Miracle Flight #6: Weather Radar & Obstacles to Peace | Miracle Flights

Hello Miracle Flight Pilots!

In today’s episode of Miracle Flights, I use weather radar display information in a cockpit to explain key points and takeaways from two readings within the Text: The Second Obstacle: The Belief the Body is Valuable for What It Offers (T-19.IV.B) and The Attraction of Pain (T-19.IV.B.i).

In the first reading we learn that we believe the body is valuable because of the seeming pleasures that it has to offer, and that we are afraid to give them up in exchange for the peace of heaven. We believe to do so would be too much of a sacrifice and would leave us homeless. Despite this twisted belief system, Jesus points out that the body’s experience of pleasure always leads to pain, and that we really do not want to be doing this.

In the second reading we learn that our attraction to the body is really an attraction to a life of pain. The way out is to have a little willingness to give the Holy Spirit the whole idea of sacrifice. Our plan of awakening that the ego has us following is a painful one that ends in death. We are assured that the Holy Spirit’s flight plan of awakening is much easier and happier. Our job is to select the Holy Spirit to be our first officer and give Him a chance to show us a friendlier route.

As we continue move forward with our Miracle Flight studies, please read and study the next two readings from the Obstacles to Peace: The Third Obstacle: The Attraction of Death (T-19.IV.C) and The Incorruptible Body (T-19.IV.C.i). I will discuss these readings in the next episode of Miracle Flights.

Wishing You Friendly Skies!

Rev. Paul


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