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The Healing Power of Kindness Volume Two Forgiving Our Limitations

By Ken Wapnick

Our Next Study for Our Study Groups

Our next series starts this week for the Wednesday study group and in a week or so for the Sunday study group. Having finished the book by Ken Wapnick, "The Healing Power of Kindness: Volume 1: Releasing Judgment," the groups decided to move on to Volume Two. This is an excellent addition to our "Being Truly Helpful" theme for this year. It is available in print and on Kindle on Amazon.

All are welcome to attend even if you have not read Volume 1. Volume 1 related to being kind to others whereas Volume 1 is about being kind to ourselves.

Description: This second book on kindness centers on two statements of caution Jesus offers in “A Course in Miracles.” Characteristic of his gentle guidance, he tells us not to be disturbed by the shadows surrounding our “little willingness” to learn from him, and not to despair because of our limitations. These cautions were the themes of two workshops presented at our center—”Shadows of Limitation” and “Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity”—that form the basis of this book. If we identify with the ego, our limitations become cause for comparison and judgment, and thereby impel us to seek ways to overcome the imperfections in our bodies and the world. This focus serves the ego's purpose of concealing the mind's decision for guilt, substituting a limited self for the unlimited Self of Christ. Identifying with the loving Presence of the Holy Spirit in our right minds, we recognize our self-defeating choice, thus allowing true correction to heal. We now look kindly on our imperfections, redefining them not as our reality but as mere detours on our journey home. These shadows of limitation become the contours of the classroom that Jesus uses to teach us his kind lessons of forgiveness. Thus do they ultimately fade in the light of the Atonement, in which we are all joined as the one perfect Son of God.

How to Prepare and Read the Book:

Each day you will be reading from the book, “The Healing Power of Kindness. When you read, you will be doing more than just “reading.” I strongly encourage you to set aside the time to do so. Try not to read ahead. Take the reading as it is assigned.
Use the following format:
  • Prepare your space to read and journal. Be sure it is quiet. Make this a sacred time, light a candle or put on meditation music.
  • Before you begin reading, meditate for at least 5-10 minutes to clear your mind and so you may be open to the wisdom.
  • After meditation, open your journal and place the date and a 1-2 sentence intention to Holy Spirit.
  • Read a few paragraphs or a page. (Be sure to spread the reading out through the week, perhaps one page a day, etc). As you read, you may wish to jot down questions, make notes or observations.
  • Close the book. Take time to reflect on what you have read. As you journal, you may wish to reflect on how you could use what you are learning in your daily life. Or, what information in the reading made an impact. You may wish to refer to your ACIM book as well.
  • The essence of your daily journaling will be shared in our sharing in each week’s class. It is important that you are focusing on how to use the material in your life and not so much the reading was “nice”, “beautiful”, or “inspiring.” A Course in Miracles needs to be applied in every aspect of our lives to make an impact. Even 10 minutes of journaling can be powerful.
How to Join:
Please feel free to share any insights or questions you may have in our next session or via our Facebook Group or Email Group. Your contributions enrich our collective learning experience.

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With Love and Light,
Revs. Paul and Deb and the MiraclesOne Team

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