Can you see the acronym in the title? EGO. I’ve found this particular acronym to be extremely helpful. This acronym helps me when I am feeling unsettled, fearful, and not at peace. I am literally edging God out by thinking I know what’s best and is my will, not my Father’s Will. When I step back and let Him lead the way does my mind become clear of all the false beliefs. When my I am in my correct thinking and my mind is no longer cluttered with false ego thoughts. I see where remembering this acronym helped me return to a place of peace when I saw that I was literally edging God out of my mind, vision, and thinking. 

The ego loves to fill my mind and let my monkey mind create so much havoc until I am at a total place of disarray and am anything, but peaceful. As soon as I am able to become still, quiet, and willing the Holy Spirit can move me into a place of peace, where I open my mind and heart as listen for His Voice and His teaching. The Holy Spirit will show where I am edging God out and Het meets me where I am at and leads me to a place where I am no longer edging God out. I am welcoming God in.

This small acronym has been so helpful for me and I was guided to share it with you. I can use the acronym anyplace and anywhere I am not feeling at peace or my peace has become disturbed. I know that only Loving thoughts come from God. The Holy Spirit will gently remind me that I am edging God out. When I re-center and look within to regain my peace, I then look through the lens of the Holy Spirit and see where I was edging God out and begin the healing work welcoming God in. Now, the ego has been edged out. 

Hopefully you may find this acronym helpful. 

Edging God Out. 

Wishing you the deepest peace,


Ryan Westbrook-Vigue is one of our MiraclesOne volunteers. He is on our Advisory Board and helps to facilitate our Daily Lesson Practice and Sharing Circle.


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