with Rev. Paul Phelps

Spirit continued to talk with me about kindness this morning.

Kindness is a happy thing. If you want to experience more happiness in your life, then focus on expressing kindness to yourself and others. We often forget to be kind to ourselves. The intention of kindness is what I would have you hold in your mind today. Intention manifests the experience you intend. We all have moments through the day where we need to make choices. Today let us pause for a moment when these choices come up and ask the Spirit of Kindness within you, which choice would bring the experience of kindness to you.

We often do not realize how savage we are to ourselves. The choice for pain is often a subtle habit that we once thought brought us joy. Through our delusional thought system we think behaviors that are funny or fun but are actually unloving thoughts or gestures toward ourselves and others. With the intention of kindness at the front of our minds today, we can begin to breakthrough these unpleasant habit patterns and replace them with healthier choices. Take the time today to notice how kindness attracts kindness. For example, if you have a pet such as a dog or a cat, we often cheerfully greet and talk with our pets all through the day. And what do they do in response? They reciprocate with different forms of love and affection such as wagging a tail, hopping into your lap or dancing around in a frisky manner. This is an example of how the attraction of kindness with kindness works.

Once again, I remind you that kindness is a very subtle but powerful too that you can use to easily bring more joy and happiness into your life. Let us practice and learn how to dance in the Spirit of Kindness today.


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