Characteristics of God’s Teachers – Part I | Miracle Flight #14

Greetings Student Pilots!

In this week’s episode of Miracle Flights, I explain how the legs in a pilot’s navigation log relate to the six stages of trust we develop over a lifetime of work with the Holy Spirit. In the Manual for Teachers, Jesus explains that one of the first characteristics we begin to develop as Teacher’s of God is trust in the Holy Spirit and God. The evolution of relinquishing our trust from the ego and idols of the world in exchange for something much greater takes us through six levels of trust development or growth. They include a period of undoing, a period of sorting out, a period of relinquishment, a period of settling down, a period of unsettling, and finally, a period of achievement. This fascinating read indicates that the learning process of trust can actually take us a lifetime or more to fully develop. To learn more, watch this episode of Miracle Flights and take a look at What are the characteristics of God’s teachers? (M-4), section I. Trust, and sub-section A. Development of Trust.

You are cleared for takeoff!


Rev. Paul


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