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Christmas is Over, Now What?

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Rev. Deb and Rev. Gayle discuss the last paragraph in the Text, Ch. 15 XI. Christmas as the End of Sacrifice and Lesson 365 – This holy instant would I give to you. You have a newborn chance in each moment. Release yourself and your brother and step into the Arms of Love.

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Christmas Message – Part II: Christmas as the End of Sacrifice

Ho Ho Ho Everyone!

This week we examined Jesus’ sharing in Christmas as the End of Sacrifice (T-15.VI) and learned a couple of new, interesting things. First, when Jesus uses the term “Christmas”, he is referring to the light within us that is perceived during our meditations. Which is much different than the concept of Christmas that many of us have learned and practiced throughout the years. Second, he explains how our understanding of the term “sacrifice” has been reversed by the ego thought systems. Most of us strongly believe that our special relationships with others, the careers we’ve established, and the hobbies we pursue will help us to feel safe, loved, and appreciated within the dream. And because of this strong belief, we think it would be a sacrifice to go within and discover the truth of our Inner Light which would reveal to us that everything has already been given to us by God. We also would recognize that what we truly have sacrificed is the awareness of who we really are as the Sons and Daughters of God.

To help us discover this truth within ourselves, this week we are practicing Lesson 303: The holy Christ is born in me today. Let us join together in this practice to discover our inner Christmas star and feel the joy of Christ rising within us this holiday season!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Rev. Paul

Christmas Message – Part 1: Your Time of Rebirth

Merry Christmas Mighty Companions!

I am so excited because this year we are going to learn how to celebrate Christmas in a whole new light! Jesus explains in our first Christmas reading that we do not know how to celebrate Christmas but the Holy Spirit with teach us if we turn our attention inward to perceive the Light. When we get a glimpse of our Inner Light using our spiritual sight it is a holy instant in which we recognize our True Self for a moment and a rebirth happens. Jesus refers to this experience as the “time of Christ” and states in “Lesson 44: God is the light in which I see” that the experience will be our happiest accomplishment. So, as we begin to prepare ourselves for this year’s Christmas celebration, let’s make it extra special by giving ourselves the best Christmas present ever by learning how to perceive our Inner Light. I invite everyone to join with me in the practice of Lesson 44 as many times as you can this week to receive and experience this amazing gift for ourselves!

Blessings from the Light!

Rev. Paul

Snowflakes of Love’s Blessing

The loveliness of wonder as the snowflakes fall with each flake seeming individual and unique yet together they lay as one tucked in a blanket of comfort. Each has its sparkle and brilliance as the Light shines its radiance upon them. Some flakes end up in the street and become gray, ugly and forgotten. Others are marveled at in their virgin quality. Some are utilized playfully for fun and games. And some quietly be as they are. All coming from the sky from places unknown, falling as one.

Is it not the same as we? We seem to be these unique creatures yet we all come from the same Source. In the separation some are forgotten as hatred found a home in their hearts. We dismiss these as unloved and unwanted. Still others we raise high upon pedestals, worshipping them yet never to see the truth about them or ourselves. Others become those that we look upon with laughter as they help us to remember our innocence. So few then sit in silent stillness recognizing our inherent worth, our greatest Love and the Gift of Spirit.

Shall we see ourselves as different? Point out those differences? Or shall we see that we are all the same coming from the Mind of God? Why cast out those who do not live up to our standards? We know who those people are, the ones we ignore, relegate as unworthy of our love. If they are unworthy of our love then so are we and we are proving that time and time again. We have to see the brilliance that we all possess. Some of us mask it by what we have said or done but in all the little spark remains. There is always hope.

Stop for a moment and feel the Love of God within you. Hold your breath and let the world stop just a moment. In that moment you are safe and without fear. You are offered comfort and gentleness. You are blessed and appreciated. It is outside this moment that you feel otherwise. Stop again and feel the Love of God flowing through the world, flowing through your loved ones and now also the ones that you do not think of with love. All are deserving as you are deserving.

Let this world become a world in which forgiveness shines on everything, and peace offers a gentle light to everyone. Let quietness and peace shine through. Let the endless wells of joy spring forth from within.

At times we may not feel this at all. We may watch what is happening in the world or what is happening in our personal lives and feel afraid, lonely, disappointed, and sad. Yet we have a Friend, a Friend that will turn these feelings around for us. He will help us to allow God’s Love to permeate our mind and look past the fearful world and through the Eyes of Christ to see all with mercy and love.

It is up to us. We are to allow all those thoughts that hurt us to be given gladly to the Holy Spirit. We need no longer suffer. We need no longer see the separation, conflict, violence and pain. We can observe what is happening yet witness to Truth for ourselves and everyone around us. We can be the Voice of Peace in the middle of chaos.

As the snowflakes softly fall from the sky, bless each one and bless your brothers. Together we will realize the Kingdom. Together we will walk through the open door. Let God’s Love blaze a pathway there for all of us.

As the Who’s down in Whoville sang around the circle in knowing that the trappings of Christmas was not truly Christmas, sing with them that Christmas is about joining together, welcoming all near and far, no matter WHO they are.

May we remember our Oneness. May we remember God’s Love. May we remember the Light.


Rev. Deb Phelps

Originally posted December 19, 2012

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