Miracle Flight #8 – Flying Above Our Fear of God | Miracle Flights

Hello Everyone!

I was so excited to record the Miracle Flight video today because the last two readings from the Obstacles to Peace: The Fourth Obstacle: The Fear of God (T-19.IV.D) and The Lifting of the Veil (T-19.IV.D.i) contain the secrets a simple awakening now!

Each and every one of us takes-off into the cloudy sky of life and we fly around aimlessly for an entire lifetime all the while forgetting about the radiant sun above, shining away in a beautiful blue sky. In these readings, Jesus explains that we’ve made a secret pact with the ego to never fly up an through the veil of the clouds, but instead, to fly blindly until one day we lye down the body in death. And then we do it all over again in the next lifetime.

Fortunately, Jesus also explains that this obstacle, and all the other obstacles can be easily overcome if we but have the willingness to learn how to go within and see the light of the Face of Christ within us. Additionally, to make it easier to learn how to perceive this inner light and hear the Voice of God, we must make it a priority to forgive our brothers and sisters for what they did not do. Remember, everything we see and believe about the world is an illusion!

To compliment these two readings, take a look at section 3. Forgiveness – The Face of Christ in the Clarification of Terms and Lesson 121: Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Wishing You a Happy Flight!

Rev. Paul


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