The State of Grace

Insights on This Week’s Reading with Rev. Deb Phelps

Text, Chapter 7, XI. The State of Grace

Paragraph 1

The Holy Spirit is there with us. He is our Guide and He is our Friend. Jesus tells us that it is easy to follow Him. It may not always seem easy to do so but if we take what Jesus says here and really apply it, we will find it easier. Do we want a peaceful life? Or, do we want to get wrapped up in our day-to-day problems? The ego thinks that there is always difficulties, from breaking a nail, to the bill in the mail, to the relationship that failed to the job that you wanted but didn’t get.

By ignoring the ego’s interpretation of life’s events and concentrating on Holy Spirit’s interpretation, we save a lot of time and wear and tear on our emotions. There is no difficulty. It is only our perception that there is one.

Paragraph 2

Grace is our natural state. Jesus says that when we are out of our natural state we do not function well. We should understand that idea all too well especially if we are prone to anxiety and worry. He says that everything that we do becomes a strain. Ever feel that way? Like it’s just so hard to get up in the morning?

However, we can have happy days. A Son of God is happy when he knows that he is with God. Wake up to that idea and it will certainly change your day.

Paragraph 3

Look at your life and answer those questions that Jesus raises with us. Do you feel protected and safe? Happy and loved? No fear? No feeling of sacrifice when you give to another either monetarily or otherwise? Do you feel thankful?

If we don’t, then we need to take Jesus’ advice here. We cannot make our happiness, our safety, and all through the auspices of the world.  It won’t work, ever. When you deny the blessing either to another person or yourself, then you will feel deprived. There’s no way around that, except by giving and giving freely. We stop ourselves because we believe that we lose when we give. However, we gain so much when we freely give. It is a feeling that is superb in every way.

You who could give the Love of God to everything you see and touch and remember, are literally denying Heaven to yourself.

Paragraph 4

We are here to teach and we have heard this before. We teach what we want to learn. We teach the Kingdom of God to ourselves and our brothers. What we believe about ourselves we teach and we find the witness thereof. There are no exceptions he says. Do you want to learn and hold that lesson in your heart? The lesson of LOVE? I know that you do want another way, or you would not be studying ACIM right now, would you?

Paragraph 5

All we really know is Truth. Everything else is just frivolous. All gaudy decorations that we have placed on the Son of God to disguise Him. Our Light is there, always there within our mind. We are radiant and lovely. We hide that loveliness from ourselves because of our belief in unworthiness. Is that where you really rather would be?

The Majesty of God is there, for you to recognize and appreciate and know.

God has given us our radiance, every one of us. He gave equally to the Sonship. We believe that there is more Sons that there are. There is only One Son. Collectively, we are It.

Recognize God in your brother and recognize God in yourself. Let go of all of the beliefs that you have had about yourself: You’re too fat, too short, not smart, getting old, you’re physically ill, no money, no career or education, you’re unlovable, you’ve wronged people, etc. Let all those ideas go right now! Let them all go and come into the Light and see your brilliance. You are worthy and lovable and capable of many great things. You are the Son of God. Accept it right now.

Paragraph 6

Here in the world we may say, “Oh yeah, all those thoughts are so nice, Rev. Deb, but I don’t believe them! How can I live this way?” You can. You just have forgotten your Truth. You have forgotten WHO you really are.

You do not know yourself, because you do not know your Creator.

We may talk a good game about knowing God but do we practice it consistently? Do we take time to be with Him? I’m not suggesting having guilt on that one, not in the least. But do you take time to get to know Him? Do you do His Workbook Lessons? Do you practice Jesus’ concepts of forgiveness?

Forgive yourself right now and move forward. No digging up the past and all of your mistakes. Onward ho!

Jesus mentions our creations. What does he mean by “our creations”? Our creations are on the spirit level. They are not anything in form. Our creations are the love that is present in our mind, our collective mind. We are our Father’s creation, and like Him we do extend or create with Thoughts of Love. They are extended through to our brothers and to our Father simultaneously. When we release ourselves from the identity that we have with the ego and “know thyself” with God, then we will accept those creations, those Thoughts of Love.

Whenever you heal a brother by recognizing his worth, you are acknowledging his power to create and yours.

See your brother through the Eyes of Christ and not only will you see his worth but you will see your own. And that worth, is more precious than anything found here in this world.

Paragraph 7

Being is known by sharing. Because God shared His Being with you, you can know Him.

How else can we learn but by sharing His Love with everyone? Do not get into scarcity mentality here. Do not be choosy! You can love even the foulest people. You do not have to spend time with them, but you can still look at them from beyond the body and into the Heart of Who They Are in Truth. When we hold back love or anything, we are only holding back ourselves. Really take time to think about that thought. What are you holding back? Even in form. What do you hold back because you think you might lose if you gave it away? Do you think you will lose your power? Your mind? Your love? Your self-esteem? Your money? Take some time to reflect on this, journal if you like and share with us on the Forum.

Know, then, the Sons of God, and you will know all creation.

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Originally Posted September 18, 2012
Updated October 6, 2021



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