Awaken from Your Costume | Insights on A Course in Miracles

Greetings Course Students,

Since the recording of this episode of Insights on A Course in Miracles happened to fall on Halloween, I decided to have a little fun by referencing several excerpts from A Course in Miracles that use Halloween terminology. The excerpts include:

1. T-11.VIII.13-15, pg. 214, (excerpt from “The Problem and the Answer”)

2. T-13.III.1-3, pg. 583, (excerpt from “The Fear of Redemption”)

3. T-23.II.17-19, pg. 493, (excerpt from “The Laws of Chaos”)

4. T-27.VII.13-15, pg. 584, (excerpt from “The Dreamer of the Dream”)

One of the interesting parody’s noted was how our annual tradition of putting on a costume, scaring ourselves and others in good fun, and then taking the costume off to resume our normal lives relates to our journey into the costume of fear as Son’s and Daughter’s of God. We fell asleep, put on costumes in the form of bodies, spend our lives scaring ourselves and others, then awaken from our costumes at some point in this lifetime or the next.

One of the lessons in the Workbook for Students that is perfect for Halloween and in helping us to awaken from our costumes is Lesson 48: There is nothing to fear. It is a simple prayer that Jesus asks us to us as a mantra throughout the day. If practiced well you will notice powerful results indeed.

Happy Halloween,

Rev. Paul

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