Miracle Toolbox Week 26 | Walking & Awakening with Jesus

Greetings Miracle Workers!

This week Jesus suggested that we take a look at the section titled, The Way to Remember God (T-12.II), within the Text of A Course in Miracles. Within this piece Jesus points out that we often are like little children who hide themselves beneath the cover of heavy blankets in an attempt to hide from our nightmares. He explains that if we truly want to begin to awaken from the dream of nightmares, all we need to do is to learn how to be quiet in the midst of turmoil and turn to him for help. He even makes a clear promise that he will help us to awaken as surely as he did if we have the willingness to trust and walk with him.

Our first tool for our Miracle Toolbox this week is a moving blanket. Jesus would like us to hand over to him the moving blanket we have been hiding beneath, and then give it to him and the Holy Spirit for a better use. The moving blanket symbolizes all the illusions within the world that fill us with fear. He asks that we have a willingness to meet with him in the space of meditation and to look at the things that scare us with him. In turn, he will help us with a reinterpretation that will help us to feel better, safer, and know which direction to go. This is how we begin the walk with Jesus on a daily basis toward our own awakening. Our walk through life will become more peaceful because the moving blanket will be laid out before us on the ground to soften our path.

The second tool for our Miracle Toolbox is Lesson 155: I will step back and let Him lead the way. Within this lesson, Jesus explains that the middle path between two extreme paths is the easier path to walk along with him. It is a path that is appointed for us now. This path will allow us to walk safely, however, we will need to be careful because it is a new path for us. You see, when we walk with Jesus, our lives become easier and happier, but this experience can sometimes lead us astray from checking in with him on a regular basis. When this happens, invariably the ego’s path of happiness slips in and then leads us to a painful fall. To avoid this pitfall, Jesus reminds us at the end of the lesson to practice thinking of him a while each day. We should practice listening to him in silence every day, so that we may hear him speak to us and tell us how much he loves us. I personally find it inspiring to be reminded how easy it is to walk with him to our own awakening through this simple practice.

Blessings from the Light!

Rev. Paul


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