Miracle Toolbox: Week 16 | Healing Resistance

Holy Spirit Tool Analogy: Digital Multimeter

Greetings My Friends!

This week we started off with a guided meditation that I received from both Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Within the meditation the Holy Spirit used a “spiritual” version of his multimeter to help us to identify a resistance area that was slowing down our healing journey. Once we became clear about the resistance issue, He helped us to heal the problem in a safe, gentle and loving way. The inspiration for the meditation was so surprising and unique that I decided to record it as this month’s guided meditation for our Miracle Toolboxes. Make sure you try it out when you get a chance!

This past week I was surprised by two miracle experiences. The first one happened when I began to wake from a deep sleep in the morning and became aware that I could hear a choir of angels singing to me. The melody was clearly audible and so beautiful and peaceful that I wanted to soak in the experience for hours. The second miracle experience happened just as I was falling asleep a couple nights ago when a brilliant flash of white light burst in my mind’s eye. It was breath taking, pleasing to see, and as if I was given a glimpse of the Son of God. I immediately responded with several “thank you’s” to the Holy Spirit for the vision.

Of course these two miracle experiences were parts of a plan for our Miracle Toolbox studies this week. The first reading the Holy Spirit had us review was The Forgotten Song (T-21.I) from the Text and the second reading was Lesson 106: Let me be still and listen to the truth. It was interesting to see that these readings continued to reinforce what we learned about the Real World last week, discussed seeing the vision of the Son of God, and talked about hearing melodies from heaven. Our assignment for the upcoming week was to practice Lesson 106 as much as possible as we begin to turn our attention to learning how to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit speak to us. How exciting!

The light in one awakens it in all!


Rev. Paul


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