Lesson 293 – All fear is past and only love is here.


Lesson 293

All fear is past and only love is here.


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Weddings and Ceremonies

Ceremonies and Rituals are a bridge to the Divine.


Ceremonies are those special occasions that help to remind us of our connection to our One Source, be that God or by whatever name you call your Higher Power. You have decided to make the connection and that is the important part.

In remembering our true nature, that which is Divine, we gladly give to God and one another further remembrances of who we truly are. We extend love to one another, ourselves, our past, and our future. We achieve the outcome of perfect peace.

Ceremonies and rituals are the bridge, just a reminder brought into our everyday life. We do not focus on that aspect, but on the aspect of what is its purpose.

The description below, although intended for wedding/union ceremonies, holds true for any ceremony that we would create together.

Revs. Paul and Deb Phelps on their wedding day!

Your Wedding/Union Dream Fulfilled –

Congratulations! You have dreamed about this day for a long time. Let’s take your dream a step further and create an experience that you and your guests will long remember.

This will not be a cookie-cutter ceremony that we perform for everyone. This will take time and thought, just like the time and thought you put into making the decision to be joined in holy matrimony.

What is it that you dream of?

  • An unusual or beautiful indoors/outdoors location

  • Personal or favorite poems/writings to be read

  • Your favorite music that speaks of your relationship

  • Unique rituals with candles or flowers or ?

  • Participation by more than just the immediate wedding party

Anything that your imagination can dream up can be part of your ceremony. we will work with you, utilizing a thorough ceremony planning questionnaire, to bring forth your perfect wedding vision. Together, we will create a ceremony that is you and your beloved’s alone.

This is your moment. Your chance at designing your relationship, your marriage, as unique and spirit-filled right from the very beginning. You have made all the other plans and arrangements, fine-tuned every detail of the honeymoon and reception, now create the perfect symbolic gesture of your united love.

A covenant to remember~

To further deepen your relationship and to make a conscious effort from the very beginning, you may be interested in participating in a Spiritual Relationship Counseling. Although it is not required, we do encourage you to contemplate on this excellent opportunity to start your life together focusing on the relationship as a haven for healing and love and dispelling all the negative attitudes that the world teaches us. If you are interested in learning more, email us and we will be glad to share it with you.

Our Ceremonial Philosophy:

 We are ordained ministers and students of A Course in Miracles, but yet we are open to all spiritual paths. We follow our Inner Guidance as to what ceremonies to perform and for whom. It is important that to note that we do need sufficient time to work with and meet with you in creating your unique, personalized, special spiritual ceremony.

 Fees vary.

Our Chapel is available for small weddings.

  If you feel that this is a path for you to explore,  contact us:

 MADISON, WI AREA: Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps

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