Characteristics of God’s Teachers – Part 2 | Miracle Flight #15

Greetings Student Pilots!

What a wonderful section we finished studying in this week’s episode of Miracle Flights – The Characteristics of God’s Teachers (M-4). Continuing from the previous episode, we covered the remaining sections II through X of the characteristics which discussed honesty, tolerance, gentleness, joy, defenselessness, generosity, patience, faithfulness, and open-mindedness.

What was exciting to learn, is as we develop our relationship with the Holy Spirit, one of the first things He helps us to develop within ourselves is a foundation of trust. And, to be clear, it is a foundation of trust in something much greater than ourselves. It is a trust in the Holy Spirit and God and that they have everything under control and our best interests in mind.

Additionally, as the foundation of trust grows, the remaining characteristics automatically begin to develop within us as well. How cool is that! Work on one thing and get nine more blessings in return! To learn more details about these characteristics and how they develop, check out this week’s episode of Miracle Flights.

You are cleared for takeoff!

Rev. Paul

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