First Series for 2024: “Truly Helpful Prayer”

Kickstarting Our ‘Truly Helpful’ Series

First Series: “Truly Helpful Prayer”

First Week Starts Sunday, January 7th and Wednesday, January 10th

We hope this message finds you well and filled with anticipation for our upcoming journey through ‘A Course in Miracles.’ As we gear up to embark on our first study series, “Being Truly Helpful,” We wanted to provide you with some insights and details to prepare you for what promises to be a transformative experience.

Overview of “Being Truly Helpful” Series: Our initial series will delve into the “Truly Helpful” prayer, a cornerstone of the teachings in ‘A Course in Miracles.’ This prayer, found on page 28 of the Text, is not just a set of words but a profound declaration of intent and purpose for anyone seeking to live a life aligned with spiritual principles.

In our exploration, we will:
  • Examine the prayer line by line, uncovering its deep meanings and implications.
  • Discuss how to apply these principles in our daily lives, turning theory into practical, lived experience.
  • Engage in guided meditations to internalize the message of the prayer, allowing it to resonate deeply within our hearts and minds.
  • You can join either our Sunday or Wednesday study groups, each will contain the same study each week. This first series will be about 10 weeks.
  • Some weeks will be teaching sessions; others will be group reading and study.
  • Be sure to have your ACIM book nearby and a journal or notebook available.
  • Teaching sessions with Rev. Deb will be recorded. Information and additional materials will be sent out each week in relation to the focus of study in this newsletter.
  • There is no requirement to attend each week. Do so as you are able.
  • Donate on the registration link with a monthly subscription or donate as you can.
  • Your donation is appreciated as we are an all-volunteer small ministry.

Why This Series Matters:

“Being Truly Helpful” is more than a theme; it’s a way of life. This series aims to cultivate a mindset and heartset that embodies the essence of being truly helpful – to ourselves, to others, and to the world. As we journey through this prayer, we’ll explore how its teachings can transform our perceptions, actions, and overall approach to life.

Your Participation:

Your insights, experiences, and reflections are crucial to the richness of our discussions. We encourage you to approach each session with an open heart and mind, ready to share and learn in equal measure. This is a journey we undertake together, supporting and inspiring one another along the way.
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Session Details:

  • When: Our first week’s sessions are on Sunday, January 7th at 10 am CST and Wednesday, January 10th at 12:30 pm CST. (Your choice of session)
  • Where: Zoom (Register to receive the link)
  • Fee: By donation (see above)
  • Facilitators: Rev. Deb Phelps, Rev. Paul Phelps, and Jim Peck (Sundays), and Rev. Deb Phelps, Gayle Bartlett, and Mari Dole (Wednesdays)
As we step into this journey, remember that each step we take together brings us closer to understanding and embodying the true spirit of “Being Truly Helpful.” We look forward to sharing this meaningful path with you all.

With warmth and anticipation,
Revs. Paul and Deb Phelps and the MiraclesOne Team
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