Miracle Toolbox: Week 5 | Remember Your Worth

Greetings Mighty Companions,
Welcome to week 5 of our Miracle Toolbox and I am safe in God healing journey! Being the loving and caring people that we are, we can occasionally find ourselves in positions where we would like to be good teachers, guides and mentors for the younger generation following along behind us but sometimes feel uncertain on how to be good teachers. If you notice this feeling of uncertainty, that is a good thing because it means that we need to check in with our brother Jesus or the Holy Spirit to receive guidance on how to proceed. It is also a great opportunity to practice listening to our Inner Voice – Yay!
When I ran into this very situation this past week, I was pleasantly surprised at the insights that I received from Jesus when I practiced asking him simple questions about my situation and then pausing to listen for a minute. Before I realized it, ten minutes had passed and I had several new perspectives that felt very helpful to me. I suddenly found myself feeling happy and inspired with a clear sense of direction on how to proceed with communicating with one of my nephews. The core messages that came through included: approach with kindness, be accepting, share words of encouragement, and remember his worth.
After receiving these simple but key messages, Jesus led me to two readings in A Course in Miracles that we can use as new tools to add to our Miracle Toolboxes this week. They were Right Teaching and Right Learning (T-4.I), and Lesson 128: The world I see holds nothing that I want. Within these rich readings He reminds us that if we want to truly become good teachers within the world, then we will need to come to him for guidance and training. A key problem being, that our sense of self worth is low and is in need of correction because our true worth was already established by God. At this point in our conversation, Jesus suggested we use a measuring tape as our tool analogy for the week. If you look at a measuring tape while it is extended, where do you think you measure up on the worthiness scale? One foot, three feet, five feet? Now think about where you would measure up on God’s scale – it is immeasurable and off the tape!
Many Blessings,
Rev. Paul


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