Trusting God

Trusting God – 1/3/17

Rev. Deb starts the new year off with the topic “Trusting God.” Are you ready to stop trusting your ego and trust God? How do you do it? The answer is in Lesson 47 – God is the strength in which I trust.

Recorded January 3, 2017




1/8/17 – Madison Members! In-Person Session in Madison

Topic for Madison “Trusting God”
This week’s podcast was the same topic.

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And so you are on this journey…

…you have made a commitment to healing your mind. You may feel excited, perhaps a little nervous. You want to “get it” FINALLY this time. And, you will. Be patitent and love yourself through it. Cherish this process just as you would anything else in your life.

Do you remember how some high school use raw eggs to teach their students to care for a baby? They carry these raw eggs around and have to nurture them. This teaches the students to be present, to go slow and to deeply care and show love. You can look at yourself and your mind similarly. Not that your mind is as fragile as an egg but sometimes your will is. You rush off into your day without slowing down. You are quick to judge and to anger. You know now all of this you want to change and as soon as possible. That’s why you picked up A Course in Miracles again or now for the first time. This shift in your life does not happen overnight.

Remember this is a process. Yes, miracles happen. Do not feel defeated when you start to make mistakes. Keep plugging along, reminding yourself of the truth whether it is an affirmation or a Workbook Lesson or simply, “I am as God created me.”

You see the ego has its designs on you to fail. It will say and do whatever it can to bring you into the blackness of hell. It wants to cut you down to size. That is why you need to be vigilant for the thoughts that arise in your mind. So you missed a Workbook Lesson, or you forgot to invite the Holy Spirit into your day, or you held a grievance against a loved one or the incoming President. This is the time to restrain judgment from yourself and and ask for Assistance from the One Who will bestow Peace upon you. He wants to help you to achieve your goal of peace. He does not fail, nor will you.

You have muddled through by yourself for far too long. What has it brought you? What is the payoff? More pain? Is that the way your life should be led?

Now be careful not to feel the stab of guilt the ego keeps hidden for you, brandishing its blade at the perfect opportune moment. Do not fall into the guilt trap. These are the moments to ask for Holy Spirit’s Help. No long prayer is needed. A simple, “Help me,” will suffice.

Be calm and stay the Course. Trust in Jesus’ words that you are reading and know you can get beyond. You’ve got this. He has your back. You can do this.

I will tell you there are still times I judge, I feel irritated, I feel alone, I feel fed up or sad, or feel incompetent. The difference now after several decades of ACIM is I stop as soon as these thoughts rise to my mind. I can sense these within my being and my body. You too notice this, right? The pounding of the chest, the tears about to fall, the clenching of the jaw. You know the drill. Your body can signal to you when you are not at peace.

Take the clues given and in your mind remember your goal of peace. If you have the time, sit quietly somewhere and catch your breath. Take a few deep breaths, repeat a Workbook Lesson or simply follow your breath until the tension eases a bit. In this you are opening to a miracle. You have chosen a different path than you have chosen before. You have chosen the shift in perception from the disturbance to the peace – or the fear to the love.

Sometimes you have to repeatedly ask for this shift. It’s all part of the process, and life here in this world. No one does this perfectly because the ego is still within us all. It is how many times to I choose the Holy Spirit’s calm over the ego’s frenzy? Situations will still occur in your life and in this world. You cannot change the situations but you can change your mind and how you think about it, how you react and the next steps to peace. It’s our choice. It is always our choice.

What will be your choice?

It’s helpful to have others of like-mind to bounce these ideas around. In our groups and classes we get to the bottom of it by sharing as we do. That’s the meat of what we do here at MiraclesOne. Nothing flashy, no smoke and mirrors, no gurus, nothing but getting to the bottom line– Do I want peace or not?

By sharing with others we reinforce what we do want vs. what we do not.

Rev. Deb

Can You Be Happy in the Midst of the Happenings in the World?

Yes, you can be happy during this election. You can be happy when everything has fallen apart in your life. You can be happy in the midst of every darkness that seems to surround you.

Let’s even equate happiness with peace, does that help you to start to see this differently yet?

I understand that life can be hard, difficult and challenging as well as heart-wrenching. I’ve been there many times in my past with the tragedies that have occurred. What pulled me out was my dedication to the study and practice of ACIM. It is what saved me so to speak. Not so much the reading and I emphasize this, it is the practice of its principles and concepts into my daily life. That is what made the difference and that is what led me to a happier and more peaceful life.

Yesterday (10-23-16), I spoke on “The Happy Habit”. The habit of happiness is up to you. Happiness is a choice. It is God’s Will for us. He desires our happiness, yet we seemingly throw it away by listening to the teacher of fear, the ego. In my talk yesterday, I built on what Rev. Paul shared on 10-16-16 on the “Rules for Decision.” If you remember those in the Text, Chapter 30, you will find your way to happiness and peace. It’s main rule is “Today I will make no decisions by myself.” You see, when we make decisions, and these are the decisions for fear or peace, we choose the teacher we will learn from. When we choose the Holy Spirit as our Teacher, happiness and peace abounds.

Now reading this may seem easy enough, however, as we found in our Sharing Circle after my talk yesterday, not so easy to do, with this presidential election around the corner. I shared with the group, that I too, had been triggered by a particular candidate’s actions and stance. I felt it more deeply with experiences I had over the years of sexual abuse and assault. I came to a point where I was shaking and in tears. I sat quietly and joined with the Holy Spirit. I thought I had dealt with my “history”, but it was obvious that there was more to offer to Him. I didn’t excavate into the experience for that is not essential for the miracle. I asked simply the Holy Spirit to look at what had arisen for me and for His Guidance in what to do. What appeared in my mind was I could go talk to a therapist, someone objective, in dealing with the pain that arose.

The factor here in this experience? I was open and willing to see this from a new perspective and to use whatever means the Holy Spirit offered to me in bringing my mind back to peace. What I found was at first, I had no resistance to receiving outside assistance. The next day which happened to be the third debate, my mind was calm and at peace. I found I was not guided to seek that help afterall. What I am finding (and who knows if this would change) is the only course of action was to say “Yes” to the Holy Spirit. “Holy Spirit, I am open and willing to whatever You guide me to do.” So far it seems, this was enough. Certainly, if I am guided again to open up the doors to therapy, I will do so and have over the years.

Holy Spirit works with us in the world if we allow Him to do so. There are other ways He assists us with embracing happiness and peace in our lives. It could be an article you read online, such as I did and what I presented in “The Happy Habit.” We never know where we are led to include more happiness and peace in our lives. He is teaching us always that it is our choice for happiness. We need a thought correction is all.

If you are wound up with the election, step away, unplug for awhile, do something to enrich yourself. Plug into the Holy Spirit. As much control as we want to have in our lives or around this election, we just don’t have that type of power. Our power within is of the decision we can afford ourselves.

Believe it or not, that candidate you despise is your spiritual teacher. We like to call them Forgiveness Opportunities. We need that person and their supporters in Heaven. They are not separate from us, as much as we would like to think. We can disagree with their point of view, however, we cannot dismiss them from the Sonship. As one of our members yesterday stated, we can bless each one. Whether it is the election, or the bad driver in front of you, or someone else you think about, instead of cursing, choose blessing. Remember, Jesus tells us “The Son of God is always blessed as one.” And too, in Lesson 105 – God’s peace and joy are mine:

…if a brother seems to tempt you to deny God’s gift to him, see it as but another chance to let yourself receive the gifts of God as yours. Then bless your brother thankfully, and say:

My brother, peace and joy I offer you, That I may have God’s peace and joy as mine.

One last thought I offer you and it is this, we cannot control the outcome to situations in our lives no matter how hard we try to manipulate the world. What we are called to do is place the outcome (the future) in the Hands of God. We do not know the big picture, Holy Spirit does. Releasing our attachment to the outcome will bring us the peace and happiness we seek. Be sure to read through Lesson 194 – I place the future in the Hands of God.

On Sunday, November 6th, we will offer a special Healing Circle with an Election Meditation. Perhaps you will feel called to join us for this livestreaming event (or in person at our Madison Center). We will offer afterwards our Sharing Circle as always. More information on Sundays can be found here at this link. 

For the article I referred to during my talk on “The Happy Habit” see this link.

Many blessings of peace and happiness to you!

Rev. Deb

3 Pointers for Listening to the Holy Spirit

Keep your mind in tune with Holy Spirit. Speak to Him as you would a very dear friend. Tell Him everything. Just lay it on the line. Cuss if you must! Do not hide anything from Him in any way. The more honest you can be the more you will move into a healing space.

Remind yourself that you want to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit all the time and not just when your life is taking a turn for the worse. During the bad times, we tend to use Holy Spirit like a slot machine, putting in our desires and expecting a large return; or we can be like children writing to Santa Claus asking him to fulfill an extended wish list.

Invest in the relationship with Holy Spirit by sharing your gratitude and appreciation as well as your struggles. Talk with Him, as I said before, like you would talk to a friend.

The ego doesn’t like all this talking to and palling around with the Holy Spirit. The ego’s agenda is to keep up separated from God. It is the agenda of fear, self-righteousness, judgment, and defense. Remember the ego is E-dging G-od O-ut. Where in your life are you edging God out and not giving Him the time that both He and you deserve?

Be determined to hear Holy Spirit’s Voice. Jesus says in the Course that it takes “effort and great willingness” to hear the Voice for God, and it was the last item Jesus himself checked off on his to-do list here in the world.

So if it was Jesus’ last item, it must have taken him lots of practice, too.

I will remind you here of the lessons in the Workbook for Students. They prepare you for listening to Holy Spirit’s Voice. Day by day as you do the lessons, you let go of listening to ego’s voice and open up to a rich relationship of communication with the Holy Spirit. Allow the relationship to blossom and grow.

Finally, I will add these pointers for listening to Holy Spirit:

  • Conscious Choice – Make a conscious choice to hear the Voice for God.
  • Willingness – Be willing to let your ideas go and be willing to learn something new.
  • Trust – Trust that the Holy Spirit will answer and that you will open up to the answer.

The Voice for God always answers, but His answer may appear differently than what we had expected.  Or we might expect Him to answer us in the way He answered someone else. That’s why we should focus only on our own relationship with Holy Spirit. Stay away from comparing yourself with other people and their relationship with Him. Comparison is the ego’s tool! What we will find is that He communicates perfectly with us if we continue to practice. Tune into how you are feeling. Take another look at your obstacles to listening to Holy Spirit.  Surrender your obstacles and let Him lead the way. He is leading you into the Light of Peace. Your acceptance of the Answer is all it takes as the Answer is already present.

Ah…peace comes when you take the time.

From our book “God Talks to Me? Yes!” available here on Kindle and in print.


Prayer of the Heart for 10/5/16

Freedom. I reflect on the idea of “freedom” today. I know I am free in You, Father. I know I choose to be restrained by the ego’s tactic of fear or to the immunity of love. I choose love today for I am forever free.







Prayer of the Heart for 9/26/16

May I not be swept up in the ego’s politics. May I see all as they are, innocent. There are no winners and losers, just the Children of God. In this, I am choosing peace.







Grace with Mistakes

We all make mistakes but how we deal with those mistakes in life is what can either bring us pain or bring us peace. Mistakes can always be corrected. It is our ego thoughts that tell us they cannot.

I dealt with this idea of “mistakes” myself over our retreat weekend not too long ago. The first evening of the retreat I had a migraine brewing. I did not feel myself at all as I co-led with my husband, Rev. Paul and our guest, Scott Grace. When I am teaching or joining with others, I want to be my best. I want to be happy and jovial and bring light to the teaching. I did not feel that way and I felt my leadership fell flat. Of course this is my own judgment because everyone at the end of the weekend believed the retreat to be so enriching.

As the weekend continued, I still wasn’t where I would like to be. I spoke to the Holy Spirit about this in meditation. I can’t recall at what point I received this message from the Holy Spirit but it was in the middle of the night as I heard this simple phrase “Grace with Mistakes.” To me this meant. I am blessed always and in all ways. Mistakes do not change who I am.  The correction is the miracle, the shift in perception.

I was to find I needed this message after the retreat ended. Someone in my personal circle confided honest feelings of pain based on a decision I made 12 years ago. I did not realize to the extent this person had been feeling this horrible pain for all of these years. As I sat and listened to this person intently and without defense, the emotions were raw. I knew I had been mistaken and I felt my chest cave in with the pain inflicted and the tears flowed. The sharing was honest, yet respectful and one of owning one’s own pain. The ego’s blame game was absent in all respects. This mistaken decision I know cannot be changed, but the apologies can occur and an important aspect of the relationship can be restored.

I made a mistake. Thankfully, this person was extending love as they honored themselves in the sharing. I honored them by allowing the sharing with no defense. I accepted what was shared. Yes, later some thoughts came to mind the ego wanted to use as a weapon against myself to further cause me pain, however, I remembered what I heard at the retreat, “Grace with mistakes.” I can take this information and allow the Holy Spirit to look on it with me so I may see the truth about me. In truth, nothing can darken my light. Here in the world, I can rectify what occurred by being present, honoring and respectful to this person and truly understand where they are in their life.

I can choose to not judge myself, berate, or inflict more guilt on my mind as that only leads to depression and more separation. What Jesus wants is for us to unite. By gentle listening, I can accept what is said, I can acknowledge the mistake, and I can release myself from the burden of shame and pain. It is not easy, but I am not to do this by myself. I have the grace of God and His blessing. I am as He created. I can love myself through anything that comes my way. I can remember I am only Love.

I am grateful for that weekend and the aftermath. I am thankful for the lesson of grace. We never know how events in our lives will unfold but we can accept the gift in each moment.


Rev. Deb

Thoughts on Lesson 250

Let me not see myself as limited.

A few months back I led a mini-workshop on this very idea. We hear the egos voice speak to us of our limitations all too frequently. I know I have, how about you? By remembering this lesson, I can remember how unlimited I am. Can I limit God? Isn’t it silly to think I can and to question what He created?

Holding the belief “I am unlimited!” rejects the ego’s mindset. No more to hold on to an emotional payoff for tightly grasping the limited self. I now think about the possibilities in my life rather than focusing on the problems or difficulties. Yes, failures, setback and obstacles may still occur, but now I know how to respond to these. And that is with my changed perspective.

Thoughts on Week 36, Text, Ch. 20, III. Sin as an Adjustment

We have adjusted the truth to meet the ego’s needs to keep the separation in the forefront of our mind. The ego has distorted the truth. The holy do not interfere with truth. And we are holy. We have been afraid of the truth only because we have listened to the wrong voice for so long. Now we have a different voice speaking to us. This Voice tells us to look at the world through happy eyes or Christ Vision.

How do we do this? We release our judgment on others and on ourselves. Yes, this has been repeated many times before. Why do you think that is? If I stop and remember to see through the Eyes of Christ, just as I had recently in a meeting I attended. When I attended the meeting I knew that a particular person I had dealt with in the past would be there. So instead of allowing the past in the form of this person have power over me. I decided to pray instead. I decided to bless instead of curse. The meeting went smoothly and I was in great gratitude. This was a gift to myself and to the other person. Only takes willingness to forgive.

Thoughts on Lesson 240

Fear is not justified in any form.

Fear is a trick, a sleight of hand, having us believe other than what truth is. Lately, Rev. Paul has been watching the TV show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He loves magic and magicians, and he was an amateur magician in his youth. Recently, we bought tickets for The Illusionists Broadway show coming to Madison at Thanksgiving. Front row seats even, and he is so very excited. But we needn’t have a front row seat to the ego and its trickery now do we? As exciting as the illusion is around us, it is still illusion. The ego pulls the wool over our eyes in an attempt to deceive us that this world is what we ultimately desire. Yet the ego’s world is full of fear.

God’s world is something different altogether. It doesn’t need smoke and mirrors to attract our attention. What is True Light needs no introduction or bait. We only need to believe and accept that we are the Sons of God. What He created can never be less than miraculous with His Love.

Thoughts on Lesson 237

Now would I be as God created me.

This lesson starts out with, “Today I will accept the truth about myself,” and how fitting because it is a statement I do need to recall to my mind as often as possible. Instead of listening to my ego voice and the lies it speaks thereof, I listen to the Holy Voice only speaking of my Father’s Love for me.

Thoughts on Week 33, Text, Chapter 19, II. Sin versus Error

Only in such a world could everything be upside down.

An error made can be corrected. But the ego would not tell us that at all. God assures us our mistaken belief can be corrected and easily. It is the ego that would have us believe in punishment and death. This is not what God wants for us. He wants us to know we are redeemed. It takes but a choice to know this in our heart and mind.

I know in my life there have been experiences of which I doomed myself to hell. Choices I made of which could bring shame and guilt. Some of those choices plagued me for years. Yet in God, I can know not only am I forgiven, but He loves me regardless and despite because He does not see the error and does not believe it as sin. He seems my choice as just that a choice I made that now needs to be adjusted. He offers Heaven so easily to me so why do I choose hell?

In this realization in my healing journey, it offered me liberation and happiness.

Wrapping our heads around His Love seems difficult. It does not compute. Regardless, His Love is real and it is ever present.


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