Miracle Toolbox Week 22 | Holy Spirit’s Forgiveness Caliper

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to week 22 of our Miracle Toolbox healing journey. This week’s video recording continues to build on what we have been learning over the past several weeks regarding The Ladder of Prayer, our perception of “enemies”, and the light of forgiveness. Anytime we feel irritation, anger, resentment, hatred, fear, avoidance, etc. toward another person, we have perceived an “enemy” with our mind and personal belief system. When this happens, we are stuck on a lower rung of The Ladder of Prayer, and therefore the Holy Spirit’s Forgiveness Caliper needs to come into play.

Jesus explains in Chapter 2. FORGIVENESS of The Song of Prayer that forgiveness is prayer’s ally and is the greatest help that God ordained to be with us until we awaken. It is the one and only illusion within the dream that will help us to fully awaken from the dream. Each time that we turn to the Holy Spirit to help us learn how to practice true forgiveness, we close the caliper gap of separation within our minds. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to continue to help us close the caliper gap of separation until the gap is completely gone. When this happens, we will have fully awakened to the realization of Who We Really Are!

A fantastic tool for helping us to forgive our perception of “enemies”, and to manifest the experience of true forgiveness, is LESSON 121: Forgiveness is the key to happiness (W-121). This tool and meditation practice is a must-have in every serious Course student’s Miracle Toolbox. Whenever you feel the slightest irritation or uneasiness about anyone, it is time to step back and take some time to practice applying this lesson while in meditation. With practice, you will discover the magnificent healing power of this lesson and its ability to quickly free you from misery and restore your sense of peace, safety, and joy.

Blessings from the Light,

Rev. Paul


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