Miracle Toolbox: Week 8 | Perceiving the Spark

Greetings Miracle Workers!

Welcome to week eight of our I am safe in God and building Your Miracle Toolbox healing journey! After asking Jesus for guidance on what readings to use this week, he surprised me in the middle of the night with two golden sparks of light, simultaneously flashing within my mind’s eye, and then advised me to use the following readings for this week’s sharing: The End of Sickness (T-10.IV) and Miracles are seen in light (Lesson 91).

Within these readings we see once again the statement that God created us perfect. Then Jesus adds, if we believe that we can be sick, then we have placed other gods before God. However, if we refuse to worship “sickness” in whatever form “sickness” may appear to us, then “sickness” will disappear into the nothingness out of which it was made. Jesus reminds us to work with him and the Holy Spirit to use our spiritual vision to automatically look beyond the illusions of sickness to perceive the light within us and all around us.

Jesus clearly explains that there is a little spark of light within us that we can actually learn how to perceive during our meditation practices. And when we do begin to perceive the sparks within our mind’s eye, we will automatically begin to heal on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and even physical. Perceiving the little spark is the beginning of truly learning how to become a Miracle Worker! Yay!

In Lesson 91: Miracles are seen in light, Jesus explains that in order for us to learn how to perform miracles, we must understand that miracles and vision necessarily go together. In other words, we must learn how to perceive the light within us. We do this NOT by using our body’s eyes, but instead, by working with him and the Holy Spirit to learn how to perceive using our spiritual sight within our mind’s eye. He also explains that we will have a lot of resistance to even attempting to try to see the light within us for a variety of reasons. For starters, most of us have not seen it before and therefore don’t even want to believe that it is really there. Secondly, our busy and clouded minds can make it difficult for us to reach the perception experience.

For example, it took me several months of practicing lessons related to perceiving the light before I actually began to perceive the little sparks. Fortunately, Jesus assures that the resistance will not matter if we have even a little willingness to try to perceive the light because we will be receiving a lot of help from the spiritual dimension. He also makes a very exciting promise to us, if we fully commit ourselves to practicing. He promises that the Holy Spirit WILL show us an image of what He uses to replace the image of a body in our minds!

Additionally, the Holy Spirit WILL give us a feeling experience that will give us total conviction and certainty! These are some of the gifts that they are waiting to give us, their future Miracle Workers! These gifts will be proof that statements like perception of the spark and/or light within us is very real. How exciting!

Practice well Miracle Workers and good luck!

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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