Pupils and Levels of Teaching

This week we continue our look at what it means to be a Teacher of God. Our reference readings are Manual for Teachers, 2. Who are Their Pupils? and 3. What are the Levels of Teaching?

I know in our Sunday study group last week, we didn’t get a chance to read 2. Who are Their Pupils? so I am assigning it again this week along with the following section as noted above.

There is no video this week as I was working this weekend. However, Deb is adding in videos that she did for the Manual for Teachers for these sections below for this week’s newsletter. I know these will help you with the two sections.

I encourage you to read through this week’s readings and videos and feel free to share in our email groups or Facebook group or send a message to me.

Thank you Mighty Companions,

Rev. Paul

No Miracle Flights Video This Week
This Week: Manual for Teacher videos on 2. Who are Their Pupils? and 3. What are the Levels of Teaching?

This video contains the following:
  Introduction,  1. Who are God’s Teachers?, 2. Who are Their Pupils?
This video contains the following:
  3. What are the Levels of Teaching?
4. What are the Characteristics of God’s Teachers? Introduction I. Trust
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