Greetings Flight Students!

Nearly every pilot around the world learns the basic skill of navigating to and from ground-based facilities called VORs. In the United States alone, there are nearly a thousand of these VHF omnidirectional range transmitters scattered across the country. Pilots have been using VORs to navigate back to their home cities since the early 1940’s.

Within the first four paragraphs of The Obstacles to Peace (T-19.IV.1-3 & A), Jesus indicates in our creation that the core gift of peace was established deep within us, and it is attempting to transmit out into the world to help others find their way home. Hmm, that sounds very similar to the way a VOR works.

Although this sounds pretty cool, he also points out the unfortunate fact that we raise obstacles that block our light from transmitting peace out to others. To correct this problem, we must continue to remember to go within and allow the Holy Spirit to bless us with the gift of vision. A perfect lesson to support this practice is Lesson 188: The peace of God is shining within me now.

As we continue to practice and learn how to perceive our inner light with our spiritual sight, we will also begin to experience the healing power of the light. It will melt away our self-imposed obstacles and naturally guide others back to Heaven where we belong.

May you have a peaceful flight,

Rev. Paul


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