Miracle Flight #10 – Holy Spirit’s Vectors to Heaven | Miracle Flights

Greetings Student Pilots,
In today’s episode of Miracle Flights, we observe and listen to live airliner traffic being vectored by air traffic controllers to Chicago O’Hare International Airport for landing. This turned out to be a wonderful example of how the Voice of the Holy Spirit guides us home to heaven as described in the Course reading, The Voice for God (T-5.II).

Within this reading, Jesus explains that when we, as Children of God, decided to fall asleep and create the voice of the ego within our minds, God also placed within our minds at the same time, the Voice of the Holy Spirit. This Inner Voice is hidden deep within our minds, waiting to be discovered through our practice of deep listening in silent meditation.
Jesus further explains, The Holy Spirit is your Guide in choosing. He is in the part of your mind that always speaks for the right choice, because He speaks for God. He is your remaining communication with God, which you can interrupt but cannot destroy (T-5.II.8).
The Voice of the Holy Spirit is a gift from God whose function is to gently guide us back home toward Heaven, then clear us for a final approach and landing back into Oneness with God. Our function is to make the conscious choice to tune into the Holy Spirit’s approach control frequency, listen, and then follow His instructions that vector us back home.
In closing, here’s a flying tip to remember, if you push the stick forward, the houses get bigger!

Rev. Paul

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