Miracle Toolbox Week 27| Muddy Projections

Hello Mighty Course Companions!

This week Jesus has us taking a look at the concept of “projection” as he explains it in A Course in Miracles. Our examination started by reviewing the first two paragraphs in the Text chapter 21 indroduction titled, Reason and Perception (T-21.in). We then turned to section two in the Text, titled The Alternative to Projection (T-6.II).

Within these readings, Jesus explains that we have a split mind. There is a part of our mind that was created when God created us as His Son (and Daughter). It is also referred to in the Course as the Christ. You can think of it as the spiritual part of our mind. Unfortunately, while we seem to be living within a body, we are not aware of this spiritual part of our mind. This is because a part of our spiritual mind has been split off in a sense, and then put into a dreaming state. Within this dreaming state, we are dreaming that we are living out lives in a physical body, and at the same time, we gave ourselves amnesia about the spiritual part of our mind that is fully awake and alive in God all the time.

Jesus explains to us that the part of our mind that is split off and is actually unconsciously projecting the illusion that we are living in a physical world with time, space, and physical bodies. We also use the physical mind of our bodies (the brain) to think separate thoughts and make judgement about others. This process too, is also a projection process, and it is keeping us caught within the dreaming state by keeping us preoccupied with what is outside of our bodies. The symptoms we experience that is associated with this projection process is fear, anger, suffering, misery, chaos, and death to name a few.

In a sense, the split part of our mind is projecting mud out into the world and that mud eventually manifests in different ways and then comes back to splatter into our faces. This is why we need to go into our Miracle Toolboxes and pull out our Holy Spirit Safety glasses. When we put on our safety glasses and call upon the Holy Spirit for help, our perceptions of the (illusory) world can be protected from our muddy projections.

Another tool that you can add to your Miracle Toolbox to help heal your projections can be found in the Workbook for Students, Lesson 30: God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

Blessings from the Light,

Rev. Paul


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