Learning That You Are Light

Hello Course Students,

How kind it is of Jesus to share that we can actually learn from the Holy Spirit that we ARE light in this episode’s reading from the Text, The Holy Encounter (T-8.III, pg. 141). This is a key distinction because we are not only clearly being told the fact, we are also being told that we can personally experience it for ourselves. The potential for healing and personal impact is huge with this information.

Jesus also explains that we can accelerate our path to enlightenment by remembering a meeting with anyone is a holy encounter. He challenges us to give up all thoughts and judgments about others because the very process imprisons us and delays us from our own awakening. Instead we are to look beyond the bodies we see to the light within them.

To help us continue to learn how to see this light within ourselves and others, I suggest working with Lesson 181: I trust my brothers, who are one with me (pg. 377). It is in this meditative space where the Holy Spirit will bless our minds with the perception of the light that we ARE.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul

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