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From “Entitled to Miracles!” Radio Show

A Christmas Meditation
In the Silence

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A Christmas Miracle Everyday
Christmas Peace
Christmas Blessing
Christmas is Over, Now What?

From ACIM w/MiraclesOne Podcast

Rev. Deb and Rev. Gayle discuss the last paragraph in the Text, Ch. 15 XI. Christmas as the End of Sacrifice and Lesson 365 – This holy instant would I give to you. You have a newborn chance in each moment. Release yourself and your brother and step into the Arms of Love.

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Discover Your Game Changer | Insights on ACIM

Greetings Course Students,

How nice it is to be enjoying the wonderful fall weather and learning from A Course in Miracles at the same time. It is so exciting to me to be working on our awakening from the dream together.

In this episode of Insights on A Course in Miracles I share insights about Section II, Chapter 8 of the Text, The Difference between Imprisonment and Freedom. In this section, Jesus reminds us that there are only two teachers we can follow: either the ego teacher or the Holy Spirit teacher. The ego teacher always leads us to misery and imprisonment and the Holy Spirit teacher always leads us toward God and joy.

In our efforts to continue to learn exactly how to free ourselves from imprisonment, and experience the truth of who we really are as Children of God, I invite you to practice Lesson 94: I am as God created me in the Workbook this week. Practicing this lesson well will eventually lead you toward a game changing experience that will change your life forever.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul

P.S. Be sure to enjoy the Miracle Meditation Rev. Deb created on this week’s readings. Here’s a preview. Monthly Donors of $20 and above receive free access to these video meditations.

Miracle Toolbox Week 28 | Receiving Your Own Tool from ACIM with Meditation (Meditation Included)

Hello Mighty Companions!

Welcome to Week 28 of your Miracle Toolbox. So throughout the course of this year, I started receiving messages from Jesus and the Holy Spirit about tools or tool analogies that we could use to throw into our tool boxes, to help us out with our awakening and healing journeys. And so now we’re going to start shifting to where I’m not the one receiving the messages and passing them along to you, but you are going to start doing it for yourselves. So get excited. I want you to really try this with me. You’re going to love it.

I am including a guided meditation to help you practice going within and receiving your own tool from A Course in Miracles.

Many Blessings!

Rev. Paul

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Miracle Toolbox: Week 4 | Begin by Perceiving Light

Welcome Mighty Companions to the fourth week into our I am safe in God healing journey. One night this past week I had an unusual experience of having three nightmares right in a row! After shaking them off the next morning I decided to look up the word “nightmares” in A Course in Miracles to see what Jesus had to say. One of the interesting things that I noticed was that he used the term to reference unpleasant experiences in both our sleeping and waking states – and all of them were unreal and meaningless. Yay! 

In the Text chapter 9, section V titled The Unhealed Healer, Jesus cautions us to be careful when working with others such as theologians and psychotherapists to heal our nightmares. Many people, including ourselves, have not learned how to go within to make a connection with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide them when attempting to help others to heal. He refers to these types of people as “unhealed healers”. Unfortunately, although many of these folks have good intentions, they can unknowingly delay healing in both the receiver and themselves by inadvertently following the ego’s plan of healing. Jesus poignantly states that miracle workers need to begin by perceiving light. The experience of perceiving “the light in his mind will therefore answer the questioner, who must decide with God that there is light because he sees it.” 

A perfect lesson within the Workbook for Students to help us as aspiring miracle workers learn how to perceive the light within our minds is Lesson 44: God is the light in which I see. This lesson is an exciting and fun lesson to work with because Jesus is very specifically teaching us how to actually reach and perceive the light of God within our minds. Although he suggests that it’s not easy to learn how to do, he does clearly state that the practice and effort is well worth it. “Salvation is our happiest accomplishment!” Many Course students have shared within the halls of study group sessions of their experiences in perceiving the flashes of light from God during their practice meditations. Within this lesson Jesus indicates that this experience is “a major goal of mind training” and “this training must be accomplished if you are to see”

In closing, I invite my Mighty Companions to join with me in the practice of reaching the light of God within our minds this week. Make the commitment to yourselves to practice this lesson at least three times a day for fifteen minutes several days this coming week. It is a fantastic tool to add to your Miracle Toolbox and one you will never regret using to find the light within your mind. 

Many Blessings, 

Rev. Paul 

From Rev. Deb  – I don’t take ACIM as literally as Rev. Paul does, and that’s okay. For me, the light is synonymous with truth and love. It’s okay to have a different experience with this such as “feeling the Light/Love within me now” as Lesson 189 states. Trust your Inner Teacher to lead the way.

Join our Facebook Group or our Email Study Group to talk about your experiences with Your Miracle Toolbox.

A Day of Journey Into Wholeness

You may be aware that over the weekend we had an All-Day Retreat on Saturday and an event Sunday morning. This kept me quite busy over the last week or so. As you know MiraclesOne is an all-volunteer ministry and we have only a handful of helpers.

I’ll be catching up with Workbook Lessons as soon as I am able. The event was co-sponsored by my Mind-Body-Spirit studio, so we introduced others to Course concepts without the jargon.

BUT…Wow! What a day on Saturday at our All-Day Retreat! You could call it a day of self-care and wellness. I loved watching the transformation of attendees over the course of the day. My favorite part was leading the restorative yoga in the afternoon. As I watched people who have never tried restorative yoga before be astounded by how deeply relaxing it was, I was glad to have a hand in their regaining of peace. Those who had stress from a busy week, seemed to melt into the floor with all the props used for support. They loved the sandbag placed on the belly area the most. Sometimes we don’t realize how much stress we are carrying until we do a practice such as this. Several said that they now wanted to attend my restorative yoga sessions at the studio because of it.

What else did we do? We learned how to practice mindfulness in our daily lives, first by slowing down our breath when stress strikes, and then applying mindfulness to daily tasks. Paul led a workshop on creating a meeting place to meet your inner spirit guide. In the afternoon, we learned about our inner compassionate voice and how we can stop the inner critic. We practiced a loving-kindness meditation. Our last longer afternoon session presented the opportunity to work in the creative area with Allison, journal and meditate, and/or try restorative yoga. We ended with the Crystal Singing Bowls.

We had forgotten to take pictures. However, the feelings of the activities and the sharing that took place, certainly makes the day a memorable one.

Sunday morning we had a Crystal Singing Bowls meditation and our ACIM study group. THANKS to everyONE who joined us!

Clarifying Questions

We have had some questions about our audio and videos for the Lessons and a few other items.

Let me explain what we have been doing for this year. We are marrying older content (the three previous audios) with new material (the new podcast with new posts) to provide a new website for just the Workbook lessons, www.acimlessons.org

It is quite a huge undertaking, especially since the scope of our work spans almost 15 years on the web. We are a very small crew (a handful) and I personally am the only one who performs all of the web work, plus all of the audio and video editing (besides recording). All of us who do this, myself included, are volunteers with no compensation whatsoever. I try my best to stay on top of it and do what I am able. I also work and own a meditation/yoga studio. My husband works both full-time and part-time for the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Others on the team work too.

It would be lovely if this would be my paid full-time job. However, our mission is to keep the largest portion of what we offer for FREE for ACIM Students versus what other teachers or organizations who have large teams of staff and charge much higher fees for what they offer, thus keeping out those who cannot afford to do so. My background is in non-profit so this has never felt right to me. I want everyone to have access and our policy is we never turn anyone away from our programs because of finances. I cite the Psychotherapy supplement to ACIM in this regard.

We only charge for our 6-week classes, webinars, and retreats and do so minimally. For our study groups we do not require payment and are on a love offering basis. Everything we offer we do appreciate donations to help pay for the myriad of expenses. There are a significant amount of expenses to keep it all running and sometimes not enough donations to meet the expense. That’s being transparent.

The daily emails are generated from the website itself. We’re all here to work together for this community so everyone’s suggestions are most welcome.

I hope this clarifies your questions, and feel free to ask more.

We may be small, but we are mighty companions walking the road together of practical application.

In Peace,
Rev. Deb


Interview with an ACIM Student: Diana Roiniotis

Interview with an ACIM Student: Diana Roiniotis

A periodic series added to our podcast. Interviews with ACIM students.

Would you like to connect with Diana? Here are her Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/DianaDimplesVideo/ and

Recorded July 19, 2018

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Website – www.miraclesone.org

Listen to Audio: https://www.spreaker.com/user/4415175/acimpodcast-guest-diana



My Experience with “Awakening to Joy”

I had the privilege of attending the MiraclesOne “Awakening to Joy” retreat in March. I would like to share my personal experience and the Joy that Awoke within me. The retreat was based on the book “Awaking to Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness,” written by James Baraz and A Course in Miracles. The topic of each group session came from this book. Each session encouraged attendees to reflect deep within themselves to truly awaken their True inherent identity.

As I took the time we each were given to process each topic The Holy Spirit reminded me of the personal intention I set about a year and a half ago to live the most authentic and transparent life I can. I set this intention during one of my morning “Prayer, Meditation, and Centering” times and for years I would try to keep the appearance that all was well in every area of my life. The Holy Spirit knew when I was ready for the shift of my perception that not only sharing, but also showing that I did not live perfectly in an imperfect world. My fellow Course students helped me immensely.

I have experienced so much more joy and light-heartedness in my life and have made great strides on my journey towards inner peace. The retreat’s focus helped me in more ways than words can express. As a focal point on remembering each topic, we were given different colored stones, which started with a cloudier colored stone and advancing towards a clear stone. These stones are wonderful reminders of not only the beautiful and transformational retreat that was created for the participants but to also represent the outcomes of our life transformations and of the deep reflection that we practiced at this retreat.

My husband also attended the retreat and we found areas that connected us as a couple, but also areas that showed us parts of our lives where the light of joy was shed or needed to be shed. After the retreat, while my husband and I were on our way home The Holy Spirit showed me a joyous truth. We ended the retreat on the Judeo-Christian celebration of Palm Sunday that begins “Holy Week” leading to the following Sunday, which is Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the crucifixion. The resurrection of “New Life” or the starting of a new chapter in my life that is occurring is such a joyous and peaceful reason to celebrate my “Awakening to Joy!”

Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

If you missed the retreat, we have a 10-week class that starts this Thursday, May 3rd.

The class is held online in our video and phone conferencing room. If you cannot make the day and time for the class, there is a self-study option where you will receive the videos, assignments and any extra resources. As Ryan described, this is powerful and enriching material that will be presented in this class.

We awaken to joy by awakening to the good within ourselves. We don’t try hard to be joyful or happy, we allow our experience to be what it is while opening to the possibility of joy.

As you learn to be present in your life, to love yourself and others, to be kind to yourself in difficult times, to let go of what is not needed, to knowing blamelessness, and to allow compassion and gratefulness, all these will naturally lead to the Light of Joy dawning within.

I will be incorporating A Course in Miracles along with some material from an insightful book on mindfulness called: Awakening Joy: 10 Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness. 

Please note: The book is not necessary to attend the class as I will be sharing excerpts from the book that are in alignment with ACIM.

Together in this class, we will use ACIM readings, material from the book, visualizations, meditation, homework assignments, journaling, and weekly class sharing.

Register here

I hope you will join us.

Rev. Deb

Calm Awakening

Calm Awakening

with Rev. Deb Phelps

Who would deny his safety and his peace, his joy, his healing and his peace of mind, his quiet rest, his calm awakening…

Rev. Deb shares how unwillingness and distraction plays a role in the mind’s dis-ease. If one can make the simple task of self-responsibility and practice, one can live calmly and awaken to the truth. We remember, “I am blessed as a Son of God.


Chapter 15, I. The Two Uses of Time
Lesson 165 – Let not my mind deny the Thought of God.
Lesson 331 – There is no conflict, for my will is Yours.
Lesson 40 – I am blessed as a Son of God.
Lesson 221 – Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

Recorded January 21, 2018

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I am Responsible Series, Pt. 1 in ACIM with MiraclesOne Podcast

I am Responsible Series, Pt. 1

In this episode, Rev. Deb, Rev. Gayle, and Mari begin a new series on the section in the Text, Ch. 21, Section II. The Responsibility for Sight. The hosts share personal stories and experiences in relation to the topic.

Recorded January 9th, 2018

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