The Compassionate Choice | Insights on A Course in Miracles

Greetings Course Students,

If you would like to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday Season with a little more joy in your heart this year, then keep this Course quote in mind, “Only appreciation is an appropriate response to your brother. Gratitude is due him for both his loving thoughts and his appeals for help, for both are capable of bringing love into your awareness if you perceive them truly” (T-12.I.6).

This is an excerpt from The Judgment of the Holy Spirit in the Text, Chapter 12, Section I, and it reminds us to be mindful of our judgments of our brothers. Jesus further explains that we really do not know what is going on with anyone else and that it is very hazardous for us to fall into the trap of analyzing others. The best thing to do is to be mindful of our thoughts and to immediately call upon the Holy Spirit for help anytime we have a fearful thought about others. Taking a pause to listen to the Holy Spirit will help us to remember to be compassionate with our thoughts and hearts this holiday season. I invite you to practice Lesson 126: All that I give is given to myself, to support your choice for compassion as well.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul

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