Miracle Toolbox: Week 2 | I am Safe in God

Greetings Mighty Companions:

As we continue our I am safe in God healing journey this week, I would like to invite you to go into meditation with the Holy Spirit for about ten minutes. When you feel like you are in the space where you have established a connection with the Holy Spirit, ask Him to help you to recall a time in your past when someone confronted you about a behavior that they thought was inappropriate. More specifically, ask the Holy Spirit help you to recall an experience where you felt guilty, and may still be in need of healing within your unconscious mind.

Once you have the memory raised to your conscious mind, remind yourself that you are in a safe place and that it is okay to explore the memory and associated feelings in the interest of your personal growth and healing. Then spend a few minutes recalling your reactions to being confronted. Note the kind of feelings, emotions, thoughts, perceptions and beliefs that came up for you. When you feel ready, ask the Holy Spirit to help you to heal this part of your mind as you move into the ACIM reading and healing meditation for the day, then bring yourself back out of the meditation.

The reading from A Course in Miracles that can help you with your healing today is titled, The Ego’s Use of Guilt. It can be found in Chapter 5, Section V of the Text.

The healing meditations that you can use to help heal your mind from the experience and move you into a place of feeling safer in God include:

  1. The Healing Lotus Meditation previously recorded and posted to YouTube.
  2. Lesson 70 from the Workbook for Students titled, My salvation comes from me.

When finished with your healing meditation, please consider sharing your new insights and the tools you have received from the Holy Spirit with your mighty companions either in person, our Practical Application Facebook Group or via the private MiraclesOne email groups.

I’ve been ill so I am unable to record a video this week.

Many Blessings,

Rev. Paul

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