Miracle Toolbox: Week 7 | Performing Miracles

Greetings Mighty Companions!

Welcome to week seven of our I am safe in God and building Your Miracle Toolbox healing journey! This week Jesus begins to lead us into a very exciting topic – how to become true Miracle Workers! In the Text section titled, Atonement and Miracles (T-1.III), he dives deeply into the explanation that “the power to work miracles belongs to you” (T-1.III.1.7) because of who you really are. However, one of the key core foundations and requirements to learn how to perform miracles is that we need to remember that we were created perfect by God, and so were our brothers and sisters. This idea is a continuation of the one introduced to us last week and one that he still wants us to fully incorporate into our minds and belief system.

Once we come to a place where we share his unwillingness to accept errors in ourselves and others, we can then join the great crusade to correct it by listening to his voice, learn to undo error and act to correct it (T-1.III.1.6). This is one illustration of how to actually perform a miracle! Jesus continues to give us what I think is very exciting direction by telling us clearly to ask him which miracles we should perform. Doing this will spare us needless effort because we will be acting under his direct communication (T-1.III.4.3). Lastly, a little later in his discussion he basically explains that it is safe for us to put on our “Miracle Worker training wheels” if we choose to start learning how to perform miracles. Jesus explains that the reason we come to him for help with performing miracles is because we can make mistakes and waste time, so he stands at the end of the miracle process to clean things up. (T-1.III.1.3). In other words, Jesus is head of the “Miracles Quality Control Department!” Ha, ha.

Lesson 78: Let miracles replace all grievances, is a great compliment to go along with this week’s practice because we must learn how to let go of all grievances in order to become true Miracle Workers. If we are focused on feeling irritated or angry at another individual, then we will not be able to look upon the light of the miracle within that individual and within ourselves instead (L-78.1-2). Jesus gave me an idea for a humorous tool to add to our Miracle Toolbox this week. It was a telescoping mirror with an image of a rat reflecting back at me from the mirror (see accompanying picture). If you extend the telescoping mirror and place it behind the head of the individual you feel a grievance with, are you seeing a “dirty rat” or the light of the Holy Son of God reflecting back at you?

If you think you may be ready to truly claim your innate ability to perform miracles, then check out the accompanying guided meditation I recorded for your Miracle Toolbox this month. It is titled, Claiming Your Miracles Meditation and is available for free download from miraclesone.org/miracle-toolbox

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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