Email Study Group

This Email Book Study Group is for anyone who would like to connect with other ACIM Students of MiraclesOne but cannot attend our online or in-person classes. As we study, you can ask questions, share miracles, and talk about your practical application experiences with the group. If you would like to share with our Facebook groups see our Online Community page.

All are welcome at any given time. I will share additional support material from time to time.

I look forward to studying and PRACTICING with you!

Rev. Deb

The study is free but your donation helps our all-volunteer ministry and all the FREE Resources we offer. Donate today to keep these resources freely available for every ACIM student!

For those in the Madison, Wisconsin area, we have a separate email group.

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Madison, Wisconsin specific –

If you have issues signing up, please send an email to

Check out our Facebook groups as well!


  1. We are gathered here to create a sacred space for all members of the group. We do so by offering honor and respect to everyone alike.
  2. In respect to the group, we arrive ready to begin on time and are mindful of background noises. (FOR OUR VIDEO AND IN PERSON GROUPS)
  3. Our focus of the group is on the study and practical application of ACIM in our own lives. We accept that it is our individual responsibility for the group to remain on this focus.
  4. We are here to heal our mind, therefore, we believe in self-awareness and self-responsibility.
  5. We share from our own personal experience and avoid giving advice to others. (Advice can come in the form of telling someone what they should do in a situation, other philosophies, modalities, groups or organizations, health products, recipes, doctors, shopping, who to vote for, promoting yourself or what you sell, etc. Please take this outside of our sacred space.)
  6. We listen with an open heart and mind.
  7. We acknowledge that we all have the Holy Spirit’s Guidance within us.
  8. When we feel we are finished sharing our thoughts, we say “I’m done” so others will know our sharing is complete and the next person can share. (FOR VIDEO AND IN-PERSON GROUPS)
  9. We are mindful of allowing everyone the chance to speak.
  10. We recognize the confidentiality of the group.

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