M3. Enduring the Tests of Time Meditation – Miracle Toolbox

Hello, This is Reverend Paul Phelps from MiraclesOne.org and welcome to Enduring the Tests of Time Meditation.

This is the third guided meditation that you will be adding to Your Miracle Toolbox this year. Throughout our lives we will be given many tests of time to endure. These tests can come in many forms of tragedy such as pandemics, natural disasters, wars, poverty, accidents, illnesses, and death. Your ability to endure these tests in a state of fear, or in a state of peace, is greatly dependent upon remembering Who You Really Are through the gift of inner vision. Lesson 92: Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one, within the Workbook for Students of A Course in Miracles, is an excellent meditation practice for learning how to see your inner light and feeling the strength of God within you. During this guided meditation you will be reminded of the strength of your inner light and its ability to Endure the Tests of Time.

I would like to encourage you to practice this guided meditation at least three to five times over the next couple weeks. I have found in my own practicing of new guided meditations, that it often takes practicing them several times before I really start relaxing, opening up and sinking deeply into the experience. In time, you will notice subtle positive changes happening in your life. You will start to feel happier, lighter and more playful. You will also notice that blessings just start coming to you, your family and friends without any effort at all. These and many more surprising gifts are in store for you as you continue to practice opening your mind to the love of God within you. I wish you a happy journey and many blessings!


Rev. Paul


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