Miracle Toolbox: Week 10 | Give Up Complaining Thoughts

Hello Mighty Miracle Workers!

Welcome to week 10 of our Miracle Toolbox “I am safe in God” healing adventure! Once again, Jesus gave us two fantastic readings that continue to build upon last week’s study in learning how to literally hear God’s voice speak to us during meditation. How exciting!

The first reading can be found at the end of A Course in Miracles in the Clarification of Terms. Of course, the reading happens to be poignantly titled, The Holy Spirit (C-6). Once again, Jesus clearly reinforces facts he stated in previous readings about the Holy Spirit:

  1. The Holy Spirit is the remaining Communication Link between God and His separated Sons – That’s us!
  2. The Holy Spirit’s Voice is the Voice for God, His Voice has taken form in this world, and it is possible for us to literally hear the Voice speak to us.
  3. The Holy Spirit has a plan for our gentle awakening and joyful return to God.
  4. The Holy Spirit’s Voice will guide you when you ask and need the help.

The second reading is an excellent tool to add to our Miracle Toolbox this week. It is Lesson 71: Only God’s plan for salvation will work. Within this Lesson, Jesus brings to our attention one of the biggest problems that we have that prevents us from hearing God’s Voice speak to us. It is the habit of having complaining thoughts or grievances within our minds. Every time we think thoughts like: I wish so and so would act or behave differently, or I need a different person in my life or circumstance to be different, we are caught in an ego plan that will never, ever bring us to a true place of feeling happy and fulfilled inside. It will always be a dead-end that leads us to confusion, anger, sadness and depression. Fortunately, this reading provides us with a way out and a specific practice for doing so. Yay!

Jesus, clearly states that God has a plan for each and every one of us and that He wants us to hear what it is! That’s why He gave us the Voice of the Holy Spirit to hear. Furthermore, God’s plan will not fail and it will lead us to release and joy. All we need to do is to ask the Holy Spirit very specific questions during our practice meditations, and then wait to hear God’s instructions literally be spoken to us. Jesus, even instructs us to, “Refuse not to hear God speak to us!” In other words, DO NOT GIVE UP UNTIL YOU HEAR THE VOICE SPEAK TO YOU!! If you haven’t heard it yet, then keep practicing.

Good luck Mighty Miracle Workers!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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