Miracle Toolbox: Week 11 | A New Perspective

Greetings Miracle Workers!

Welcome to week 11 of our Miracle Toolbox “I am safe in God” healing journey. In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic that has nearly the entire planet in lockdown, I decided to spend some time in meditation with Jesus and asked Him for guidance on how I could talk about it with the Course community. I then heard Him clearly direct me to the section in the Text titled, Above the Battleground (T-23.IV). Within this section, Jesus reminds us that the Coronavirus Pandemic is a form of attack that we are attracted too, and it limits the healing and miracles we have the power to extend to all. Therefore, it is important for us to recognize that this is not our will, and overlooking this particular form of battleground is now our purpose. In order to do that, we must allow ourselves to be lifted up by the Holy Spirit, and from a higher place look down upon it. From the higher place will our perspective be quite different. It was then that Jesus shared a guided meditation with me that allowed me to join with the Holy Spirit from a higher place. I was then able to see the whole Coronavirus Pandemic situation from a new perspective. The details of how to do the meditation yourself is shared within this video.

The second reading for our Miracle Toolbox this week is a great continuation of learning how to feel the strength of God within us through the perception of our inner light. It is Lesson 92: Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one. Within this Lesson, Jesus reminds us once again that we do not see the light he is referring to with the body’s eyes. We must learn how to use our spiritual sight within our mind. When we do learn how to perceive our inner light during meditation, eventually, we will be able to open up enough to perceive brighter flashes of it. As the flashes become brighter we will simultaneously begin to feel sudden shifts into peace and also begin to feel the strength of God shining within our core.

Lastly, this week I will be releasing the third guided meditation for your Miracle Toolbox this year. It’s titled, Enduring the Tests of Time Meditation. Look for it on our www.miraclesone.org/miracle-toolbox web page. As you move through the guided meditation you will experience an increased awareness of the light you radiate, and the strength of God within you to endure all tests of time. It is a powerful meditation and a journey you will not easily forget! Enjoy.

Thank you for your commitment and practice in becoming Mighty Miracle Workers!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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