Blog Post: My Week 2 Guided Meditation Insights by Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

My experiences from week 2 Outcome of  “The Healing Lotus” meditation and “Guided Imagery”

The Holy Spirit guided imagery that Rev. Paul gave us the tool “I am safe in God” to add to our  “Miracle Toolbox.” 

I have used this imagery to get me into a place of stillness and peace. It not only gave me a sense of peace and healing and allows me to come to place of stillness and quiet before and I open my mind and my heart before I read each section. 

This is what I received from the readings from week 2: 

CH: 5 SEC: 5 “The Ego’s Use of Guilt”

Lesson 70: “My Salvation comes from me”

The Healing Lotus Meditation

Healing Lotus Mediation:

I have just recently added the “Healing Lotus Meditation” to my “Miracle Toolbox.” I wish I had added it to my toolbox earlier. However, I believe in Divine Order and Divine Timing I know I began listening to the meditation, when my heart was more a place to receive more with my peaceful, relaxed, open heart, and open mind. I love the imaginary of the path and seeing myself in the Lotus and becoming peaceful and relaxed. 

Lesson 70: 

Lesson 70 was a little harder to grasp in the beginning of the week. The Holy Spirit gently brought me to a place where I felt peaceful and knew that I am safe in God. 

As I begin to read this lesson I began to remember that guilt is an outcome of my thinking. I remember that nothing outside myself can save me or can give me peace. 

When I remember that guilt and salvation cannot come from outside myself, but inside myself. This reminds me that both guilt and salvation comes from the same place. I know I want to be peace above all else. As I worked began to look at these thoughts with the Holy Spirit. I began to feel His Love and Light. I love the imagery of Christ gently taking me by the hand and leading me into the Light of real salvation. “My salvation comes from me. Nothing outside of me can hold me back. Within me is the world’s salvation and my own.”

When I read this lesson after using the guided imagery Rev. Paul gave I began to look within even deeper. I found more things come up for healing. Knowing that I am safe in God and know that anything an illusions that may arise can be quickly dispelled into His Healing Light. 

I love the peace and joy that the guided mediation, guided imagery, and Lesson 70 have brought healing and peace. I know that more will surfaces arise for healing. If I continue to look within more healing will take place. I completely Trust in Him and I am building a “Miracle Toolbox” that will help me any time I need to access these tools. 

I’ll share what came up after I read “The Ego’s Use of Guilt” again. 

I am looking forward to more healing.

Wishing each of you the deepest peace,



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