Our Journey into Illusions: Lessons 241-254 | Insights on A Course in Miracles

Cheers Mighty Companions!

In this episode of Insights on A Course in Miracles, we take a look at the illusion of the world and the belief in the illusion of “sin”. These topics were inspired from the lessons we worked on over the past two weeks (Lessons 241 through 254) and their respective readings, What Is the World? and What is Sin? Once again, Jesus reminds us that the world and everything we experience within it is an illusion. I found it helpful to relate it to a novel that an author might write. In many novels, whole new worlds, lands, beings and sets of mythical laws are created from the imagination of an author. The readers then lose themselves in the stories for their own entertainment. Jesus explains that we did something similar as the Son or Daughter of God. We drafted an illusion of a physical world that blocks out the awareness of God, then allowed ourselves to become lost within the journey almost indefinitely. Then, to add more drama to the story, our ego minds drafted painful beliefs about ourselves and others such as evilness, sinfulness, and guilt. What a mess! Thank God, Jesus has given us a solution to waking up from the story and closing the book once and for all. Keep working those Lessons!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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