Miracle Toolbox Week 23 | Forgiveness of Yourself

Greetings Miracle Workers!

Today’s Miracle Toolbox study recapped three key ideas previously covered in preparation for today’s examination of the Song of Prayer’s chapter 2, FORGIVENESS. The ideas included that the terms: forgiveness, face of Christ, and vision of Christ all refer to the perception of the light within us during meditation practice. Once we are clear about the meaning of these terms often used within A Course in Miracles, then the concepts within the forgiveness chapter will be more easily understood.

Within the introduction to the forgiveness chapter, Jesus states that the “Light of Forgiveness” is the greatest help that God ordained to be with us until we reach back to Him (S-2.in.1). He also indicates that this “Light of Forgiveness” with bring the end to illusions for us. In other words, perception of the light will help us to awaken from the world that seems to be around us.

In section I. Forgiveness of Yourself, Jesus explains that “No gift of Heaven has been more misunderstood than has forgiveness” (S-2.I.1). This is because the ego thought system that has developed within the minds of our bodies has taught us to forgive and let go of other’s sins. The problem with this is that we’ve made the sin real and then swept it under the carpet of our unconscious minds. This still keeps our minds unconsciously trapped by the ego thought system without our awareness. It is the ego’s devious plan of forgiveness and one that never really works. We will never truly awaken from the dream.

The good news is that God Himself has given all of us a remedy for all illusions that we think we see. It is the gift of the vision of Christ that we can learn how to see with the Holy Spirit’s magnifying glasses with light. If we go to the Holy Spirit, or Jesus, in meditation and ask him to help us to open to the gift He is trying to give us, we can be blessed with an instant of holy perception of the Light of Christ within us.

Besides Holy Spirit’s glasses with light, there is another great tool that we can add to our Miracle Toolboxes this week. It is LESSON 73. I will there be light (pg. 127). Within this lesson, Jesus explains that we can learn how to see our inner light with the practice of this lesson during meditation. He also clearly states that by learning how to do this one thing (perceiving our inner light) that we will be saved from all our nightmares. How cool is that?!

Having learned how to perceive the light for myself, I no longer say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” but instead, “A flash of light a day helps to keep the insanity away.”

From the Light with Love,

Rev. Paul


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