Miracle Flight #12 – The Ego’s Holding Pattern

Hello Student Pilots!

In this week’s episode of Miracle Flights we take a look at how an aircraft holding procedure relates to the way the ego places us into the endless holding pattern of life. The race track pattern is designed to continuously divert us from discovering the truth about who and what we really are as sons and daughters of God.

In the Text reading, The Guide to Salvation (T-5.III), Jesus explains that the ego designed the concept of time in an attempt to delay us forever from awakening from the illusion of our separation from God. Fortunately, he also explains that the Holy Spirit, Whom God placed within each of us, is His answer to the problem of the ego. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit is a perfect Teacher for everyone Who works with us at our level through symbols, messages, and insights that we will understand. His plan for our gentle awakening is easy and joyful one, provided we have the willingness to ask and listen for His guidance. Jesus clearly states that the Holy Spirit is our Guide to salvation Who will guide us out of the ego’s holding pattern of time toward our final approach to the eternity of Heaven.

To continue to develop your skill in learning how to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit within you, I would recommend working with Lesson 49: God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day in the Workbook for Students. It’s a wonderful practice that will eventually lead you to the personal experience of literally hearing your Inner Voice speak to you. It’s truly a miracle experience you will never forget and well worth the effort!

You are cleared for takeoff!


Rev. Paul


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