Miracle Toolbox: Week 6 | You Were Created Perfect

Hello Mighty Companions!

Welcome to Week Six of our “I am safe in God” healing journey. This week our tool analogy for our Miracle Toolbox is a hammer and nail because Jesus would like us to deeply reflect on this week’s idea to really drive it home. In the Text, Chapter 2, Section I titled The Origins of Separation, Jesus explains to us very clearly that we were originally created perfectly by God with all of the same attributes as God. The only exception being that we cannot destroy ourselves.

This eternal truth about who we really are is definitely worth spending a considerable amount of time reflecting and meditating on this coming week. Despite how real the world around us seems to be and the bodies that we seem to live within, none of it is real. Our bodies are just an illusory shell. Jesus also tells us that God gave us an inner radiance that is very peaceful. This inner radiance is a reflection of our Spirit, the truth of who we really are.

This is wonderful news and it is so wonderful that we have been given an instruction manual such as A Course in Miracles to help us understand what is really going on. It also teaches us how to go within during our meditation practicing and begin to get glimpses of our inner radiance. Jesus also tells us very clearly that we are fully capable of performing miracles within the world for ourselves and others with His help. This is so exciting to learn! Yay! All we need to do is begin to believe, ask for the Miracle Worker within us to awaken, and practice performing miracles with His help! Jesus is patiently waiting for us to start working with him, so let’s get started! A great lesson add to your Miracle Toolbox and help you with getting started this week is Lesson 77: I am entitled to miracles.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul


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