it nice to receive compliments and appreciation? Sure it is, but when we rely on receiving those strokes from outside of us, we will always feel empty when we do not receive them. It becomes a never-ending search for the “magic formula of love” outside of us. It becomes one relationship to the next. This partner ignored me so I find another to pay attention to me, then, that partner has issues, I try to change that person or look for someone else, and so on and on it goes and I end up on the merry-go-round of love, thinking I am going somewhere, when in actuality I keep going around in circles thinking it will change with the next person. It doesn’t! It never will change until I get off of the ego’s ride.

We have paid the price for admission to the ride. Now we can have something different. We can have the holy instant and a holy relationship. Our first relationship is to Holy Spirit and God. Jesus is with us to assist us as well in this process. We can turn it around. I can stand in the presence of Truth itself and ask for the miracle.

I give thanks to my brother, in this case my husband and all of those before me that I have seen as opportunities to remember Who I am and Who they are as well. I am not missing or lacking anything but the understanding that I only need my Father. I had forgotten Who I am. I thought my brothers were here to cater to my every need and to supply me with what I lacked. I found I lacked nothing. I have an abundance of love within me. I had forgotten it was there.

In all my challenges in relationships and what I thought people had done to me, I find that I did it all to myself by my own mind. I am in charge of my world and I can choose how to perceive my experiences. I may make mistakes and have opinions and judgments, but I know ultimately, it is still my mind that I can change.  Each relationship is an opportunity to see truth, and I can choose to bring my brother with me to stand in the presence of truth. I do not need them there physically, but I can see my brother right there within my mind. I see them and I ask them mentally to join with me. I have decided my purpose, my holy purpose as healing and this I offer to the relationship. I know that this will bring healing of all that I had believed previously and will release us both.

This is the gift that we receive. It is an internal, eternal gift given and received. We are free now and we can be glad that it is so.

Originally posted October, 2012


From Rev. Deb’s Unity Radio show

Rev. Deb shares about true healing. Come into the circle of healing by realizing that health is inner peace and healing is letting go of fear. She also shares a small demonstration of the healing circle her ministry offers the first Sunday of every month. Embrace the healing within!

July 29th, 2016

Listen or download this episode and others:

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