Blog Post: My Week 7 Insights by Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

My Miracle experience building my “Miracle Toolbox” Week 7’s focus was on “Performing Miracles.”

Here are my week 7 experiences from building my “Miracle Toolbox.”

This week I have spent a lot of time working with Workbook Lesson 78, “Let miracles replace all grievances.” The Workbook Lesson and reading selection helped me understand this section of the Text more than before and adding the visual “tools” that we have been given have truly helped me grow so far, giving me more tools to be able to use as I journey home. I know I’ve just began putting the new tools in my “Miracle Toolbox” but, with each new tool or exercise I am becoming more confidant knowing that I am adding many additional tools to use. I have a Spiritual toolbox, but I am always looking to add more tools to help me remember the Truth about who I am. Some tools are to assist me in becoming more vigilant of the ego’s snares of false beliefs and grievances.

I love the idea of the “Telescoping Mirror.” I had several chances to use the image of the mirror in my minds eye whenever I began to feel my level of peace diminishing then I knew it was time to take out my telescoping mirror well, what I chose to put in my “Miracle Toolbox” to represent the telescoping mirror.

When I watched the video from Rev. Paul, he said something that caught my attention; one, because it was funny and two it was practical. He asked when we place the telescoping mirror behind my brother or sister, what will I see in the reflection? Will I see a dirty rat who follows the ego thought system and looks through the lens of separation and projection or will I see through the lens of the Holy Spirit and see the reflection of the Love of Christ and the Truth about myself and my brother or sister.

I was guided to work with the Workbook Lesson more than the Text reading this week. They both fit seamlessly together and brought healing, great reflection, a sense of peace and calmness came by the end of the week.

From a young boy one of the first things my parents and grandparents taught me was The Golden Rule. The Course’s teaching of The Golden Rule is slightly different, but very freeing for me. “You respond to what you perceive, as you perceive so shall you behave.” In the Text Paragraph six goes into detail about a new way to approach The Golden Rule by looking out from your perception of your holiness to the holiness in others.

Lesson 78 is a Workbook Lesson that I have marked, must mean I need to return to it now and again when I need to let a miracle to replace a grievance, especially when I have a grievance, especially with another person whether I know them personally or not. I’ve had instances where I did not show the Love and Light of Christ too in a store I just checked out of and before I get to the car I can gently hear that loving voice of my confidant, the Holy Spirit guiding me back into the store to apologize for my behavior. That could have been a practice of The Golden Rule?

Lesson 78 has a focus on choosing one person to focus on as you let him/her be savior unto you today. Such is his/her role in God your Father’s plan.” As the lesson states “You know the one to choose; his name has crossed your mind already. I knew this week was going to be a week that I would have to remain very vigilant in remaining peace and center and to always look through the Holy Spirit’s lens. Going into the week I had prepared myself for the hard week ahead. Then, I read the lesson Rev. Paul chose for this weeks “Miracle Toolbox.” Working with these readings lifted me to a higher place and brought peace.

The day approached when I had a meeting I had been “dreading” for weeks. I went in with an open mind and open heart. I walked into the conference room and the only chair left was across from the person I had projected so many grievances on. I sat down silently across from the person said to myself, “Let miracles replace all grievances. You could barely see the reflection in the telescoping mirror. So, I knew there was healing work to do. When I looked upon my brother/sister with Christ’s Vision I saw the “dirty rat” (me) that Rev. Paul mentioned during his video. By the afternoon we learned we had more in common than I would have thought and I would have missed that blessing, if I did not listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At the end of the conference we exchanged e-mails and other contact information.

This week I can easily see where Miracles replace all grievances.

Wishing each of you the deepest peace,


Ryan Westbrook-Vigue is one of our MiraclesOne volunteers. He is on our Advisory Board and helps to facilitate our Daily Lesson Practice and Sharing Circle.

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