Service to Love

When we approach our daily lives with the premise, “I am here only to be truly helpful” there is a difference to the level of peace that we will feel. Moving from the “give to get” mentality and into the “giving with gratitude” mentality will save us countless tears and frustrations. We will then experience a satisfaction and serenity as never before when we make this shift. We already have it all within us as that is how we were created. We are Love and we are here to give only Love.

MiraclesOne was founded on the uttermost Service to Love. When we shift from fear to love (the miracle) then we are truly One. Because of our understanding of A Course in Miracles, we hold very dearly in our hearts the tradition of service to our brothers in the Spirit of Love.

“Ask Him very specifically:
What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?” ~Lesson 71

All members of MiraclesOne staff from our founders, to the Board of Advisors, and to our facilitators are volunteers and give the gift of service in one form or another, now and in the past. Be it in the employment positions some of us may have; the volunteer work for families; non-profit organizations, and others in our community; the sharing of Love by our ministerial messages; the joining of hearts in marriage ceremonies; the support in times of confusion or grief; or our freely giving attitude, we still hold true that we are here to be of service as spiritual leaders. We approach everything that we do with the premise as stated earlier, “I am here only to be truly helpful.” 

“Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

This is why too we offer all of our resources as freely as possible to A Course in Miracles students. When you are in service to the Holy Spirit there is only Trust in God. We trust that all will be provided to administer our ministry. We trust that those who desire a deeper awareness of themselves through the path of the Course will find our work of great assistance to them and share as they are able too. There is no need for a guru, for we all can establish an authentic encounter with God by virtue of our belief and practice. We are here together to dialogue and learn as one together in equality.

Tara Singh was a truly inspired ACIM Teacher who knew Helen Schucman personally, and has so inspired us. He said, “The Name of God cannot be commercialized….we come ‘not to learn, but to Be’…Once the student realizes Being is complete unto itself, non-commercial life begins.” 

Jesus speaks in the supplement to A Course in Miracles,  Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice:

One rule should always be observed: No one should be turned away because he cannot pay. No one is sent by accident to anyone. Relationships are always purposeful.  Whatever their purpose may have been before the Holy Spirit entered them, they are always His potential temple; the resting place of Christ and home of God Himself. Whoever comes has been sent.  Perhaps he was sent to give his brother the money he needed.  Both will be blessed thereby.  Perhaps he was sent to teach the therapist how much he needs forgiveness, and how valueless is money in comparison.  Again will both be blessed.  Only in terms of cost could one have more. In sharing, everyone must gain a blessing without cost.

Our approach to ministry is also influenced by the premise of Servant-Leadership. This was a term developed in the early 70s by Robert Greenleaf. We share with you some of his ideas from his booklet, The Servant as Leader.

The servant-leader is servant first… It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps because of the need to assuage an unusual power drive or to acquire material possessions…The leader-first and the servant-first are two extreme types. Between them there are shadings and blends that are part of the infinite variety of human nature.

The difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant-first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. The best test, and difficult to administer, is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit or at least not be further deprived?

…Awareness is not the giver of solace – it is just the opposite. It is a disturber and an awakener. Able leaders are usually sharply awake and reasonably disturbed. They are not seekers after solace. They have their own inner serenity.

A leader must have more of an armor of confidence in facing the unknown – more than those who accept his leadership. This is partly anticipation and preparation, but it is also a very firm belief that in the stress of real life situations one can compose oneself in a way that permits the creative process to operate.

This is told dramatically in one of the great stories of the human spirit – the story of Jesus when confronted with the woman taken in adultery. In this story Jesus is seen as a man, like all of us, with extraordinary prophetic insight of the kind we all have some of. He is a leader; he has a Goal – to bring more compassion into the lives of people.

In this scene the woman is cast down before him by the mob that is challenging Jesus’ leadership. They cry, “The law says she shall be stoned, what do you say?” Jesus must make a decision, he must give the right answer, right in the situation, and one that sustains his leadership toward his goal. The situation is deliberately stressed by his challengers. What does he do?

He sits there writing in the sand – a withdrawal device. In the pressure of the moment, having assessed the situation rationally, he assumes the attitude of withdrawal that will allow creative insight to function.

He could have taken another course; he could have regaled the mob with rational arguments about the superiority of compassion over torture. A good logical argument can be made for it. What would the result have been had he taken that course?

He did not choose to do that. He chose instead to withdraw and cut the stress – right in the event itself – in order to open his awareness to creative insight. And a great one came, one that has kept the story of the incident alive for 2,000 years – ”Let him that is without sin among you cast the first stone.”

Finally, we also see our ministry work as similar to this familiar quote:

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” – Author unknown

Thank you for joining us and please enjoy this talk Rev. Deb presented on the idea of “Being of Service.”

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Rev. Deb shares the importance of expressing your function (forgiveness) where you are right now in the moment. You don’t have to run off to a spiritual community, a new town, new relationship, etc. Your day job is that you are a miracle worker here to extend love, right here, right now.


Text, Ch. 29, VII. Seek Not Outside Yourself
Lesson 64 – Let me not forget my function.
Text, Ch. 24, V. The Christ in You

Recorded December 3, 2017

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Trust and Faithfulness – Entitled to Miracles Unity Radio Show

Episode Description: Trust is the foundation on which our ability to fulfill our function rests. Our function is to forgive and to be happy. Faithfulness helps us to become more advanced in our trust. We learn how important it is to place our problems in the Holy Spirit’s hands and await His divine answer. In this Walk of Trust series, Lesson 7, Rev. Deb shares that with trust and faith, we can realize how truly held we are in the arms of God.

September 29, 2017

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Thoughts on Lessons 210-214

Several days of lessons to reflect on in a busy world here in the blog. These last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, yet it is still important that I keep a focus on my spiritual life first. When we allow the world to drive us, that is when we feel worn out, tired and with low energy. We have nothing left to give God or ourselves for that matter. When we put God first, everything in our lives falls in to place. I know this from years of personal experience. To stop and pray, is to like stopping to take a breath when you have been running up and down steps, for example.

I know I can tell just in a course of a day, if I haven’t taken time for meditation or reflection in the quiet, it is quite apparent. To start a day drowned in the issues of the world is a setup for a day of chaos. To set the day in a state of peace ensures the rest of the day can be handled with grace. It is remembering our goal, our goal is peace. We accomplish this through forgiveness. We accomplish this too by remembering Who we are and why we are here.

Today, learn and learn well what is your function. (I say this to myself too, you know.) There are no urgent worries or concerns, as we, together, place them in God’s Most Capable Hands.

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
191 – I am the holy Son of God Himself.
192 – I have a function God would have me fill.
193 – All things are lessons God would have me learn.
194 – I place the future in the Hands of God.


Thoughts on Lessons 205-207

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.
185 – I want the peace of God.
186 – Salvation of the world depends on me.
187 – I bless the world because I bless myself.

One of my most favorite lines in the Workbook Lessons comes from the Review of Lesson 185 – I want the peace of God. These two sentences are what guides my life.

The peace of God is everything I want. The peace of God is my one goal; the aim of all my living here, the end I seek, my purpose and my function and my life, while I abide where I am not at home. 

If I remain focused on that particular goal, I will have everything I want. For peace is all that is needed. I think it is outside of me in one format or another. I receive outcomes I desire, or material items of this world. Instead it is only peace. My mind can save all minds by this simple remembrance. Pause and reflect on this awhile for yourself. Have you set your goal as peace? And then ask yourself again, “Do I really desire this goal and will do anything to achieve it? Even give up my hold on the world and my old ideas?”

You will know by your responses.

When I am at peace, I bless everyone. That is how it is a blessing to us all.

Thoughts on Lesson 192

I have a function God would have me fill.

My function is forgiveness. Forgiveness of myself, others, this world and on it goes. Forgiveness reveals the Light of God. In His Light is my freedom.

As I continue to work through some issues with a business client, I held this person in my mind during my meditation this morning. I did not one the barbed-wire fence of separation between us. I did not want to imprison us both. For we were made free.

Who can be born again in Christ but him who has forgiven everyone he sees or thinks of or imagines?  Who could be set free while he imprisons anyone? A jailer is not free, for he is bound together with his prisoner. He must be sure that he does not escape, and so he spends his time in keeping watch on him.  The bars that limit him become the world in which his jailer lives, along with him. And it is on his freedom that the way to liberty depends for both of them.

Therefore, hold no one prisoner. Release instead of bind, for thus are you made free. The way is simple. Every time you feel a stab of anger, realize you hold a sword above your head. And it will fall or be averted as you choose to be condemned or free. Thus does each one who seems to tempt you to be angry represent your savior from the prison house of death. And so you owe him thanks instead of pain.

The realization I hold the sword above my own head with each rush of stressed and suppress anger, is the key. No one has done this but me. It is my own thoughts. This bears repeating again and again. I forget, so again I need a reminder. This society and world wants us to blame this, that and the other for our despair and problems. Just take a look at the current political atmosphere!

I am responsible. I can forgive. I can see all as One with me. No more need to grope in the darkness for a promise from the ego, when God is all my heart is yearning for.

Thoughts on Lesson 186

Salvation of the world depends on me.

I accept my function. My function is forgiveness. My function is to love one another. I pause and listen to where His Voice guides me. I release all petty judgment and open my heart to Him. Does mere words matter what I write when it is such a personal experience? It’s up to me because all are me. That is why salvation depends on me. Once I see the purity in one I see it in myself and all. That is what I am called to do this day and everyday. It does not matter what came before, because in this very instant, this holy instant, I can choose again and experience Heaven on earth.

Thoughts on Week 26, Ch. 15, III. Littleness versus Magnitude

Be not content with littleness. That’s all that I have felt of late is littleness. Littleness and abandonment. How could I be content with such. This world means nothing, it is dark in its nothingness. By choosing this, I have chosen the opposite of peace. I chose nothing.

There is a deep responsibility you owe yourself, and one you must learn to remember all the time. The lesson may seem hard at first, but you will learn to love it when you realize that it is true and is but a tribute to your power. You who have sought and found littleness, remember this: Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value that you put upon yourself. Believe the little can content you, and by limiting yourself you will not be satisfied. For your function is not little, and it is only by finding your function and fulfilling it that you can escape from littleness.

It is a lesson that is hard, so very hard. It is from my own state of mind. It is from my very own beliefs. It is from the littleness I have embraced. I have allowed everything that has happened to me drag me down. I believed what was said of me. I believed it all. Yet, Holy Spirit can cleanse these thoughts. He can purify the littleness and let me experience the magnitude that is mine.

Do I want joy or sorrow?

Sorrow has been enough of my life. Time for joy to take precedent. I cannot trust the ego and its dark witnesses. I can only trust the Holy Spirit from this moment forward. I will be skeptical of the ego’s voice and I will only listen for truth. I can only trust Jesus as well. I will allow my holiness shine on and on. I will forgive those who saw only my littleness and wanted my demise. I will see only the magnitude and grace of everyone.

Thoughts on Lesson 115

Lesson 115

Review 99 – Salvation is my only function here.
Review 100 – My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.

Forgive. See the truth through the fog. The fog is only a cover. The Light of God burns the fog away.  When I think of someone who has seemingly hurt me or angered me, it is a fog that needs dissipated. Once it dissipates, then I can see clearly.

In doing this, I am fulfilling my function here. This brings me happiness beyond measure. Seeing through the fog is a de-Light.

Rev. Deb

Thoughts on Lessons 101 & 102

101 – God’s Will for me is perfect happiness.
102 – I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

Don’t the lesson affirmations themselves say it all? What more could I say about these lessons, really and truly.  God wants me to recognize how my true nature is happiness. If I forgive, I will know my true nature. If I release sin, I am happy. If I accept the truth, I am happy. If I want to stay in pain, then I will get all that goes with it, sadness, isolation, anger, jealousy, resentment and more. Even if I’m busy, I can still be happy whilst doing it. Remember, whistle while you work. It does make a difference in how we approach any task or undertaking if we do it with a smile on our face.

In this, we share God’s Will for happiness. Our function here to to be happy. By seeing beyond the illusion, beyond all that the world presents to us, there is our happiness. Love is at the core of our being and that in itself rising as happy champagne bubbles to the surface. Someone laughed at my little giggle I tend to do, and thought it was “cute”. It is like a bubble that rises up and has to come out. Interestingly enough, I notice my daughters have it and my grandson has that same little bubbly giggle.

Let us rise to our happiness today. Salut!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Rev. Deb


Thoughts on Lessons 99 & 100

Thoughts on Lessons 99 & 100

99 – Salvation is my only function here.
100 – My part is essential in God’s plan for salvation.

Salvation and forgiveness are the same. 

Salvation and forgiveness are the bridge to the truth. I am here to “work” miracles, that is, shifting my mind from fear to love with His Assistance. That is my function here, simply to forgive. Forgive all that I see and experience and recognize it is not what my Father created. We have had it in our minds that God abandoned us in this horrid world with all the trials and tribulations, yet it is so far-fetched. He loves us and He wants us to remember Him.

I know I have to continue to allow the light to shine in those darkened crevices where anxiety or concern can dwell, where even sadness can dwell. Sometimes it seems to come out of nowhere, yet being present means I have forgotten and His light is there to strengthen me and bring me peace. I’m willing to forgive and allow fear to vanish from my sight.

I have my part to play here in God’s plan for salvation. I have learned that it is forgiveness. As I forgive, I become happy. Of course I am happy because I no longer hold the burden of fear that weighs me down, oh so heavily. Joy is complete with God. God does not wish I toil in strife and feel helpless, hopeless and alone. I am never alone for He is always with me despite the outside circumstances. I carry Him with me wherever I go and I can stop for a moment and remember Him in those five precious minutes every hour. I can reach Him for He is here now and always for I am essential to His plan for salvation, and so are you.

Rev. Deb

Thoughts on Lesson 64

Thoughts on Lesson 64

WBNewsletter“Let me not wander into temptation,” Jesus says in this lesson. May I remember that forgiveness is my function, and through forgiveness I am set free. I am to be happy, I am to be the light of the world. I am because of God. I am the Son of God of Whom He extended the utmost love. In ou rlives we have made so many substitutes for His Love. We have chased relationships as a worthy substitute, material possessions, money, knowledge, self-condemnation, superiority and inferiority, all as an unworthy substitute for what God wants for us.

I know I have done some of those myself.We all have in one way or another. I know for me as of late, I am in a space of peace. As I shared in our class last night, it’s almost an “I don’t care” but not in a negative way. It is as it is. I have no interpretations, no judgments, no sense of urgency, or no yearnings. All feels well right in the moment and if something does come along and I have a reaction, I quickly pull that reaction back and ask the Holy Spirit to watch it with me. The more I do this, the more peace there is. Certainly like all of us, I have those few issues that are button-pushers, but who pushes the button, but me? I can forgive and be happy instead.

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