Miracle Flight 9 – Fireworks from Heaven and Guided Meditation

Greetings Miracle Flight Students!

Welcome to another episode of Miracle Flights! In this episode I explain how watching fireworks at night from an airplane relates to the Text reading, The Totality of the Kingdom (T-7.VII), in A Course in Miracles.

You are really going to enjoy reading this section because it is packed full of amazing content! But before you tackle the reading, take a few minutes to watch this wonderful YouTube video showing spectacular video footage of fireworks over Walt Disney World as seen from a small airplane. Here is the link: Watching Walt Disney World Fireworks From A Private Plane!

Fireworks are so awe inspiring and delightful to watch as magnificent streams of light suddenly burst from a great flash of light. As I reflected on these breath-taking sights and how they relate to our reading in the Course, I was reminded that we were all once united with God in the Kingdom of Heaven as a great light too. Then, one day, the great light seemed to burst into many streams of light into the darkness of space, time, and perception. It was in that moment that the Kingdom of Heaven appeared to lose it wholeness, it’s totality.

In this reading, Jesus explains that we are on a journey of denial – a denial of the light from which we were created. And now it is our job to work with the Holy Spirit to turn that denial around into denial of the illusion of separate bodies and lives. He also indicates that if we want to truly awaken to the awareness of our union with God in the totality of heaven, we must give up our perception of the illusion totally. We cannot hang onto part of the illusion and try to have a little bit of heaven too. It is an all or nothing scenario.

While I was working with Jesus to prepare me for this study, he gave me an inspiration for a wonderful, guided meditation to help us move a little closer to releasing ourselves back to the totality of the kingdom. An audio recording of the guided meditation is included at the end of this Miracle Flight episode, and you also can download or listen to an MP3 version of the meditation from our MiraclesOne website. Here is the link:

You are cleared for takeoff!


Rev. Paul


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