Blog Post: My First week in the “Miracle Toolbox” by Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

by Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

I love that our first tool to place in the “Miracle Toolbox” was the beautiful tool of

“Kindness to ourselves.” This is something that I struggle with a lot. Working on practicing kindness to myself and practicing self-care. This week I was guided to look at not only my “self-care,” but also “Self-care.” I heard Jesus telling me it was important for me remain vigilant about my “Self-Care” and always remember the Truth about myself. Jesus guided me to one of my favorite Workbook Lessons that help me to remember who my “True Self” is Lesson 67, “Love created me like itself.” I used this lesson to remember “Kindness created me kind.” The idea of the lesson is to remind me of a “complete and accurate statement of what you are.” The lesson has me “make me make every effort today to reach this truth about you, and to realize fully, if only for a moment, this is the truth.” Then Jesus tells me,

“Holiness created me holy.

 Kindness created me kind

 Helpfulness created me helpful.

 Perfection created me perfect.”

Rev. Paul reminded me to listen for the “Voice for God.” I have to become still and listen for His voice. The lesson also reminds me “The Voice for God, reminds me of my Father and of your Self. This is the “Voice of truth,” replacing everything the ego tells you about yourself with the simple truth about the Son of God. You were created by love like itself.”

Kindness to myself is something I struggle with a lot. I have went within more and more and looked at whatever false belief the ego is telling me about myself and trying to cover up the Truth of who I truly am. The section we read this week reminds me that “If you are part of God and the Sonship is one, you cannot be limited to the self the ego sees.” Reading this section of the Text has been a time of healing, restoration, and coming into a place of His Love and His Peace. This has not been the easiest week to look within at the false beliefs that I have caused me to be mistaken of who I truly am. I have found the ego loves to hide the truth from my true Self and Holy Mind to keep me from remembering who I truly am. Rev. Paul reminded me that I am the Christ  

I loved that in the video Rev. Paul gave a visual example of the feeler gauge. I am a visual learner and to have something to reference in my mind really helped me. I kept the feeler gauge pictured in my mind as I focused and am focusing on being kinder to myself. Thankfully, I am never alone; my confidant, the Holy Spirit is always with me.

The world I see through the body’s eyes is a world of separation, separate objects, separate people, separate minds, and separate thoughts. The idea of separation comes from my decision to be separate from God’s Love, to be independent, unique, and special. Every false belief that came from the ego thought system will be corrected. I cannot be released from this limited world on my own. The Holy Spirit will help me reinterpret everything that I perceived as fearful, and teach me only “what is loving is true.” 

I am safe in God. As I began to get still at the beginning of this week, after watching Rev. Paul’s video from Sunday I was guided to become still, centered, and quiet. I knew I had some deep spiritual work ahead for this week. I desire peace instead of anything. Now, I am building a “Miracle Toolbox” so that I have tools at the ready to use when something comes up for healing.  I felt very flawed and broken growing up. I grew up in a very small country town, population 2,000. My orientation was not holy. I was taught that all my life. When I “came-out” the Senior Minister of the protestant church I grew up in all my life told me how broken I was and how God “felt” about me. I now know that it was only another’s perception of me. It was not how God felt about me. I placed myself under his counsel, undergoing electric shock therapy, conversation therapy, medications, hours and hours of  “counseling.” I was told that I made the choice through only by “choosing” my orientation that I separated myself from God, I felt abandoned. I intellectually knew of God’s Love and knew that He would never leave or forsake me. All the false beliefs that I thought I embodied were all from the ego thought system, the ego may try and hide that I am a holy being, but. A lot of feelings came up around this topic alone. This brought more thoughts of beliefs that I was hanging onto. The Holy Spirit will purify my mind and lift the heavy burden I’ve been carrying. 

As I thought of the feeler gauge and begin to look at my feelings and thoughts through the Holy Spirit’s eyes, I began to see my true Self and who I am in Truth. The more I am kind and loving to myself I cannot help but let the Light and Love shine through to others. I love to do “Random Acts of Kindness.” This week, I was given an opportunity to offer a random act of kindness. I felt a difference in the way I offered my random act of kindness. By following the Holy Spirit I am led back to God where I belong and how can I find the way except by taking my brother with me?      

Remembering to be still, quiet, having an open mind and heart I have been able to become still and quite I am able to hear the Holy Spirit when I look within and remembering the feeler gauge as I am practicing of being kinder to myself I saw with my minds eye, the places where I have looked within at so far this week and saw where the gaps are slowly closing. I need to remember to be kind, loving, and patience with myself. When I become still, quiet, willing to look within I will hear the Holy Spirit as He brings new thoughts.

I have not had a chance to listen to the “Healing Lotus” Guided Meditation, yet. I will post my insights on the “Healing Lotus” Guided Meditation after I have worked with it. I am looking forward to adding this “Tool” into my “Miracle Toolbox.” 

Wishing each of you the deepest peace,


Ryan Westbrook-Vigue is one of our MiraclesOne volunteers. He is on our Advisory Board and helps to facilitate our Daily Lesson Practice and Sharing Circle.


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