Miracle Toolbox: Week 12 | Atonement Explained

Tool Analogy: Speed Square

Greetings Miracle Workers!

Welcome to week 12 of our Miracle Toolbox “I am safe in God” healing journey. I am so excited to share this week’s Miracle Toolbox video with you. For the past couple months I have been asking Jesus to give me a way to easily explain the concept of Atonement and how the plan of Atonement works. I wasn’t feeling very clear about it and was seeking an easier way to understand. I also wanted to be able to illustrate easily to others. He finally came through with the last piece of the puzzle yesterday. I was so delighted with joy at it’s clarity, that I uncontrollably laughed out loud to myself for several minutes! So, if you would like to understand the concept of Atonement as described within A Course in Miracles more clearly for yourself, then you’re going to want to watch this video.

Within this video you are also going to learn about:

  1. Holy Spirit’s Speed Square tool to add to your Miracle Toolbox.
  2. How the Atonement process frees you from past serial lives; The Atonement as Defense (T-2.II.6).
  3. How we release our inner light for Atonement using spiritual sight; The Altar of God (T-2.III.1).
  4. The Holy Spirit’s plan of Atonement; The Holy Spirit (C-6.2).
  5. Using the gift of true perception to experience glimpses of our Atonement light; True Perception-Knowledge (C-4.3).
  6. Using a lesson within the Workbook for Students to help us practice having a personal experience of perceiving our inner light as God created us; Lesson 139: I will accept Atonement for myself.

As you can see, this video is loaded with great references, examples and explanations about the concept of Atonement. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and practice in becoming Mighty Miracle Workers!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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