Miracle Toolbox: Week 15 | Perceiving the Real World

Hello Miracle Toolbox Builders!

It feels thrilling to be fifteen weeks into the building of our Miracle Toolboxes! We are only a third of the way through the year and have accumulated many great tools from Spirit that are helping us to feel safer every day. This week, Jesus explains to us in the section titled, Attainment of the Real World (T-13.VII), that the world we see with the body’s eyes is not really the real world where we came from. Our real home in heaven does not have buildings, streets, people, traffic, a rising and setting sun, or city lights. Instead the real world where we came from “but shines, and shines forever” (T-13.VII.1). Jesus explains further that the world we see with the body’s eyes is literally costing us the personal experience of another vision, an inner perception of the light of our home in heaven. This inner perception of the light of the real word is also referred to as “the Vision of Christ”.

In the section titled, The Vision of Christ (T-12.VI), Jesus indicates that the Vision of Christ and seeing the real world are the same as experiencing the perception of the light within our minds during meditation. We experience this perception of light when we use our spiritual sight with the help of the Holy Spirit. “To open the eyes of the blind is the Holy Spirit’s mission, for He knows that “we” have not lost our “spiritual vision”, but merely sleep …He longs to share His vision with you” (T-12.VI.4). Jesus later explains that we must make a personal decision to awaken and when we do, the “light” of the real world will spring to our sight (T-12.VI.5). At this point, during my sharing of this material with our Sunday morning ACIM study group, I shared this week’s tool for our Miracle Toolbox. The tool was a headlamp as indicated in the picture above. In the “fake world” that we see with the body’s eyes, the artificial light from the headlamp helps us to see things more clearly in the darkness. In contrast, the Holy Spirit uses His own internal headlamp within our minds to illuminate the dark screen of our mind’s eye with white light which is the same as perceiving the “real world” of heaven or “the Vision of Christ”.

One of the things that I really love about A Course in Miracles is after Jesus explains what’s really going on, he then gives us specific instructions on how to actually begin experiencing the things he talks about. In the case of today’s example regarding the perception of real world, it is no different. In Lesson 75: The light has come, Jesus gives us clear instructions on how to work with the Holy Spirit during meditation to have an experience of perceiving the light of the real world within our minds. This lesson is another great tool to add to your Miracle Toolbox for the year. I encourage you to practice this lesson as many times as you can over the next few weeks. And when you do, make sure you pay attention to the details on how to practice. For example, “You merely wait to have the light shown to you” (W-75.6). Do not try to imagine or effort in seeing the light. Wait patiently during your eyes-closed meditation and focus your attention on the area in your mind directly between your eyes. When the time is right, the Holy Spirit will reveal the light to you! Have fun with your practicing and many blessings on your journey!


Rev. Paul


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